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Footballguys Fantasy Football

New England 32. Carolina 29. What a great Super Bowl. And what a great way to close the book on the 2003 season.

The year always flies by for us. It seems like just yesterday that Rush Limbaugh was ESPN’s new star, the Bills passing game was unstoppable and the Patriots were doomed without Lawyer Milloy...Things move fast around here. You have to pay attention.

We thank YOU for paying attention this year and we’d like to thank you for making this season possible. We hope it’s been what you were looking for and we hope we were able to hit our goal – giving our readers the tools and information they need to dominate their league. If you’d like to see something added or know of something we can improve upon, give us a shout at and we’ll take a look.

We are in the lab working on making even better in 2004. We’ve got some exciting things in the works that we feel sure you’re going to love. We’ll be publishing new content starting April 26th.

Thanks for being a part of this and we’ll see you soon.

Joe and David and the Staff

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