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Bruce Henderson bio

Occupation: Lead Software Engineer

College: Purdue University, B.S. in Computer Science

Birthplace: Fort Wayne, IN

Current location: Fort Wayne, IN

Family: Married with an eight year old daughter and five year old monster

Favorite NFL team: Colts in the AFC and Bears in the NFC

Favorite thing about fantasy football: Draft Day and Trash Talking

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: Have an End Zone Celebration Amnesty Day

Something odd/different about you: I tend to be on the quiet side

Brush with greatness: Went to High School with Rod Woodson

Favorite Movie(s): Any James Bond movie

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): I'm not a big music guy. I'll take the latest Madden or NFL Street for PS2 instead

Biggest vice: Salty Foods - Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels, etc

Pet peeve: Slow "Fast-Food" Restaurants. Come on, they have more people than ever "working" behind the counter, one person at the register, one on the frys, one or two on the grill, three to five back there doing who knows what... plus a couple of white shirts walking around, and it still takes FOREVER. Not to mention that you now have to get your own drink... don't get me started...

Quote: "We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time." - Vince Lombardi

"Half this game is ninety percent mental." - Yogi Berra

Hobbies: Chess, Poker, Basketball, Tennis, Ping Pong, Golf

Dream car: Brand spanking new "right off the assembly line" yellow Corvette

People I'd invite to dinner?: The Fox Sports pre-game team: JB, Terry, Howie, Jimmy and of course Jillian.

One Super Hero Power?: Super Strength as in Mr. Incredible. Of course if I was Mr. Incredible, I'd be married to Elastigirl...

Rock, Paper or Scissors?: Rock. I don't care what they say, Rock beats Scissors and Paper. Don't believe me? If someone throws a rock at you, are you going to hold up a piece of paper? Not me. role?: Applications Development. Creator of the Draft Dominator, Draft Dominator Lite, Trade Dominator, Lineup Dominator, and Projections Dominator.

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