I've been playing Fantasy Football for a few years......but last year was the first year I searched for help. I joined 4 football sites (don't tell my wife) Footballguys being one of them. This WILL be the only one I join this year. The amazing programs and articles at helped me win 9 championships in 2006 (out of 12). I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking for that edge. If you happen to be in one of my leagues, please disregard this message.

Travis Newton

For years, I spent way too much time on the internet gleaning whatever news and info I could, but I've got to say that my employers have benefited greatly, as the only site I find I need any more is yours.


I just wanted to let you guys know that I really appreciate what you have going at You already know this, but you are simply the best there is around. I normally don't do this, but I sincerely wanted to thank you for the content that you've put out there. Not only is your free content top-of-the-line, but as a first-time subscriber last year, I'm able to honestly say there isn't a more complete fantasy football subscription service out there. Your software is amazing, your information is current, accurate and insightful, your strategy articles keep me thinking outside-the-box and after all of that, it's extremely affordable. You guys also provide a level of personability that you just don't see anywhere else. If that wasn't enough, you came out with the 2006 Fantasy Football Strategy Guide. This magazine has set the bar so high I don't even expect another to come close to competing. I haven't put it down since I bought it, and I haven't even gotten to the player profiles yet.

I love what is all about and wish you guys the best of luck in the future. I'll be a loyal customer for as long as you're around and can't wait for the changes in store for the site. I'm sure they'll continue to seperate from the rest of the pack. Keep leading our favorite hobby into the future!

Calen Wilson

I started using your service when you were still and I had been playing fantasy for about 5 years before that. Before I started using your site I always used the magazines and always seemed to come up short when it came to the playoffs and championships.

Then I started using your site and I won our Super Bowl for the first time. And then in the following years I won 3 out of 4 years with one year being the runner up. Until I used your site I was just another magazine junkie taking chances on what one or two other writers opinions. Since then I have a full team working for me on your site to give me the best and most current information available.

Not to be blunt but I wish my competition had not been able to find your site because they finally started giving me some competition.

Love the site and will be a subscriber till I hang up the cleats.

I wanted to thank for being the finest source of Fantasy info on the web. It is all about the bragging rights these days. I owned my league like a Fantasy Football Ninja. They never saw it coming and were no match for my skills that came from having Footballguys expertise. Together, we are unstoppable....

Lance from Texas

Footballguys information is "priceless." I have become the New England Patriots of my fantasy league. A dynasty. How about in the past four years two seconds and two first place finishes respectively.

I was the first in my league to ever repeat as champion. Prior to FBG I had never even finished in the top three. There is no turning back. Once you have Footballguys you will become a force in your league. I know that I am going to win every year and actually do. Thanks Footballguys.

Don Lawson

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Been with you for the last 3 out of 4 years and finished first every year expect the year I was not with you, what does that tell you?

The best INFO on the net HANDS DOWN. Thank you for all the easy money you have made me!!!

Mark from St. Louis, MO

I wrote you a year ago to thank you for supplying the final key to unlock the door in our draft preparation. You and David Dodds wrote an article "Principles of VBD Revisited." The determination of the baseline was the element we had been missing all these years. My partner and I used it last year in the "Bighitters League," and walked away with all the marbles for the first time.

I can't wait to see what happens this year, when we have the 12th (last) pick.

Russ Wackenhut, Lisle, IL

Entering my 3rd year using FBG's I have high hopes of total domination. Year 1 was a complete underestimation by me, having bought in to close to draftnite to fully take advantage of the resources.A combination of my ineptness at interpreting the data leading to the wrong picks, injuries to the right picks, and general FF malaise led to a horrible forgetable season. I didn't give up on FBG's however, realizing I had a very powerful tool that I just needed more time with.

Season 2 and I went into draft nite prepared to Dominate! And domnate I did, despite another owner with a strong history of top 3 performances(now I know why) who turned out to be using FBG's too seemingly dancing with me around my desired picks I nailed down most of the team I had envisioned. After a close week 1 loss to the prior years champion I ran off many many victories in a row and was seemingly safely in 1st. It took the late season injury trinity of McNabb, Kev Jones, and the outstanding rookie Colston(who I snagged in week 2 FA, no thanks in part to the daily report!) to bring me down to a more "fortunate" owner in the very last week of the season. Tied for first in the last week playing the guy your tied with to win it all is something else and despite my scrubs almost pulling it off and finishing 2nd a foundation was laid. This years team will surely dominate again and bad luck withstanding end up on top at seasons end. Thanks to everyone at FBG's for all your hard work in helping us "joes" dominate year after year...

Chris Williams, Tennessee

I have been a subscriber to Football Guys for approximately four (4) years. A friend of mine turned me on to the site and I fell in love it. I have won my fantasy league 3 of those 4 years that I was a subscriber. I am not foolish enough to believe that it was only a coincidence. On the contrary, I believe that the site content, daily emails, and the draft dominator have all contributed to my success. For that reason, I have resolved that as long as I am playing fantasy football, I will be a subscriber.

