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David Dodds Bio

Age: 40

Birthplace: Sacramento, CA

College: University of Southern California

College Degree: BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Occupation: Living my dream as owner of Used to run the Standard and Tomahawk Missile Assembly Operations at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station (adding proof that this is rocket science).

Current City: Fairfield, CA

Years Playing Fantasy Football: 16

Fantasy Football Highlights:

  1. Won $6,000 this year by winning my WCOFF Draft Master League.
  2. I once finished 6th place in the Small World free competition some years back (was leading after 16 weeks, but did not have enough trades left to hold on). This was against over 300,000 people.
  3. Created before selling the business to
  4. Created the first VBD App (in Excel)
  5. Teamed with Joe to create this great site

Favorite thing about Fantasy Football: Creating new tools, the killer article, etc for The thrill for me is seeing others win their league from our hard work. Nothing beats sending out the late breaking update minutes before game time knowing you just made some person's day.

If you were Paul Tagliabue for a Day: Have the goal posts move during Field Goals to discourage attempts.

Something Odd/Different About You: My name is made up of 50% D's (David Dodds)

A Brush with Greatness You've Had: Sold baseball cards to Reggie Jackson once. Damn cheapskate was bartering for a better price too.

Favorite Movies/DVDs: Rock N Roll High School, Repo Man, Bull Durham

List Three CDs You Would Want If Stranded On a Deserted Island:

  1. Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs - Billy Bacon
  2. Greatest Hits and Misses - Devo
  3. Sailing the Seas of Cheese - Primus (You need a little rage if you are on an island by yyourself)

Marital/Children Status: Divorced with 1 daughter (Caitlin, age 9). Dating my high school sweetheart a second time right now and it is wonderful beyond words.

Biggest Vice: Sunflower seeds - The 16oz Superbag needs to be larger.

Pet Peeve: Idiots with their cellphones. "Honey, I am at the supermarket...Shall I get lime or cherry jello?" I am convinced that people can't make a single decision these days without using their cellphone to make sure it's ok. Yelling "Can you hear me now" while these people are talking does allow me some fun though.

Favorite Quote: The fittest shall survive, but the unfit may live...DEVO

Favorite NFL Team: San Diego Chargers. It has been rough lately.

Favorite FFL Team Name: The Flaming French Liberals of 1842

Hobbies: Fantasy football, Backgammon, hiking, computers.

Dream Car:1972 VW Bus painted black and pink with Good 'N' Plenty curtains, pink fuzzy steering wheel, sleeping arrangements + computer/DVD in the back. I would coat one of the side panels in dry erase and hang a marker and eraser so people could just leave me messages right on the bus.

Scarface or Goodfellas: Goodfellas, but I love both of these movies.

Rather sleep at or on top of Paris Hilton? Definitely AT the hotel. You couldn't pay me money to touch the skank.

People I'd invite to dinner? I think renting out a banquet hall and inviting the personalities from the Message Board would be way more fun and entertaining than meeting some "movie stars".

How I know we are succeeding at Footballguys?
  1. We are accused of being the WalMart of Fantasy Football
  2. Competitors stealing every feature we do.
  3. The $200,000 WCOFF winner subscribes to us every year
  4. Joe is 23 for 23 on hires. He asks and then they are on our team.

5 Years from Now?

  1. President of the US seen jogging in a Black-eyed Joe T-shirt
  2. Black-Eyed Joe Restaurant Chain Sweeps the US
  3. ESPN 4 - the BEJ Network
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