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Bob Magaw bio

Occupation: Sales - Orthopedic/Ergonomic Furniture

College: C.S.U.N.

Birthplace: Pasadena, CA

Current location: Monrovia, CA

Family: married with one son

Favorite NFL team: Rams

Favorite thing about fantasy football: scouting incoming rookie class, projecting how collegiate skills and body of work will translate to the NFL... hitting on sleepers... winning, getting to meet the FBG leadership and staff at the annual retreat.

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: I would make the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders the Commish's personal assistants.

Something odd/different about you: i enjoy reading neurology and artificial intelligence books for fun

Brush with greatness: Met Jim Brown in a downtown LA bar... developed a new fantasy football tool that was going to be in the Jim Feist football anuual, but the fantasy section was dropped at the last second.

Favorite Movie(s): almost anything by Akira Kurosawa, Stanley Kubrick, Sergio Leone, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino... Out of the Past, LOTR & Matrix trilogies, Memento, Donnie Darko, Big Lebowski, Old School, MST3000 boxed sets, Different Kind of Blue (Miles Davis) and Mothership Connection (P-Funk)

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): anything by Miles Davis (especially late-sixties to mid-seventies), P-Funk and Bill Laswell (Hallucination Engine and his Miles and Bob Marley remixes), Bootsy Collins, James Brown, Brian Eno's ambient work, acid jazz of Charles Earland and Melvin Sparks, Jan Hammer, scores of Ennio Morricone, Buckethead, Mark Isham, Steve Roach, Pink Floyd, Joe Walsh, Bach and Aaron Copland

Biggest vice: spending too much internet time on fantasy football.

Pet peeve: rudeness and bad drivers

Quote: The cosmos speaks in patterns (Roger von Oech - paraphrase of Heraclitus)

Hobbies: fantasy football, music, movies (especially film noir and sci-fi), reading, traveling, meditation and belgian beers

Dream car: Shelby Cobra

Favorite TV shows: 24, Miami Vice, Outer Limits (original and new series), Mission Impossible, NFL Network Total Access, ESPN Edge Matchup, HBO Inside the NFL, Star Trek, Get Smart, Night Stalker, Dave Chappelle, Seinfeld, Larry David, Mad TV, Sopranos, House

Favorite NFL player of all time: Eric Dickerson

Favorite Website: FBG, ESPN, Pro Football Weekly, Sporting News, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Ourlads, War Room message board, My Fantasy League, Yahoo, Amazon, the Onion, Anders Transhuman page

Things I'd Like...: Find more time for family and friends, reading, meditation and travel, develope science fiction stories for TV and film, help create new IDP stat infrastructure...

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