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Clayton Gray bio

Occupation: Fulltime Footballguy

College: University of Central Arkansas - BS in Math

Birthplace: Winston-Salem, NC

Current location: Little Rock, AR

Family: Married to Holly (who is amazing) and have a wonderful son named Aidan.

Favorite NFL team: Don't have one.

Years playing fantasy football: This will be my 14th season.

Favorite thing about fantasy football: Drafting.

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: I probably wouldn't change anything - too afraid of messing up the greatest sport in the world.

Something odd/different about you: Just one? I don't cook, but the dishwasher has to be loaded correctly. Seriously - don't mess up when you load the dishwasher.

Brush with greatness: Not much. I've met Bill Clinton, but how great is that?

Favorite Movie(s): Christmas Vacation, Die Hard, Office Space

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): Master Of Puppets and a few other metal CDs depending on my mood. Master Of Puppets is always on the favorites list though.

Biggest vice: NL Texas Hold'em Tournaments

Pet peeve: People that drive slow in the passing lane. Oh man that's rough.

Quote: "The high road is not a HOV lane. You can take it by yourself." - me (in a fleeting moment of seriousness)

Hobbies: Poker, playing basketball

Dream car: Mustang GT with Saleen modifications

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