Volume 22, #43 -- Saturday Night, May 30th, 2020
3 Late Round Running Backs To Target

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Howdy Folks,

Good Sunday to you.

Please forgive me but I'm going to get a little bit personal. I "stick to football" 99.9% of the time. But I've also pledged to be your "Guide" on this Fantasy Football deal. And this feels important. And for sure, I'm talking to myself here first.

I'm sad about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I talk a lot about "Empathy" and "We're all in this together". Both of those apply here. This isn't about being "woke". Or some kind of "White Guilt", whatever that is. This is about being human. This is about giving a damn.

I'll never fully and completely understand what my Black friends go through and have gone through.

What I can do is show empathy. To at least try to understand. What I can do is listen to them. And listen to others who are exposing parts of our world people of my race and people who live in my neighborhood may minimize. Or even ignore.

We can't ignore this if we truly believe the second thing - "We're all in this together". Let's be clear - I don't mean "All of us that I like and that look like me and think like me and won't challenge me are all in this together." I mean all of us. In the South, we say "Y'all means all". That has to be the case here too.

So if we're going to practice empathy, we'll see the news of a man killed in Minneapolis hits some of us "all" in a different and more profound way. And that matters a lot. Ram Dass said, "We're all just walking each other home at night". I believe that to be true.

To my Black friends and People Of Color, in whatever this may look like, I'm with you. We're with you.

Most of my friends are white like me. I'm guessing most of the folks reading this are too. To you my friends, and I hope you'll allow me to call you a friend as that's how I see it, I'm begging us, especially me, to be empathetic. And to act like we're truly all in this together. Like we're truly walking each other at home at night. I'm praying for peace and grace and strength and courage and wisdom to move forward here and make a change. Much love for y'all. Thank you for allowing me to be honest with you and share my heart.

Now, let's please switch gears and get to the content you've signed up for. We've got some great new content for you plus the News and Notes.

Let's go.



A. 3 Late Running Backs You Should Target
Late-round running backs can be a huge value. Justin Howe looks at three players to target.

B. Auction Primer: Section IV - Auction League Types
Jeff Pasquino continues the Auction Series. In this one, he looks into the different types of Auction Leagues.

C. Auction Primer: Section V - Strategies for building a team
Jeff Pasquino continues the Auction Series. In this one, he looks into strategies for building a team.

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1. NE - New England talked with QB Cam Newton


Free-agent QB Cam Newton (Panthers) had discussions on a potential contract with the New England Patriots earlier this offseason but nothing materialized, according to league sources.

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Newton is waiting for an opportunity to get a starting job. He may have to accept a deal that makes him a backup (like Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton) but nothing has come to fruition. The Patriots seem content with Brian Hoyer or Jarrett Stidham at quarterback at this time.

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2. NFL - QB Cam Newton content to wait

Source: - Jeremy Fowler

Free agent QB Cam Newton (Panthers) has been greeted by a cool late-spring market, and a source said he is expected to wait until teams resume on-field workouts to give them a chance to meet with him and evaluate his health in person. Sources also added that they remain uncertain on whether Newton would accept a backup role.

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Reports have varied about whether or not Newton would accept a reserve role. Some speculate that he would be content with playing as a backup. Some speculate that he's going to wait until training camp and a potential starting job to open up. Either way, Newton is without a team for the time being. We'll see if things pick up for him as training camp draws closer. He's clearly still capable of starting in the NFL but may have to work his way up.

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3. CAR - Opportunity at hand for QB Teddy Bridgewater

Source: - Jelani Scott

Carolina Panthers QB Teddy Bridgewater is entering a season as his team's unquestioned starter for the first time since 2015, and head coach Matt Ruhle said he jumped at the chance to give Bridgewater the opportunity. 'I believe so wholeheartedly in who he is as a quarterback,' Rhule said Friday, May 29, during an appearance on NFL Network. 'I believe in his abilities, I believe in his arm strength, I believe in his accuracy, I believe in his decision-making but, beyond that, I know he's going to make everyone else that much better.'

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Bridgewater is intelligent and accurate as a passer, and that helps him be an effective starter. The Panthers are moving in a different direction with Cam Newton getting cut and Bridgewater getting signed. New head coach Matt Rhule will have Bridgewater lead the passing attack featuring some pretty good weapons. Fantasy GMs can look at Bridgewater as a low-end QB2 with upside. His current ADP is QB25 (15.01) in 12-team PPR leagues.

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4. MIA - Tua Tagovailoa's mentorship going well

Source: The Palm Beach Post - Joe Schad

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa has been taking part in virtual team quarterback meetings on Zoom, and veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick says things are going well as he tries to live up to his promise of being an open book for the rookie. 'We've been going over some of that stuff, and my mind and the process and how I think through it, right or wrong, just to provide some perspective,' Fitzpatrick said. 'I'm excited for him to be here. I loved watching him play in college. I think he's going to be an awesome addition to the team for a long time.'

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Tagovailoa is the quarterback of the future for the Dolphins. At this time, nobody knows if he's going to start in 2020 or if the team is going to give him a 'redshirt' year behind Fitzpatrick. The team will have to see how he performs in person when camps open up. He's mostly recovered from the hip surgery that cut short his 2019 season at Alabama and could win the starting job at some point during the year...even right at the beginning of the season. However, most speculate that he will begin 2020 as a backup and take over if (when?) Fitzpatrick struggles.

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5. DAL - Coach expecting QB Dak Prescott

Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram - Clarence E. Hill Jr.

