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  Updates Status Brief - What's New for 2006?

When Joe and I launched (which later became, we had a vision to create the best fantasy football information site on the web. We made a decision to charge a nominal subscription fee in year 2, because of our desire to do some really big things in the industry. We knew going forward we had to secure talented writers and programmers to implement some of our biggest ideas.

The last few years have been spent securing the talent necessary to get closer to Joe and I's mutual dream of the perfect fantasy football website. In our opinion, we enter our 5th subscription year with the most talented fantasy football staff ever assembled. Most staffs have 1-3 guys who do all the work. But then again, most staffs don't crank out close to 30,000 pages of content nor innovate state-of-the-art programming. We enter this year with 33 highly specialized people that Joe and I know to be the best in the industry.

For those people who have supported us over the years by purchasing a subscription, our entire staff thanks you. It has been those dollars that have got us to here. But we are going to be honest...We are just getting started here. The projects we are developing for this year look to be the most exciting we have ever been involved with.

Before I detail some of those big projects underway for 2006, I am going to tell you some bad news. The price for a subscription is going to increase for people that subscribe after May 15th. Joe and I have done our best to keep the cost constant for a subscription as we have added more content and tools each year. But the math simply did not work last year for the company. To show our loyalty for those people that have always been with us, we are going to honor a $20.95 subscription price until May 15th. After May 15th, our subscription will be $25.95. We are already taking orders by PayPal, credit card and by mail.

Big Efforts for 2006 (Listed in no particular order):

Full redesign of the website - The new layout will not debut until 2007, but efforts are already underway to get a new professional looking website. The goal is easier navigation and tighter integration of content while updating the look.

Acquisition of - FFL Schedules boasted the best fantasy football schedules anywhere on the internet. With our purchase of this website, we will be migrating these 157 schedules to the free content this season.

Merchandise Available - We will debut our new store in early June. This will include many new items (shirts, hats, coffee mugs, baby bibs, thongs, etc

Weekly Podcast - We are currently working out the bugs on our Podcast efforts so that we can bring a weekly show to the website. This is expected to debut in July.

$50,000 Subscriber Contest - Our subscriber contest returns to it's old format (salary cap - survivor league) and with twice the money at stake. This contest will also pay 200 spots. Full details are here

End of Year Playoff Contest - This will return again in 2006 for all subscribers. Details will be available in December.

Year Around News Coverage - We have increased the budget for news which means the News Blogger now runs the entire season. Additionally, we will be adding double shifts during August (peak news time) to ensure we continue to have the best football news source in 2006.

More Draft/IDP/Dynasty Coverage - We have added Jeff Pasquino, Sigmund Bloom and Jene Bramel to our staff to significantly bolster these areas.

Increased Emphasis on Real-Time features and Updates - Last year we changed the infrastructure to bring real-time rankings, player pages, team pages to the website. This year we will add more real-time features and better manage this new capability to ensure content is always the most up-to-date. The Draft Dominator will add a get new data feature allowing users to update data on a continuous basis.

Increased database integration - We took a giant leap last year behind the scenes to bring tighter database integration for the website. Year 2 completes this process and should yield even better database integration.

Optimizing Your Subscription Articles - We will be releasing a series of articles on how to get the most out of your subscription by leveraging the sites tools (Player Pages, Draft Dominator, LineUp Dominator, Data Dominator, Schedule Strength, etc)

Increased Radio Exposure - Last year we had 13 weekly radio gigs throughout the country. We will be making a bigger push in this area in 2006 and hope to land 25+ spots.

Projections Dominator 1.0 - In the natural evolution of all things Dominator, we will soon be debuting our Projections Dominator Tool. This tool will allow you to see and weight multiple projections from our staff (along with the last 3 years of player data) to help you formulate unique numbers to use for the Draft Dominator.

Draft Dominator Version 6.0 - The best drafting program continues to evolve. Many enhancements have already been programmed this offseason. A fully functioning free version of this software will be available all year long (but will be loaded with May data). All future versions will contain updated data (projections, schedule strength, depth charts) and will be available to subscribers only.

Lineup Dominator 2.0 - This effort debuted last year, but the explanation (articles maximizing it's use) and simpler easy-to-use interface will be seen in 2006. This program has been developed by Bruce Henderson, the same genius who created the Draft Dominator. This product will be available to subscribers only.

Best Player Pages on the web - It is not a secret that the best data source for football history is Doug Drinen's website Combine that talent with our writing staff and we believe we have created the perfect player pages for fantasy football enthusiasts. These debuted last year and continue to evolve. The core pages will remain free all year long (although some of the material will require a subscription to access after July 15th).

View Samples of these pages here:
Career Stats
Game Logs
Split Stats

Camp Updates - Bob Henry led this effort in 2005 and these reports were among the best things we did last year. Each report was approximately 30 to 40 pages long and gave you the scoop as if you were actually attending all of the training camps. Based on lessoned learns in 2005, we believe these reports will be even better in 2006. We will again sell these as their own entity ($7.95 for the 5 reports), but they will also be available to all subscribers. 2006 Strategy Magazine - We have been critical of magazines in the past namely for three reasons: Timeliness of material, Insufficient strategy content, and amount of quality material. We decided to stop complaining about the lame efforts and published our first magazine in 2005. Although we were pleased with our first effort, we gained valuable insight to make this year's version even better. Like we did in 2005, we opted to minimize industry ads while making this among the thickest magazines in the industry (228 pages). Here is what we will be producing:

Color Pages (First 64 pages + 4 cover pages)
Covers (4 pages)
Industry Ads (15 pages)
Table of Contents (1 page)
FBG Ads (6 pages)
Editors Note (1 page)
Maximizing the Lineup Dominator (4 pages)
NFL Schedules (3 pages)
Ultimate Strength of Schedule (4 pages)
Two Exclusive Interviews (4 pages) Value Plays Consolidated (4 pages)
Overvalued Players Consolidated (4 pages)
Offensive Line Review/Rankings (6 pages)
Rankings (Overall, Offense, IDP) (10 pages)
Cheatsheets (Basic, Perf) (2 pages)

Black and White Pages (160 pages)
Cheatsheets (Dynasty/IDP) (2 pages) Top 200/ADP with Comments (3 pages) Projections (7 pages)
Random Shots (2 pages)
Offseason Movement (5 pages)
Coaching/Philosophy Changes (4 pages)
Navigating Injuries (2 pages)
Injury Recap (3 pages)
Preseason Watch List (3 pages)
Principles of VBD (4 pages)
Perfect Drafts (Normal, Draft, Survivor) (5 pages)
IDP Strategy (3 pages)
Dynasty Strategy (2 pages)
Survivor Winner's Article (2 pages) Rookie Reviews (5 pages)
Mock Draft (3 pages)
Player Spotlights (3 pages)
Face Offs (2 pages)
Summarized Player Pages (with stat boxes)
- Quarterbacks (10 pages)
- Running Backs (15 pages)
- Wide Receivers (16 pages)
- Tight Ends (9 pages)
- Kickers (6 pages)
- Defenses (6 pages)
Team Pages/Depth Charts (32 pages)
Stats (Targets/Redzone/Goal) (4 pages)
Advertisers Index (2 pages)
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