I truly believe that If you are serious about winning your league, it would be to your benefit to relay on a site like Footballguys. The daily emails provide us with the pertinent information that a hectic day would keep you from easily finding out. Man, I know that you wanted something short for the testimony. However, I don't think a short testimony would do the site justice.

I have also found the strategy guide the site offers to be beneficial as well. Talk about AWESOME content! I love it. Despite that fact that I willing to share my opinion of the site, I am VERY reluctant to share it with my opponents. I love having the edge. Thanks for everything guys!

John D.

I've been visiting this site before it was Back then I also visited (and paid for) several others. I play in three leagues; a dynasty, a keeper and a redraft. I'm also the commissioner for one of the No Mercy leagues. Footballguys, for me, is the most comprehensive site around. I can get all of the information I need quickly and accurately without having to go elsewhere. As a business executive my time is very limited and having only to go to one site makes Footballguys "gold".

Scott Erickson

Awesome...or as we say in the Army HOOAH! I've used your website yearly since 1999 and subscribe to NO other. I've won no less than one (including while in Iraq), sometimes three in a year and I attribute my success to the knowledge provided on your site. I read to all five of my boys (ages 6-12) from your site to help in their FF preparation. Keep up the HOOAH work!!

Hans C. Kirkman MAJ, USA makes me a better fantasy football manager. The daily e-mails are bar-none the best source of NFL and NFL fantasy information on the web. The news blogger just expands on the reach and scope of the daily e-mail updates and is particularly useful when determining what to do with IDP slots.

The draft dominator, player rankings and ADP data are key inputs into my draft strategy. I participate in 2 FF leagues. I was champion in the league that I used draft dominator for last year (live draft that moves slower in this league) and finished second in the league that I didn't use draft dominator on (mostly don't use it with the second league because that draft is live online [yahoo] and the picks come too fast to be able to keep draft dominator updated and useful.)

Footballguys can make anyone involved in FF better. The first couple of rounds of fantasy drafting is relatively easy - its the middle to late round steals that can make you a champion (If I recall last year it was Maurice Jones-Drew and Marion Barber - each picked relatively late in opposite leagues - that helped me do well.) Footballguys will help you identify those steals.

Chris LeGrand

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your hard work throughout the season! I competed in 3 leagues and made it to the playoffs in all 3 and winning 2 of them! In 3 years of playing Fantasy football, this is the first time I made the playoffs and won a championship! I read all the articles, use the Draft Dominator, kept up with all the news breaks and followed all the cheat sheets! I couldn't have enjoyed this without your consistant hard work and accuarate info! Thank you


Hello, My name is Rico Gonzalez. I have been using your services, now, for a couple of years. I just wanted to let the whole world know, how great your football "insider" info, really, is. I did not sign up for the beginning,(I figured i could handle the diffrent lineups week in and week out), I was wrong. SO, I signed up a little after Mid-Season. In my league i was about to face some, tough competion. Your excellent information, helped my team, beyond anything I least expected,(to make a Long story short). Going into the superbowl I was in second Place overall in the country, in HEAD2HEAD.COM.

Please pass on my compliments to your staff for an OUTSTANDING job this year. This is my first year subscribing to but it will not be my last. I could not be more pleased with the quality and scope of your service. It outshines ANY of the others I have seen.

I am playing for the championship of my PAY league this weekend and if your projections are correct (they normally are) I will be $674 ahead on Monday evening.

Again, thanks to all but ESPECIALLY to Bruce Henderson. His Lineup Dominator is the most amazing tool I have seen. I would subscribe to your site for that tool alone!!! All the rest of the great stuff is icing on the cake.

Again - Thanks, and Merry Christmas. You made MINE a little more Merry this year.

I know you gentlemen must receive countless emails like this, but here is one more success story for your files, by subscribers like myself utilizing your product.

Due to all your player information, updates and projections week in & week out, has helped me finally accomplish winning the Championship in my Yahoo football league. Without your support staff's knowledge and their insights, into the different NFL teams & players used for Fantasy Football, this would have never happen so quickly for me.

Last year I found your website by accident, but boy what a precious gem it turned out to be! You helped me finish third last year (first year playing Fantasy Football) in the same league, and by subscribing from the beginning of this year, help guide me into utilizing the RIGHT players on every given week to secure the championship in our league. I've also joined four other leagues this year, and have finished fifth x 2, third and in the championship game (Week 17) in yet another league. Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!

You have a LOYAL SUBSCRIBER FOR LIFE! I can't wait until next year's season!

