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Jeff Pasquino bio

Occupation: Real Estate Investor and Engineering Consultant

College: Caltech (BS-Applied Physics), Univ. of Delaware (MS-Electrical Engineering)

Birthplace: Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Current location: Woodbine, Maryland

Family: Married with a son (6) and a daughter (3).

Favorite NFL team: Philadelphia Eagles

Years playing fantasy football: Since at least 1994 (12)

Favorite thing about fantasy football: Beating the competition - consistently. Competing on the highest levels.

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: I'd do everything I could to keep the NFL from ever being called the "No Fun League" ever again.

Something odd/different about you: Drove cross country in a week using two vehicles I didn't own. Also went to five baseball games in five days in five different stadiums.

Brush with greatness: Met many celebs, but most memorable was getting Muhammad Ali's autograph in LAX when I was just 10.

Favorite Movie(s): Reservoir Dogs, Office Space, Dusk Before Dawn

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): Pearl Jam (Ten), STP (all), Foo Fighters, early No Doubt (more SKA).

Biggest vice: Caffeine.

Pet peeve: Anything that wastes my time as a practice - such as two waiting rooms at doctors offices.

Quote: Everything I say is out of context.

Hobbies: Sports, real estate, poker.

Dream car: Lamborghini Countach.

Favorite TV Shows: 24, The Apprentice, Survivor, South Park, Mind of Mencia, Family Guy

Other than your spouse, list someone you find hot.: Angelina Jolie.

Rock, Paper or Scissors?: Rock, of course. There's never been a wrestler nicknamed Paper or Scissors, has there? Add in the poker style and you have it covered. Solid, stoic and able to crush lesser objects - that sounds about right.

Money or Power?: With money comes power, so I'm a $$ guy.

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