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Bill Davies bio

Occupation: Advertising

College: University of St. Thomas - BA-Accounting '96, currently in MBA program, start law school Fall '06

Birthplace: St. Paul, MN

Current location: Roseville, MN

Family: Divorced with four wonderful children - Brianna (14), Alex (12), Zach (10) and Bradley (5). Alex and Zach live with me all of the time, the other two are with me 50% of the time.

Favorite NFL team: Sadly, my hometown Vikings.

Favorite thing about fantasy football: Rules, rules, rules. And offseason speculation.

If I was Paul Tagliabue for a day...: I'd be planning my retirement and maybe placing a call to the Hairclub for Men.

Something odd/different about you: Underneath all of my clothes I am completely naked! (I have shared this with very few people. Shhhh!)

Brush with greatness: Playing ball in the yard with my boys (future Yankees), sitting at a track and field event with my daughter watching her throw the shot put (future Olympian) or anything with my youngest son. They are all great now and will continue to be something great in the future. Also, getting to spend the last few hours with my Dad, who was in the Coast Guard, before he left on September 12, 2001. (Yes, he returned safe, but damaged, just last year. I think they found his birth certificate and asked, "What are you still doing here?")

Favorite Movie(s): Better off Dead.

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): Kenny Chesney - The Road and the Radio.

Biggest vice: Setting sail with the Good Captain and a Diet Coke.

Pet peeve: Inconsistency in arguments.

Quote: "Do or do not. There is no try."

"Vacation is time off to remind employees that the business can get along without them."

"Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused."

"I have opinions of my own -- strong opinions -- but I don't always agree with them." - George W. Bush 9/2/01

"Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen." - Homer Simpson

"In Communism, man exploits man. In Capitalism, it's the other way around."

Hobbies: Being a parent, school, home remodeling and of course, fantasy football.

Dream car: Yukon Denali. (Isn't that sad?)

Most interesting fantasy football play to score:: Brad Johnson (TB) passes, Michael Doss (IND) intercepts, Doss fumbles, Keenan McCardell (TB) recovers and returns for a TD. The most controversial scoring play I've experienced in 26 years as Commissioner and 8 years in League Dispute Resolution management.

Worst and yet most common rules omission:: Ties - the red-headed step-child of fantasy football rules.

Suggestion - think about ties during the regular season, post season and in the standings. (HINT: If you permit ties in the regular season, you still shouldn't in the post-season.)

Biggest Fantasy Football Dispute Misunderstanding: There is a common belief that all trades must be "fair." That simply is not the standard. They must be "reasonable." They must meet the needs of both teams. Trades are inherently unfair. It's in their nature, or no one would ever trade. (Everyone thinks they got the better of the deal.) An unreasonable trade ought to be overturned/vetoed.

Best "Ask the Commissioner" Question of All-Time: Just moments after the feature was announced in 2002, FootballGuy Phillip Brooks asked the very first question -

"My league is up in arms. Big dispute. Here it is: Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons?"

I challenge EVERYONE to come up with a better question than that. If you think you have, send it to

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