Preseason Player Projections

Scoring System:

1Kyler Murray ARI/122416.5389.0580.067.142807.3829.512.0133.08008.5451.00
2Josh Allen BUF/72516.5394.0580.067.944407.6636.012.0101.04508.3448.80
3Patrick Mahomes II KC/122616.0396.0597.066.349808.3440.57.060.02902.5448.00
4Dak Prescott DAL/72816.0415.0620.066.950008.0631.011.058.02855.0421.50
5Lamar Jackson BAL/82416.0297.0455.065.334657.6230.011.0162.09906.3419.05
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