Name: David Dodds (50% D's for those counting at home)

Home: Tucson, Arizona.

1. Creator of a popular fantasy football website, whose name shall go unmentioned.
2. Took 6th out of 200,000+ in Small World 1998 (won $75).
3. Took 87th out of 500,000+ in Smallworld 2000 (won a cap).
4. Published in Draftbook, Fantasy Forecast and Cheatsheets magazines.
5. Solved the Rubik's cube in less than 50 seconds.
6. Once ran around the block naked on a dare.

Keys to FF Success:
1. Value Based Drafting - All players have value and are worth drafting at the right time/price.
2. Do not listen to the guy who is reading a fantasy magazine the day of the draft.
3. Laugh at everyone's picks (does not guarantee success, but it is a lot of fun)
4. Never take Tony Banks unless your league awards bonuses for fumbles.
5. Get advice from

Quote: "The fittest shall survive, yet the unfit may live."
Proof of quote: Scott Mitchell.

Pre-game Ritual: Hammering last minute changes to my Small World lineup as I read about some player who woke up with a head cold.

Favorite Players: Ones that can play the game without getting addicted to drugs.

If I were Paul Tagliabue I would:
1. Allow cap exceptions for players getting career ending injuries (like Robert Edwards).
2. Make the Bengals use all of their cap money every year.
3. Put a muzzle on Al Davis.
4. Forgive Pete Rose and let him in the Hall (oops wrong sport).
5. Implement a three alligator rush (to help Rob Johnson know when to throw the ball)

Dream Jobs: Building weapons of mass destruction and owning a fantasy football site........Hey wait a minute.......that's what I do now.

Best Call of 2001: Predicted David Boston would be the man.

Favorite FF Team Names: Memphis Muttonchops, The Flaming French Liberals of 1842 and JFKFC are my personal favorites.

Why I would be a great GM:
1. I can add past a billion.
2. I would not listen to anyone who slicks his hair like Mel Kiper.
3. I would be quick to blame the coach when things went bad.
4. I would be good at trading the head cases to Oakland.
5. I am smart enough to know that I also need a coach.