Name: Clayton Gray

Home: Little Rock, AR

Occupation: High School Algebra teacher


- Published in FSPI's Experts Poll Magazine 2001.

- Nine years of fantasy football experience.

- Former columnist for ToughGuy.

- Once drove backwards through a McDonald's drive thru. Told the girl at the window it was a foreign car. She wasn't impressed.

Key to FF success: Free agency can be just as important as the draft. Be the first one after the surprising players.

Quote: "You never have to recover from a good start." - Unknown

Pre-game ritual: Me, nacho cheese Doritos, Mountain Dew, and the Sunday Ticket.

Favorite players:

Tony Dorsett - When you live in Arkansas, the local affiliate always shows the Dallas game on Sunday. As a kid, I always loved to watch him play. Plus, that was a sweet 99 yard run.

Jerry Rice - Uh, because he's Jerry freakin' Rice...the greatest WR ever.

Derrick Thomas - My all-time favorite defensive player. He was capable of a sack at any moment.

Steve Atwater - Watching him drop Christian Okoye was an instant classic.

If I were Paul Tagliabue for a day: I'd institute a rookie pay scale based solely upon draft position. After two seasons of guaranteed money, each team could either negotiate a new contract with that player or relinquish his rights. No more huge contracts for rookies. Make them earn the money. Think the NFLPA would go for this? Never mind. Let's just require all teams to move the visitor's locker room next to the cheerleader's changing area.

Best calls of 2000: Higher than most on Culpepper, Dunn, and Holt.

Worst call of 2000: Higher than most on McNown, Levens, and Dayne.

Favorite FF team name: Bigelow Gigolos

Ginger or MaryAnn: Sounds good.