VBD Application
By David Dodds
September 3rd, 2012

Note: Mac users should use the Mac Draft Dominator

VBD Application Zipped File
Ver 2012A2 - Free (Data as of 6/10)

(Note: Zipped file requires PKUnzip, WinZip or equivalent to uncompress file. File is easier to download as it's smaller)
VBD Application Excel File
Ver 2012A1 - Free (Data as of 6/10)

Note: This will be the only free version release to the website. For updated projections, schedule strength, distribution curves, average draft data, depth charts and to be able to use the product through the season (Lineup Dominator), you must purchase a subscription. This is a fully functioning program with no limitations.

Have questions? - Email: dodds@footballguys.com

Value Based Drafting never got easier with these handy tools for Excel 97 and above.

To run this program, you must have Microsoft Excel version 97 or higher (It will not work with Microsoft Works or other spreadsheet programs because it uses Visual Basic Macros only contained in Excel). After downloading, remember to enable macros upon opening the program(s).

Application created by David Dodds, Footballguys.com
All Rights Reserved

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