$35,000 Subscriber Contest

Note: Player Values and Submission forms will be available on August 2nd, 2007. You will be able to enter the contest from Thursday, August 2nd until Tuesday, September 4th.

There are two ways one can gain entry into this $35,000 fantasy contest:
1. As a subscriber to Footballguys.com, you are elgible to enter one-time.
2. 200 non-subscribers will be drawn from our email list and allowed to participate.


The $35,000 will be paid out as follows:

1st Place: $20,000
2nd Place: $4,600
3rd Place: $2,500
4th Place: $1,500
5th Place: $1,000
6th place: $500
7th place: $300
8th place: $200
9th place: $125
10th place: $75
11th - 15th place: $50
16th - 30th place: $40
31st - 100th place: $30
101st place - 150th place: $25

Full details on the rules to the second half of this contest will be made available to the top 12 finishers at the end of this year.

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