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David Yudkin Bio

Age: 37

Birthplace: Norwalk, CT

Colleges: Quinnipiac College

College Degree: B.A. in Communications/English

Occupation: Business Communications Consultant / Professional Résumé Writer

Current City: Nashua, NH

Years Playing Fantasy Football: 10

Favorite thing about Fantasy Football: All the excitement of real football with a lot fewer groin pulls.

If you were Paul Tagliabue for a Day: Each team fields only 11 guys and they play until they drop.

Something Odd/Different About You: Considered becoming a professional bowler after averaging 220+ for 3 straight years.

A Brush with Greatness You've Had: Took music lessons next door to Paul Newman's estate.

Favorite Movies/DVDs: The Sting, Caddyshack, Fletch

List Three CDs You Would Want If Stranded On a Deserted Island:

  • "Official" CD Releases: Vivid - Living Colour, Express - Love & Rockets, How the West Was Won - Led Zeppelin
  • "Unofficial" CD Releases: Pearl Jam - Atlanta 4/3/94, Pink Floyd - Montreal 7/6/77, Rush - Oakland 1/30/92

Marital/Children Status: Married with 5 kids (10, 9, 7, 6, 2)

Biggest Vice: Excessive Time Consumption on Fantasy Sports

Pet Peeve: "Customer friendly" companies with complex voice mail systems

Favorite Quotes: "It's ok to laugh in the bedroom, provided you don't point."

Favorite NFL Team: Dallas Cowboys

Hobbies: Real sports, fantasy sports, music, home improvements

Dream Car: Lamborghini Murcielago

Scarface or Goodfellas: Goodfellas

Rather sleep at or on top of Paris Hilton? Forget Paris, give me Nikki

People I'd invite to dinner? Christ, Muhammad, and the other pillars that religion is based on

Best fantasy sports moment: Having a Top 40 ranked FFL team on ESPN

Worst fantasy sports moment: Leading 3 leagues in scoring in the same year and missing the playoffs in all of them

Biggest fantasy sports blunder: Starting Marcus Robinson (2-25-0) over Jimmy Smith (15-291-3)

Worst thing you had to do upon losing a bet: Go to school dressed like a woman (looked like Mrs. Doubtfire)

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