Name: Brian Roberson

Home: Blacksburg, VA

Background: A true student of the game of football. More interested in creating matchup problems on the field than having to adjust to others doing that to my offense. Nine years of coaching at various levels of football. Air Force 1992-2000. Proficient in the Arabic language (but they don't market NFL games in Arabic just yet)

Occupation: Regional Credit Manager; Football Coach


  • Football coach for nine years.
  • Published in The Sporting News for article about Virginia Tech football.
  • Fantasy football expert for the Big Dog SportsTalk radio show.
  • Fantasy Football addict for over ten years now.
  • Commissioner for many Redraft and Keeper leagues
  • RedEyeSports feature writer and defensive guru.
  • Rare enzyme allows me to not need as much sleep as my opposing owners.
Pre-game Ritual: Before there were kids in my house, this was all a simple process. Roll out of bed around 9:20 and put the snack du jour in the oven. Shower, put on my Broncos jersey and settle down for 10 hours of uninterrupted football. NOW?? Combined with the move from Tucson, AZ back to the Virginia (thereby giving me three more hours before game time) my pre game ritual is not something any of you want to read about. Unless you like hearing about changing diapers, feeding kids, wiping food off the wall after my boy does his best Vinny Testaverde (he was aiming for the floor), hosing down the little tikes, dressing them up all spiffy, and sending them on their way for the day. This will all change once my boy gets a bit older. He's only one year old now so trying to sit him down and explain to him why the Patriots "couldn't run on Grandma and her three church-lady friends" just doesn't work. But it WILL happen.

Finally, after all that's done, I plop down on the couch and scatter through all of the NFL Sunday Ticket channels so I can pick the one or two or ten games I want to watch.

Keys to FF Success:
  • It doesn't get any more basic than knowing the players you're drafting. Know their offensive or defensive schemes. Know how they react to getting popped in the mouth. (hint: Fred Taylor usually folds like a wet nap) Watch a lot of college football to see these guys develop as well
  • .

  • Secondly, know your other owners' tendencies. What makes them comfortable, what makes them shake?

  • I prefer to NOT talk trash until trash is talked to me. Then it's open season. Too much trash and you're in it alone. Don't burn bridges. Never know when you'll need to trade for someone like Brad Hoover one week.
Sex or Football: I've had many more enjoyable and rewarding moments when playing, coaching or watching football. Still, football doesn't make my eyes roll into the back of my head either. Next question.

Favorite Players/Team: Denver Broncos. And I'm a true Broncos fan. Just ask me a Broncos trivia question from anything that happened during my lifetime and I can prove it to you!

  • John Elway - Partly because I'm a Broncos supporter but more due to the fact that he was the greatest talent and mind to play the quarterback position. All he did for his team and his city over the course of 16 NFL seasons is more than enough to make him my all time favorite. He suffered and he conquered as a Bronco. Hats off.

  • Peyton Manning - Another QB that plays the game with class and doesn't ever taunt. It's all about acting like you've been there before and you'll be there again. A great football mind.

  • Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey - This duo does not get the hype and praise of Randy Moss or Terrell Owens but are every bit as lethal. Came from nowhere (Missouri Southern and the Broncos practice squad AND Giants and 49ers castoff) and made themselves into two of the best. Unselfish, they block like they're supposed to as well.
Honorable Mention: Brett Favre, Jimmy Smith, Mike Peterson

IF I Were Tagliabue For a Day:

1. I'd let cold weather cities with open air stadiums host Super Bowls. No reason not to. Weather is a part of the game. And as a caveat to that, I'd remove all future Super Bowls from sites with domed stadiums.

2. Adopt a rookie salary cap and a veteran exemption which would require all rookies to EARN their paychecks for three seasons and also would allow teams to keep it's best players by paying them more than any other opposing team could. In short, talk to the NBA about their setup, Tags.

Dream Job: Major college head football coach.

Quote: If better is possible, then good just isn't enough.

Best Call of 2000: Lamar Smith and Ahman Green to win their jobs and enjoy breakout years.

Worst Call of 2000: Cade McNown to become a stud. Kevin Johnson to become a top 10 receiver. What was I thinking?

Favorite FF Team Name: Hershey MudDumpers, Titan Firm

Why I'd be a great NFL General Manager: Have a knack for finding hidden talent. Wouldn't treat the players as if they were pieces of meat.

Ginger or Mary Ann? This question should be Salma or Britney. In that case it would be Salma. But for conformity sake, I'd take Mary Ann. She doesn't KNOW she's a hottie.

Brian Roberson
Feature Writer/Defensive Expert