Name: Scott Luebke

Home: Orlando, FL

Nickname: The General

Credentials: Scott was the Owner/Founder/Editor of Fantasy Advantage. Fantasy Advantage was an online publication dedicated to team management and player analysis. Due to financial situations of maintaining the site, Scott decided that a migration to Football Guys was the correct move.

12 years experience at Fantasy Football with numerous 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes. In his first season in the Fantasy Experts League, Scott failed to make the playoffs, which marked only the fourth time he has missed the playoffs in his fantasy football career. Scott currently competes in five fantasy football leagues, including the prestigious Fantasy Experts League.

Keys to FF Success: A solid draft is essential, but championship teams are built through team management. Rarely does a great draft alone result in a championship season.

Team Management Guidelines:

1. Watch and evaluate your team on an ongoing (weekly/daily) basis. Evaluate your team with your head and not your heart.

2. Always start your "STUDS". Do not even think about benching guys (unless injured) like Fred Taylor, Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, Eddie George, Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss, Isaac Bruce, Daunte Culpepper, Peyton Manning, and Kurt Warner to name a few. Benching studs is dangerous. Play the percentages. These guys are named "studs" for a reason... they produce on a consistent basis.

3. Research each and every trade. A lack of information shows ignorance in trading. The internet is a wealth of information...USE IT! Know the whole story before you make a trade. Adopting a 24-hour waiting period can prevent "foolish" mistakes.

4. Watch the Free Agent Market. This is extremely important early in the season. Be on top of the free agent market. Many good pickups have led to championships.

5. Never whine about your team. Every team has problems; live with it. When you whine, you're taking up valuable thinking time. Every problem has solutions...even bad teams. If you're in a keeper league, set yourself up for next season.

Pre-game Ritual: Making sure the television and satellite dish are working properly.

Invite to a Dinner Party:

- Vince Lombardi
- John F. Kennedy
- Myself
- Charles Barkley/Oakley (They could keep the unwanted guests out)
- Chris Rock
- Ashley Judd (My fiance will hate this one)

Favorite Players/Teams:

Fred Taylor - I don't care if he gets injured every year
Barry Sanders - Electrifying
Brett Favre - The leader of my beloved Packers
Green Bay Packers - Born and raised

Best Call of 2000: Daunte Culpepper as my 3rd ranked quarterback throughout the preseason. I was only two spots off...he ended up first.

Favorite FF Team Names: General Le Bomb, Kosovo Refugees, Fabricante de Dinero

If I were Paul Tagliabue: Eliminate all domes. Everyone plays outdoors on natural grass.

Ginger or Mary Ann: Can we add Ashley Judd to the selection pool?

Bottom Line Goal: "Winning is Everything"