John Haskell, FFPC Champ

Anyone that has utilized knows what an invaluable resource it is. I've been a subscriber for years and can say that Footballguys was integral in my winning $100,000 in the Fantasy Football Players Championship Main Event. If you want to be successful in your Fantasy Football Leagues year in and year out then look no further. This is the place to be.

Adam Schefter, ESPN Analyst

There are all kinds of fantasy football updates that pop into my computer or onto my phone. Most I simply delete. But not the Footballguys newsletter. When it shows up, I sit down and read. And learn.

Chris Schussman, WCOFF Champ was invaluable in giving me the advice and resources I needed to win the WCOFF's (World Championship of Fantasy Football) $200,000 Grand Prize.

Alex Hayden and Jed Michaelson, WCOFF Champions

We've tried other services and these guys are hands down the best. is the one site we recommend for dominating your league.

Morganbadger, the Maulers

Footballguys say it simply, clearly, often cleverly. They tell you the things you really need to know--including great emergency updates. Absolutely favorite source.

J. Allen Robinson

I have cancelled my other two paid fantasy football adviser services and will use only from now forward. I would have won 1st place in my league if I would have listened to Joe Bryant and his team of experts instead of trying for a consensus choice.

Kevin Lee

It's hard to find good fantasy football info that isn't a rehash of ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, etc. Footballguys stuff is focused, often customizable, and the site works... fast. After using the Draft Dominator the first time, I'd never want to do a live draft again without it.

Walter Douglas

I was leery about footballguys at first because there is so much content. You get updates from just after the super bowl, through the off season, during the OTA's, during the camps, preseason and of course during the regular season. I said to myself, I don't have the time to digest all this stuff. I started making time to read the content and started getting results. Now it is my bible.

Eric "Atomics" Donaldson

5 years with footballguys, 4 times making the playoffs, 3 Superbowl appearances, 2 Superbowl wins. Thanks footballguys! I couldn't have done it without ya.

Michael Tschirret

I've been a Football Guys Subscriber for the last three years, and playing Fantasy Football for ten in total. Since I've been with, I've won one championship and was runner-up the other two years. The bottom line for me is that these guys are rarely wrong--their rankings are that good.

Clay Corman is hands down the most comprehensive fantasy football service out there (no other service is even close). It's so good I hope that my other league mates don't know about it or use it.

Mead Fenton (Seattle, WA)

Since subscribing to eight years ago; I have made the playoffs every year (One Championship). Being prepared, is a huge advantage against the rest of the league. This site does all the research for you. Keep up the GREAT job.

Jason Hawkins AKA Hawksters

I have been in a league since 1994 with everything from 12-16 teams in the league. I was in 4 bowl games but could not win the big one until I became a subscriber. I have now won 3 total titles 2 back to back. Plus one title in my auction league. You guys put me over the top!!

James Schneider

I have been using the Footballguys service for several years now. Having won my ultra-competitive 14-team league two years ago, you've got a lifelong fan in me.

John Reedy is just that.....a bunch of die-hard football guys that know their players and teams and come up with innovative ways to rate, rank or visualize fantasy outcomes. Whether it's their Dominator or Predictor series or many other innovations, you can count on getting quality here at a very reasonable price. For me in the 2009-10 season, two leagues (1st and 2nd places) and a 256 game pick-em (1st place). My only subscription - Footballguys.

Jeff Kennedy is the key to my FFL domination. Without them, I could not have won 1st place in 2 of the last 3 seasons. One of those winning years started from the very last draft position in a 14 team league. THANK YOU!

Shawn, Buffalo N.Y.

Joe Bryant and everyone working with him has helped me with the many leagues that I have been in for years. I've been participating in FF for over 15 years, using Footballguys for the past 6 years. Of the three leagues that I am in I have won each of them since joining Footballguys and placed top three nine times.

Ron Faulkenberry

I have been a Footballguys subscriber for several years. I have competed in a total of 8 leagues over the last 3 years and have 7 playoff appearances and 6 championship titles to show for it. And the only league that I didn't make the playoffs in, I was still the highest scoring team in the league, just bad luck in the head to head scheduling.

Michael Sanchez and Jolt Mena

Footballguys is THE source for all things football. The insight and knowledge base of it's staff and members is unmatched!

Bob Dougherty

I have been with Footballguys for five years. The information is invaluable and has lead me to three Championships. I find myself always in the playoffs and the Draft Dominator is KING!!! You would be a complete fool to pass this opportunity by and NOT become one of the family!


Since the days of, the FootBallGuys crew has been an integral part of Fantasy Football... 9 straight seasons in the playoffs, 7 title games, and 5 championships! (including a three-peat)... Couldn't have done it without them! =)

Zane Varner

I have been with for several years. I have made it to eleven title games, winning seven. has definitely been a part of my success.

Scott C. Brown

Back-To-Back Winner in my main league! I have been playing FF for years and use as a tool to prepare for drafts, strategy, acquisitions, trades etc. Great site!!


FBG provides a great service that provides in-depth articles, custom player rankings and stats that have helped me win my league. From the NFL Draft to Super Bowl the coverage and information provided by FBG is first rate and incredibly detailed, from weekly game analysis and waiver wire pickups - to cheatsheets and player profiles, the edge to win you league is here.

David E. Rangel

When 13 guys walk into the draft with pen, paper, and a magazine while I'm armed with my laptop and DraftDominator I know I'm finishing in the money. Thanks to I've finished in the money the last two years in a 14 man league.

Josh Claar

Footballguys fills in, where I have fallen off. It affords me the luxury of simply downloading the application and spitting out a cheatsheet or active draft dominator program that contains the tireless work of people who devote their lives to fantasy football. Footballguys applications and email updates bring people like myself who don't have time to be an expert, right up to par with the people who do.

Todd Lafferty

Just wanted to let you guys know what an awesome job I think you've done over the past few years. I went to unbelievable lengths to hide the source of my great info from the guys in our leagues, but they all figured it out and they're using you now, too. Because of that, I have to say that you guys are almost TOO good.

Terry Kolasa

I really enjoy getting your football emails during the off season and my partner purchases your football up-dates during the season. You guys do a great job. Keep it up and keep it coming.

Bob Shepherd

I haven't found anything that compares to the quick, accurate, timely data and information needed to be a winner, and it must be working - I have the highest winning percentage of anybody in my league, by far! Footballguys is my closely guarded secret.