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Jene Bramel bio

Occupation: Part-time Pediatrician/Full-time Dad

College: B.S. University of Dayton, M.D. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current location: Springfield, Ohio

Family: Married for eight years to my best friend and sugarmama. We have a two year old son who has already passed IDP 101 and knows his gap responsibility at all times. We're still working on the potty thing.

Favorite NFL team: Cincinnati Bengals

Favorite thing about fantasy football: Trading up in the rookie draft just ahead of Norton to grab the guy he desperately wanted.

Something odd/different about you: My first name. It ain't French (NTTAWWT) and, to the surprise of most of my grade school teachers at first roll call, I have a deeper voice than most girls. It's just "Gene" - and, yeah the Bizarro Jerry episode hurt a little.

Brush with greatness: Boomer Esiason spoke at my med school commencement ceremony. Who Dey! More importantly, as the UCFFL boys learned, his wife is hot.

Favorite Movie(s): Fletch, Shawshank, Snatch, Superfly, Office Space, Quest for the Holy Grail

Favorite CD(s)/album(s): Morphine - Cure for Pain, Shudder to Think - Pony Express Record, Afghan Whigs - Gentlemen

Biggest vice: It's either the IDP Forum or Cheesy Poofs.

Pet peeve: Parents of a eight year old child with an arm that's been broken all of one hour wanting to know how soon the kid can play soccer...

Quote: Luck is the residue of design - Branch Rickey

Sometimes it's hard to know where patience ends and stupidity begins - John Norton

Hobbies: Basketball, poker, genealogy, reading.

Dream car: The Batmobile. (Shields)

Favorite All-time NFL Players: Walter Payton, James Brooks, Mike Singletary, Kenny Easley, Ronnie Lott

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