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What. A. Week.

Calling last week "less than ideal" is like 49er fans saying the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl could have gone better...

On the upside, I'm not betting against us this year. (Or the 49ers). Although we've both got work to do. But we're up for it. This country was built on doing hard stuff. And doing the right things. And I have faith we'll do the right things here.

I know your inbox is full of emails from every company you've ever thought about in the last fifteen years. Most are 25 paragraphs detailing the company Hand Washing Policy. The Footballguys Office Hand Washing Policy is basically the Bryant Household Hand Washing Policy and let me tell you, it's rigorous. But that's not what this is. This is going to be me sharing a few thoughts with you.

And let's be clear. I'm not an Infectious Disease Doctor. I'm not a Politician. I basically have no authority of any sort when it comes to addressing Global Pandemics. What I do have going for me is I care about you. And I appreciate you being part of Footballguys. I make a promise to be your "Guide" when it comes to Fantasy Football. If I may be so bold, I'd like to offer you a few thoughts and maybe even guidance outside of Fantasy Football.

Here goes.

#1.We're in this together. I posted this on Twitter but it works here too. If I could give you a thought to take home it's that we're all in this together. I think Ram Dass was spot on when he said, "When it's all said and done, we're all just walking each other home at night."

#2. Let us know how to best serve you. In a "normal" year, we kick off our weekly Email Updates with NFL News in late March. This year feels decidedly not "normal" though.

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Question For You. We normally fire back up our Footballguys Weekly Emails in Mid March. Do you want to hear some weekly NFL Info from us?

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No. Too soon for Sports.

#3.Please stay home if you can. I've weighed this out from multiple angles and I've spent a lot of time here. And I am of the firm opinion the way to deal with this virus is by mostly staying home and avoiding people. It's what the real experts talk about when they say "flatten the curve". "Social Distancing" is a fancy way of saying "stay home". And it'll work if we don't wait to do it.

I know some folks have a hard time believing this. I get it. But please spend 45 seconds and watch the graphic visualization on this article HERE -- "Why Outbreaks Like The Coronavirus Spread Exponentially And How To Flatten The Curve"

I know everyone is recommending articles and there isn't time to read them all. Trust me. This one is important. Please give it 45 seconds and then share with others. We all are part of the Social Puzzle and we all play a big part in how this thing goes. It's real.

And if you want the three second visual explanation of the article, this is it.

#4. Staying home might suck. I get it. I work remotely and I've got a "regular" table at half the coffee shops in Knoxville, TN. Plus my local pub. The servers at my local restaurants know my order. But at some point, this isn't about me. This is about me staying home so I do my part in helping other people not get sick. It's the visualization with the dots in the "Flatten The Curve" article HERE. You DID watch that, right? ;)

But let's be real. There are lots of things worse than staying home. A friend of mine's daughter posted this Sunday:

Our parents and grandparents and great grandparents were called to war.
We are called to sit on our couches.
I think we can do this.

You don't need me to tell you what to do. Read the book that's gathering dust. I heard Netflix is cool. YouTube is rad. I have faith you'll find plenty to do.

And that's the light side. I totally get the other side of that issue and the real live pain that comes with things closing. My friend just lost his job over this. There will be more. When I say this will be hard, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. We are unfortunately at a point where people are being forced to make hard financial decisions in order to not spread this virus and overrun our medical system. And that sucks.

If you're able, please consider ways to help folks affected here. Buy a gift certificate to a restaurant and wait till this summer to use it. That's effectively loaning them money. If you're able to give a way bigger than normal tip to a driver or delivery person, that might be a godsend on a lean day. Help care for a child that was in daycare. You know what to do.

#5. This will likely be difficult. But it's back to #1: We're all in this together. This could get uglier. There will be a bunch of bull####. The way we get through it is loving your Neighbor and sticking together.

And Spoiler Alert - We're all Neighbors.

So be intentional. You may not be shaking hands. But you can message people all day long. Check on people. Encourage people. Be that person that texts just to say you were thinking of them. Or send a stupid GIF or meme. I know it sounds goofy. Trust me, it's not goofy.

Ok that's more than enough for now. Remember to vote in our fancy poll above about how we can serve you and we'll be in touch.

Much love for you.

Oh. And I almost forgot. The NFL Players voted to approve the new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Check it out HERE. For people like me and you that usually care a great deal about Fantasy Football, that's fantastic news and normally something we'd be doing cartwheels over. I'm looking forward to getting back to that.

Rock on,