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Ron White bio

Occupation: Footballguys News Reporter/Chief Editor

College: NYFFU - An MA, a BA and a BMF besides! (Cheech and Chong)

Birthplace: Independence, Mo

Current location: Spencerport, NY

Family: Married, Wife Debbie, and two Wonderful Children. Ronnie 20, Alyssa 17.

Favorite NFL team: Detroit Lions (don't tell anyone)

Favorite thing about fantasy football: Identifying Bargains On Draft Day

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: I would change the Over Time format

Something odd/different about you: I'm a Detroit Tigers and Lions Fan. I used to race motorcyles for a living.

Brush with greatness: Wrote a book "How To Meet Your Favorite Player". Published and sold an online version only. I got threats from several NFL teams, so it never got to print.

Tom Coughlin coached at my High School (Waterloo,NY). Nobody liked him then either! I did not play for him, but my cousin did.

Was invited to and attended a Lions Team Party (invitation only) Hung out with the team Monday morning at the Silverdome, got a complete tour. They won their Game that Sunday, so the party and tour were awesome!

Hung out with the Tigers and Yankees in the same weekend. (in Toronto)

Family friend CB Alan Zemaitis is about to be drafted.

Of all the Pro's I've met (from Andre the Giant to Yogi Bera), Barry Sanders was my favorite.

Favorite Movie(s): Caddy Shack, Terminator, Scarface

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): Aero-Smith (Toys in the Attic)(Rocks), VanHalen (debut), and Metallica (Re-Load)

Biggest vice: Internet

Pet peeve: People of any race playing the race card.(racism)

Quote: "Lost Time is Never Found"

Hobbies: Fantasy football, camping, fishing, coaching kids, meeting players and collecting autographs.

Dream car: Escalade

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