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You'll love your Footballguys subscription or you'll get your money back. We offer you the option to cancel your subscription and receive a refund up to 30 days after the purchase date so there's zero risk. If you don't love our service, we'll give you your money back. It's that simple.



Footballguys is different. We understand we're here to serve you, not pad our ego. It's about YOU. Not us. If this were a movie, We're Mick. YOU'RE Rocky. We're Yoda. YOU'RE Luke Skywalker. We're Haymitch. YOU'RE Katniss. We wish. But you get the idea. We know you don't care about our league. You care about YOUR league. And rightly so. And we'll do everything we can to help YOU win.



MyFBG is the "killer feature" turning general Fantasy Football advice into a precision focused tool you use to win. Years ago, many leagues played with the exact same rules and format. And standard generic cheatsheets had some value. That's not the case today. Most leagues now have unique scoring systems and formats which make generic cheatsheets obsolete. A cheatsheet for an 8 team league with PPR scoring is going to look radically different than a 12 team non PPR league. Add in flex positions or 2 QB leagues and generic cheatsheets become not just useless, but a negative to your draft as they lead you astray.

With Footballguys and our MyFBG feature, you'll get detailed cheatsheets tailored to your scoring system and your format while the other guys in your league are following advice based on the wrong rules.

Where MyFBG shines most brightly is allowing us to merge our information with your specific league where you'll feel like we're right there with you looking over your shoulder. How many times have you read an article for hot players to pick up on the Waiver Wire and half the players mentioned are already on a roster? Those days are gone with MyFBG as we'll tell you exactly the Free Agents in YOUR league that are most valuable and every week we'll alert you to any available players who may project higher than your starters.



Every site claims self appointed "gurus" or "experts". That's nice. Our owners and founders, David Dodds and Joe Bryant are both in the Fantasy Sports Writers Hall of Fame and they're surrounded by a staff of 60+ Professional Fantasy Football Experts with one singular focus: Helping You Win. And for seventeen years, we've been helping our customers do exactly that. For a long term record of accuracy, the Fantasy Index Experts Poll is one of the longest running and most prestigious accuracy contests in the Industry and Footballguys is only one of two companies to win it three times. More importantly, we've helped thousands of people like you win your league.



Footballguys isn't a multipurpose site. We do one thing and one thing only: NFL Football. And we're good at it. You can rest assured knowing we are 100% focused on nothing but the NFL. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



The internet is an amazing source of information. But you'd need to have approximately 600 hours per week to spend with a computer, television, radio and podcasts to approach the level of information we bring. Most of our customers don't have that kind of free time. So we'll do the legwork and bring you the info that's important. It's like getting an "executive summary" of what's important in the football world where our paid staff of 60+ football writers work for you.



In this day of clipboard carrying backup QBs pulling down seven figure salaries, we're proud to offer what we think is the best value in sports sending our customers incredible amounts of information for the special Early Bird price of just $39.95 for one season of the Season Long Pro or Daily Fantasy Pro and $59.95 for the All Pro.

In 2017, we brought our readers over 70,000 pages of information and analysis. That's ridiculous for this price. Our bottom line is we want to provide such an avalanche of information that our customers laugh out loud when they consider the question, "Is it worth 30 dollars?" For the price of a couple of pizzas and a drink, you could be destroying your leagues.



Match your skill against fellow Footballguys subscribers for a shot at $35,000 in cash prizes. This isn't some bogus contest with a zillion people competing for a TV. Each subscriber gets one entry into this skill-based contest and you'll be competing just against other Footballguys subscribers for a $35,000 prize pool. Many people say this contest alone is worth the price of the subscription.



One of the features subscribers continually tell us is the most useful is our Breaking News Email Updates. When you have our staff of 60+ Experts, plus a network of thousands of contacts across the country, it's a fantastic "grapevine" for obtaining news and insights.

When the local radio announces Aaron Rodgers tweaked a hamstring in practice 10 minutes ago, you'll know about it with a Footballguys Breaking News Email. It's like being plugged into the world's best information network. Our readers will consistently be aware of breaking news. But just like with our Daily Email Updates, the real value is not just the news but what the news means. Of course nobody ever wants to see an injury, but if a player is going to miss time, you need to know the ripple effects and who will benefit. We'll tell you.


10. THE BEST TOOLS. continually leads the industry in the development of tools and applications to help with your fantasy draft and manage your roster.

We introduced Value Based Drafting to the Football world back in 1996 and Footballguys was the first to create a Value-Based Drafting Excel Application. We've continually refined the model to include IDP, Flex Positions and Auction Support. And we're just getting started.

Footballguys has completely changed the drafting game with the Draft Dominator. It's heads and shoulders above any drafting tool on the market and it's only available here. Then we introduced the Lineup Dominator and Projections Dominator which are also "Best of Class" applications.


11. The Best Features

You won't find "fluff" features here. What you will find are the Resources and Analysis you need to win. Here are just a few of the many weekly features we'll offer. You can see an entire list by clicking on the link at the top of this page showing all our content from the 2016 season.

Offensive and Defensive Upgrades and Downgrades / Waiver Report:
Every Monday, we'll hit the players you need to keep an eye on for Free Agent pickups as well as the players who you should deal. We'll also factor in upcoming schedules.

