Name: Chris Smith ( Mr Tuff )

Home: British Columbia, Canada .... Eh ! Yes I am part of the Great White North about one hour from the USA border.

  • CEO and Founder of Tuff Sports
  • Have played fantasy football for 8 years
  • I eat, sleep and dream about football. I have watched it since I was three and played for 10 years.
  • My various football columns last season were viewed approximately 750 000 times last season.
  • My lifetime winning .pct is around .640 with a total of 8 Championships out of 30 total leagues.
Key to FF success: Research, Research, Research ! It is crucial to take the time to rank, rate and project your players in order to come to the draft armed and ready. Once the draft is done, that's when research really comes into play. Getting the next "Warner" via a Free Agent pickup can win a league for a savy league owner.

Pre-game ritual: I love waking up early Sunday Morning and drinking a large cup of coffee while I watch the Pre-Game shows. I am on-line as well in case I need to make a last second change and then it is over to the easy chair with remote in hand for some furious channel surfing!

Sex or Football: I believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. I always figured that is what the Half-Time show is for.

Favorite Team/Players: I have been a huge Dolphins fan since 1981. The Chargers-Dolphins playoff match-up that season was when I became a diehard fan. I loved the Marino era , and feel he deserved to win that elusive title. If he had any defensive or running help at all in the 80's he would have one a few. The Dolphins always seem to be competitive and I love the direction the team is taking.


Mike Singletary -- I was a Linebacker for 9 years and this guy was my first and longest idol on the football field. He was a warrior who may not have been the fastest, the strongest or the most talented. His heart was as big as the field though and no player exhibited more of it on the field.

Christian Okoye-- The Nigerian Nightmare was the most entertaining player I have ever watched on the field. Nothing like seeing a Mountain of a man break tackle after tackle as the baffled opponents look up from the ground in awe! He was great and I wished his career hadn't started so late.

Dan Marino -- Dan was the perfect NFL quarterback on a team that didn't have a lot of talent around him. The reason the Dolphins were competitive in the 90's was solely because of him and he is one of the top few quarterbacks to have ever played the game.

Zach Thomas -- Only 5 ft 10 but plays as if he is 7 feet tall. His motor never stops and he seems to make two big plays every single game. He is one of the reasons I despise the Combine. Give me a playmaker over a workout warrior any day of the week.

If I were Paul Tagliabue for a day: I would turn the NFL from the "No Fun League" back into the spectator friendly sport it once was. I miss the "Icky Shuffle" and the Touchdown Celebrations. Also I would bring the NFL up to Canada so us Canadians could kick some American butt!

People I'd like to invite to Dinner Party:
Dan Marino
Drew Berrymore
Adam Sandler
Isaac Asimov

Best call of 2000: Toss up! I had Kerry Collins ranked # 8 back in June. I also had David Boston ranked at #12 and Torry Holt at #7.

Worst call of 2000: Having RB Curtis Enis as the #14 rated RB ! Ouch ! Must have been that nasty "Brain Freeze" from the Blueberry Slurpee I was enjoying that day

Favorite FF Team Name:
  • Silversmith Sack Attack
  • Tazmanian Tuffguyz
Redraft or Keeper? I love both leagues for different reasons. My favorite part of fantasy football is the draft so I lean towards the Redraft rules, but I also can't stand having to give up Fred Taylor, Edgerrin James and Torry Holt in my league after they led me to a Championship.

Bottom Line Goal: I love to share my thoughts with everyone out there. I am not the "All-Knowing Guru" that some pretend to be. I want to challenge people to take a look at a situation and use their own thought processes to figure out what they believe. Fantasy Football is for fun and that is the bottom line. Winning is just part of the fun.

Why I would be a great GM:
  • I have a great eye for talent.
  • I love to wheel and deal.
  • I would leave the coaching to the coaches and concentrate on bringing in the best talent I could find
  • My players would leave their heart out on the field or they would find themselves flipping burgers in the Concession Stand!
Why I became a Footballguy: My biggest joy on-line is interacting with other fantasy football fanatics. I believe my columns will add some color and humor to the footballguy mix as well as hopefully help out some owners dominate their league along the way.