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Doug Drinen bio

Occupation: Math professor

College: Trinity (TX) and Arizona State

Birthplace: Pullman, WA

Current location: Southern middle Tennessee

Family: Married, one kid

Favorite NFL team: I root for players, not teams

Favorite thing about fantasy football: That's like asking what's my favorite thing about breathing.

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: (1) I'd get rid of instant replay once and for all. (2) I'd make field goals worth two points instead of three. (3) I'd make the end zones 20 yards deep. (4) I'd abolish the extra point. Teams are required to go for two after every TD.

Actually, I doubt Tags has the power to unilaterally impose any of these improvements. But that's how I'd change the game if I could.

Something odd/different about you: There is nothing odd or different about me. I am completely normal in every way.

Brush with greatness: Hardly "greatness," but here goes...

When I was in college, my Division III baseball squad was playing against Notre Dame. Notre Dame at the time had a DH named Irv Smith, who was sculpted from about 240 pounds of granite and would later become the first tight end selected (#20 overall) in the 1993 NFL draft.

So Smith is on third base and I'm playing catcher. One out. Infield in. Dribbler to short. Here comes Big Irv down the line. I've never been so glad to see our shortstop boot an easy grounder. Because he did, I was able to casually step out of the way and turn this into a literal "brush with greatness" as opposed to a "brutal pounding at the hands of greatness."

Favorite Movie(s): Comedy: Raising Arizona. Non-comedy: Shawshank.

Biggest vice: coffee

Pet peeve: chewing gum

Quote: "There is only one cure for gray hair. It was invented by a Frenchman. It is called a guillotine." -- P.G. Wodehouse

Hobbies: running, computers, reading

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