Name: Dave Shick

Home: Bellingham, WA

  • Founder / Commissioner of Bellingham Fantasy League (1993)

  • Took 15th out of 90,000 in Sandbox Coach's Clipboard in 2000. Took a screen snap shot for framing. (Won $25 from an online store)

  • Masters Degree in Technology.

  • Smart enough to marry a woman that digs fantasy football. She won our local league the past two years.
Keys to FF Success:
  • Doing your homework. All the guys who make NFL rosters are studs. Many of them just need to the *OPPORTUNITY* to succeed. Knowing where these opportunities exist is the key to finding quality sleepers.
  • VBD. God I love Excel.
  • Understanding your scoring system.
  • Running Backs, Running Backs, Running Backs, Running Backs...
Quote: "Sports do not build character, they reveal it". - Heywood Broun

Pre-game Ritual: I don't care what ESPN calls it. I still call it "Gameday".

Sex or Football: Yes to both questions.

Favorite Players:

  • Bo Jackson: MVP of Pro-Bowl and All-Star Game. Best all around athlete ever?
  • George Blanda: A fantasy quarterback that got all those kicking points too.
  • Kenny Easley: He gave WR's nightmares about going over the middle.
  • Marshall Faulk: Not for the points. Anybody else remember the game where the clock was ticking down and Torry Holt got hurt? In order to save a timeout Faulk literally picked up Holt and *planted* him on the line of scrimmage so Warner could spike the ball. Dude is a gamer.
Favorite Plays:
  • Every hook and ladder play ever attempted.
  • Randall Cunningham bouncing off of a ferocious hit from Carl Banks, steadying himself with one hand on the ground, then throwing a TD pass.
  • Fredd Young's destruction of Jessie Hester on a kick return in the mid 80's. I thought Hester was dead. Really.
  • Jim Everett's table flip incident with Jim Rome on camera.
Favorite days of the year:
  • Day one of the NFL draft.
  • Day of our local league fantasy draft.
If I were Paul Tagliabue I would:
  • End franchise free agency. Teams wouldn't be able to sell themselves to other cities.
  • Award bonus points for long Field Goals.
  • Recognize the train wreck that is about to happen with veteran minimum salaries and do something about it.
Redraft or Keeper? Redraft. To dominate year after year in a redraft is much more challenging.

Favorite FF Team Names:
  • Big Train (after the Frank Thomas commercial)
  • Bad Things Man
Why I would be a great GM:
  • I want to win, not make my owner money.
  • I would hire more position coaches. Mark Cuban in Dallas is on to something. Why not spend a few bucks more on your investment of several million.
Ginger or Mary Ann: Mary Ann (by a large margin).