Name: Bob Harris

Home: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Background: Have spent the last nine years covering the NFL from a Fantasy perspective. This Tucson, Arizona native is also well-known for his work as a graphic and Web site designer.

Occupation: Editor and webmaster of the TFL Report, one of the Internet's first Fantasy football sites. Also Senior Editor for Fantasy Sports Publications, Inc., publisher of Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine, Fantasy Football Draftbook and Fantasy Football Cheatsheets.

Credentials: Winner of the top two Fantasy Experts Polls -- The Masters Forecast (Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine) and The Experts Poll (Fantasy Football Index Magazine) -- in the same year (1995). A charter member of the Fan Ex League, resigned after three seasons in order to give somebody else a chance to get their a** kicked on a regular basis. Spent the 1997 season making weekly appearances as official "Fantasy Expert" for the Steve Czaban Show, heard in more than 100 cities nationwide over the 1-On-1 Sports Network.

Pre-game ritual: Providing FlashUpdate subscribers with as many updates as I possibly can prior to kickoff.....

Sex or football: Football, hands down. ... Unless. ... Watching other people have sex is considered having sex.

Favorite Players/Team: Marshall Faulk: St. Louis Rams -- In addition to being one of the league's most productive and dangerous running backs, Faulk is also one of the NFL's most intelligent players. With his understanding of the game, the Rams essentially have a coach in the huddle.

If I were Paul Tagliabue for a day: Mandate the installation of a NeXturf field in every NFL stadium.

Dream Job: My current position.

Best call of 2000: When Mike Holmgren named Brock Huard as Seattle's starting quarterback prior to the team's October 8 contest against Carolina, I wrote the following:

"I have a hard time seeing Huard succeeding as an NFL quarterback. The bottom line is this: Huard, who covers 40 yards in about 5.2 seconds, is slower than about 95 percent of the NFL's defensive lineman; and he's also slower than 100 percent of the league's pass rushing linebackers..... Starting Huard at quarterback is like sending a dogcatcher into a room full of starving pit bulls with a pork chop in his pocket..."

Huard suffered a concussion against the Raiders two weeks later. The former University of Washington star returned to the starting lineup on November 26 and suffered a badly bruised kidney that sidelined him the rest of the year.

Favorite FF Team Name: Team Kneivel

Why I'd be a great real NFL GM: I'm probably too cynical to do anything but my current job effectively.

Ginger or MaryAnn? Ginger and MaryAnn.

Bob Harris
Webmaster/Editor - TFL Report
Senior Editor - Fantasy Sports Publications