Thanks to my team has won its 3rd championship in the league I'm in. Started the league around 1993 and now only one team has won 3 titles. I subscribe to another site but always, and I'm not just saying this, come back to your site for my final answer to my line up questions. Keep up the good work and if you need any endorsments on what it can do for someones season let me know I would be more then happy to do what I can. I'll be subscribing again next year and hopefully we can team up to do what no one has done yet in my league....REPEAT.

Danny Mauldin

I play in a 14 team re-draft league that was founded almost 20 years ago. Times sure have changed. Back in the day you could count on owners that were crazy as road lizards. Now, with all the info available in the modern era of FF the competition gets tougher every year. Everybody is a shark, or at least growing fins. In a 14 team league (with 18 roster spots) depth is a real issue and the draft is critical. There are a few odd surprises from undrafted players in the early part of every year, but in my league the pool of undrafted talent is thin from the get go, and almost non-existent after the first few weeks. If you don't draft well, you don't win. Those are the facts. gives me the info I need to make intelligent decisions, particularly in the middle rounds of the draft. I am not interested in the unsupported opinion of some self-proclaimed "guru". I don't want superficial evaluation from a site that is short on football knowledge and long on marketing skills. I need the numbers, facts, figures and logical analysis rooted in the stats. I want precise information from real football guys. That is what I get from Keep up the good work.

Gary J. Garrett

I had been using the value based draft system for many years, but for the last four years I've been using only FBG's statistical predictions. I've been in my league's playoffs all four of those years, and last year I won it all. Your updates are not only timely, but your analysis of breaking news is usually spot on. I will be a lifelong subscriber.

For the first two seasons after I discovered I downloaded the free software and took advantage of the free content until the paid deadline approached. This undoubtedly helped me in my fantasy league (especially DraftDominator, I don't know how I lived without it), but I wasn't getting the full effect. I subscribed this year to the site, and while it is still early, I am 100% confident I won't be disappointed. Just by reading the daily updates and the unparalleled insightfulness of the articles makes me feel (and know) that I am two steps ahead of everyone else in my league.

After two losing seasons (and I mean losing in every sense of the word) I found Footballguys. I went straight to the Championship that year. I finally had the tools necessary to compete. With the off-season news, training camp updates, and player spotlights I was able to educate myself going into the draft. During the draft, the Draft Dominator proved to be an invaluable resource. From the first game to the Championship, columns helped me decide who to start and sit, which FA players to grab, and which players on other teams to target.

I would like to think I have become a better fantasy football enthusiast, that my knowledge of the game has increased over these five years. In truth, however, any advancement I have made has to be credited to Footballguys and their staff's tireless efforts.

With the help of I finally won! I have played for over ten years, eight with this very competitive league. With the BEST info site out there and the draft program I was way ahead of the rest on players. BY FAR THE BEST INFO OUT THERE! These guys have the inside scoop before anyone else. Thank You Football Guys! Without your help I would have been spinning my wheels again.


Sending my deepest regards to THE BEST fantasy site out there. Not only have I been a customer for the past several years, this past NFL season a friend and I began a Fantasy League just before we returned home from Iraq. 20 members of my unit joined, and we ran a draft using an excel spreadsheet with FBG data as our source of rankings and information. The league was formed, and a new world was made.

Half of our members were rookies last year, and without the initial information I was provided by my trusted source, our league's parity may not have existed. Due to that parity, I was able to provide an excellent environment for everyone, and all but two members are returning this year, and we've added FOUR (two taking over for previous owners). No kidding, when people ask how I know and learn so much...

Marques Colston? Sleeper pick of the year, as an UFA, thanks to FBG info!! We are returning to Iraq during kick-off this year, but our league will exist, and we know we're in good hands thanks to FBG, and FBG only!

Keep doing what you do, so we can do what we have to!

SGT Rosynek, Corey

I literally went from worst to first when my wife, {of all non-football people in the world} said" just get this one" as she pulled the mag. off the shelf. I've been a very satisfied subscriber since, and recommend Footballguys to everyone not in my league!

J M Lerma Galveston, TX

I have been subscribing to for three years. I have won my league once and finished secon the other two. I have cashed some very good money. The content you supply is fantastic. The daily emails gets you set up for the preseason, the content and tools sets you up for your draft and the information inseason starting on Monday gets you to your lineup on Sundays. It is a very importatnt part of my fantasy football season!

Darryl Najewski

OK, then. I wanted to make sure you guys heard from me about your site and Magazine.

I'm in two leagues. Both are very intense, and competitive. Since subscribing to FBG Site, and their most awesome Magazine, I have made back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, in one league, winning it all once.... and made semifinals in play-offs last year in the other league. The daily news updates, thru-out the season, kept me many steps ahead of the others. I have learned to optimize the Waiver Wire replacements from articles in the magazine both years. I believe this is the key to my success. Thanks for the great work!

Leonard R. Smith, Smitty's Weekend Warriors 2007