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has yet to sign his exclusive franchise tag and has not been participating in the team's virtual offseason workout program. But head coach Mike McCarthy says he has little concern about Prescott. 'He's involved in a business situation and I have full confidence that he'll be ready to go,' McCarthy said on a recent media conference call. '... There has been communication. I mean this is the way these business situations go sometimes. You respect that. I have all the confidence it will work out.'

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The deal seems on edge right now, but we have a feeling things will change near the deadline. Come mid-July, the Cowboys should pony up the money for Prescott and make him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league. Stay tuned.

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6. SF - TE George Kittle's agent aiming high

Source: ESPN

San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle's agent says he isn't just aiming for his client to become the league's highest-paid tight end, perhaps eyeing WR2 money. 'I don't care about the tight end market,' Jack Bechta, told NFL Network recently. 'I'm being paid to do a George Kittle deal.'

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We've seen this before. Remember when Jimmy Graham wanted to be paid like a wide receiver? Well, that didn't turn out well for him years ago and that may be the same thing with Kittle. Tight ends are no longer the big-bodied blockers most of them used to be back in the 80s. Now, the tight end position is a dangerous weapon in the passing game...but they still aren't compensated like wide receivers. Perhaps that changes with Kittle.

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7. SF - WR Jalen Hurd to be used all over field

Source: NBC Sports Bay Area - Matt Maiocco

San Francisco 49ers WR Jalen Hurd will line up in the slot, at tight end or in the backfield in 2020, according to Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area.

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Hurd was a third-round pick out of Baylor in the 2019 NFL draft but he missed his entire rookie season due to a back injury. The 49ers have Deebo Samuel and 2020 first-round pick Brandon Aiyuk ahead of him on the depth chart, so Hurd doesn't have much fantasy value in re-draft formats. However, he is a player we've been monitoring since he came into the NFL in dynasty leagues.

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8. SF - RB Jerick McKinnon to have third-down opportunities

Source: NBC Sports Bay Area - Matt Maiocco

San Francisco 49ers RB Jerick McKinnon will have opportunities on third downs in 2020, according to Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area.

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McKinnon accepted a re-worked contract to stay with the team this offseason. Signed a couple of years ago, McKinnon has missed the past two seasons with the 49ers due to injury. We'll see if he can stay healthy, make the 53-man roster and contribute as a receiving back in 2020.

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9. IND - WR Parris Campbell able to learn from lost rookie season

Source: CNHI Sports Indiana - George Bremer

Indianapolis Colts WR Parris Campbell is focusing on the things he was able to learn as a rookie in 2019, rather than the time he missed due to injury. 'I am going in with the mindset that it's a new year,' Campbell said. 'I have kind of transformed myself into a pro, and I have been able to see at least one season - maybe it's not all 16 games, but I've seen just from watching and being in it, just getting the experience of being an NFL player. Just having that experience has helped me a lot.'

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Campbell said he has been running routes at full speed for the last two months and has recovered from all of the injuries (hand, foot) he dealt with during his rookie season in 2019. His speed and burst make him a player to watch in dynasty formats.

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10. PHI - Former teammates want RB LeSean McCoy back in Philly

Source: - Mike Kaye

Philadelphia Eagles OT Lane Johnson and WR DeSean Jackson said in an Instagram show Friday, May 29, they're hoping to see free-agent RB LeSean McCoy (Chiefs) signed by management. 'I want to see it,' Johnson said about a McCoy reunion.

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McCoy has plenty of experience with the team and would be a good fit. The Eagles are looking for a veteran back behind Miles Sanders and McCoy is on their list.

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11. CLE - TE David Njoku ready to move past 2019

Source: - Nathan Zegura

Cleveland Browns TE David Njoku said recently he's excited about starting a new season and moving past a 2019 campaign in which both he and the team fell well short of expectations. 'That's what I'm most excited about, just the opportunity,' Njoku said. 'Obviously, this past year wasn't (what) we all planned or had in mind, but it's a great learning experience. I'm very excited to come back with my teammates and give it all we got.'

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Njoku is going to be backing up Austin Hooper in 2020. The team went out in free agency and snared Hooper to be their lead tight end. Add in rookie TE Harrison Bryant and you can see how the Browns have a jam-packed tight end room.

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12. DEN - TE Jake Butt healthy, ready to perform

Source: The Denver Post - Ryan O'Halloran

Denver Broncos TE Jake Butt (knee) said Friday, May 29, he is doing well after missing the entire 2019 campaign following knee surgery and has been working out on his own. He also said he's ready to prove the team right for waiting on him after playing just three games since being drafted in 2017. 'It's not a guarantee - they're not telling me I'm making the team by any stretch or rolling out the red carpet,' Butt said. I still have to go out there and work and earn it. ... But the fact they're standing by me and giving me an opportunity, it obviously means the world to me and I'm going to try and go out there and prove them right and prove myself right.'

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Butt's career has been knocked off track several times by knee injuries, including when he came out of Michigan a few years ago. He has talent but these injuries have been too much to overcome. With Noah Fant, rookie Albert Okwuegbunam and free agent Nick Vannett there's not much room for Butt on the final roster.

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13. JAX - QB Gardner Minshew elite going deep

Source: Pro Football Focus

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew earned a 94.7 Pro Football Focus grade on throws of at least 20 yards downfield in 2019, ranking him third among quarterbacks.

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Minshew needs to take steps forward in 2020. He was good deep but he needs to improve on short-to-intermediate routes. We'll see how he meshes with his new weapons in 2020.

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That'll do it for today, Folks. Thanks for reading and thanks for being part of Footballguys.

We'll see you tomorrow with the Update.

Peace and Grace to you.