Game Recaps:
Don't have Direct TV's Sunday Ticket and 8 televisions? No problem. We have Staff assigned to every game analyzing every play. Monday we'll post a detailed recap taken from the Fantasy Football Angle (not the generic recap you get in the press). We tell you What You Need to Know about each game and What you Ought To Know. We pass along things like near misses, goalline opportunities, and TDs nullified by penalty to give you the real picture.

Schedule Strength and Outlook:
Many games are decided by matchups and few things are more important there than schedule strength. So you can stay three steps ahead of the competition, we keep a running look at who's facing a creampuff defense and who's going against tough units.

Stats, Stats and More Stats:
FBG readers are covered with statistics that are updated each week as the season progresses. From matchups, to Fantasy Points Per Game to Targets to Red Zone touches, if you need the numbers, we've got them.

Random Shots:
Because it's good to have fun while you're winning your league too. We take a break from the deep thinking and hit the really important topics. Like if the Ravens are going to bring back male cheerleaders...

Injury Recaps:
Monday Night, we'll run down the news as to how Sunday's injuries are progressing after the doctors have done their work.

Top 200 Lists:
Trades are a key part of any team's success so we continue to update our Top 200 players list based on upcoming schedule and current situations. It's a quick hit snapshot of where the key players are valued at that point going forward.

Game Predictor:
Using some of the most accurate forecasting tools available, we tell you what will happen and why each week. Uncannily accurate.

Rushing and Passing Matchups to Avoid / Exploit:
We take every team in every game and break down the matchups for both rushing and passing. Knowing who to start and why based on the matchups can make the difference in winning and losing.

Player Projections:
We give you detailed projected statistics for every player of note in the upcoming game. We hang our reputation on the line every week to help give you the most accurate and detailed projections possible. These are updated approximately 15 times during the week including 4 to 5 updates on Sunday morning.

Custom Cheatsheets:
Driven by the Player Projections, we create custom cheatsheets for every position to help answer that all important question of who to start.

Players in the News:.
Updated throughout the week, we give you quick capsules of every player that's made any sort of news that week even if it's just a missed practice. Then we keep you updated as to his status.



Too many websites offer their information in a format that's not much different than what you'd read in a newspaper. Lots of words and tables. And all you can do is look at them. The only difference is that it's harder to read a monitor than it is a piece of paper in your hands.

With Footballguys, we harness the power of the internet to make these charts and numbers work for you. Want to view the Running backs by Red Zone Touches? One click away. How about WRs by how many times they were targeted? One click away. Instead of static pages that can't be manipulated, we give you features that you can twist and turn to make them work for you in ways that you want to see.


13. PROFESSIONAL. isn't a "hobby" for us. Joe Bryant and David Dodds own Aside from being heavily involved in Fantasy Sports since the late 1980's, Joe and David have a long history of business experience. Joe's a graduate of Texas A&M and co-founded Bryant Boats in 1990. David's a graduate of the University of Southern California and supervised hands on maintenance, repair and testing for the U.S. Navy's Standard and Tomahawk Missiles at Seal Beach California before leaving that profession to devote his efforts full time to Footballguys.

General Manager, Clayton Gray is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas and was a High School Mathematics teacher before joining Footballguys full time. All of our staff and writers are paid professionals. With so much marginal information available on the internet, we feel it's crucial to provide our readers material of the highest quality. and quite simply, it takes quality people to do that.

With a paid staff of 60+ hardcore Football writers under contract, we'll put our Staff up against anyone's. Our Staff boasts the founders of several prominent fantasy football sites such as,,,, and Red Eye Sports.

We're proud to feature on our Editorial Staff experts like Phil Alexander, David Baker, Scott Bischoff, Matt Bitonti, Sigmund Bloom, Justin Bonnema, Jene Bramel, James Brimacombe, Michael Brown, Steve Buzzard, Doug Drinen, Chris Feery, Andrew Garda, William Grant, Clayton Gray, Bruce Hammond, Matt Harmon, Adam Harstad, Jeff Haseley, Bear Heiser, Bruce Henderson, Bob Henry, Ryan Hester, Andy Hicks, Dan Hindery, Steve Holloway, Justin Howe, Ari Ingel, Devin Knotts, Cecil Lammey, Dave Larkin, Austin Lee, John Lee, Mike Lee, Bob Magaw, John Mamula, Alessandro Miglio, John Norton, Keith Overton, Brian Painter, Chad Parsons, Jeff Pasquino, Keith Roberts, Aaron Rudnicki, Simon Shepherd, Daniel Simpkins, Ryan Sitzmann, Chase Stuart, Jeff Tefertiller, Maurile Tremblay, Danny Tuccitto, BJ Vanderwoude, Kyle Wachtel, Matt Waldman, Matt Williamson, Mark Wimer, Jason Wood and Craig Zumsteg.

When we designed our site, we asked ourselves what we would want in a website for ourselves. is what we came up with. We make our material as professional and easy to access as possible. All our content will always be "Safe For Work".



Regular visitors know we usually break it down to a "Bottom Line" as to what this means to you. Here it is:

The fact that you've read this far shows that you're serious about Fantasy Football. Cool. We are too. This game is our livelihood and we're dead serious about being successful with it. And we know that for us to be successful, YOU have to be successful and we're fanatically committed to making that happen. With our Footballguys Staff, we will put 600+ hours a week of preparation into making sure our subscribers know everything that we do.

We bring you all this information and all these tools for one simple reason:

Giving you everything you need to win playing Fantasy Football.

Let's do this.

Joe Bryant, David Dodds and the Footballguys Team

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