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Volume 6, Issue 49 (Monday, June 6th)

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A. Magazines Selling Fast
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B. Principles of Value Based Drafting - Updated
I first wrote the VBD article years ago and put down on paper the thoughts
and ideas I'd had success with for valuing players. It clicked with lots of people
who felt something similar and the rest is history. There were lots of
imitators that followed, but we've kept moving the edge further ahead.
My partner, David Dodds, added his thoughts here as well as we updated
the VBD concepts that started all this ruckus. Check it out here:

C. Chris Smith's Water Cooler
Another week of conversation worthy tidbits from our Chris Smith.



1. SEA - RB Alexander Being Shopped to Jacksonville
2. BAL - QB Boller's Goal: 60% Completions
3. BAL - RB Lewis to Stay in Atlanta, Miss Opening of Training Camp
4. NO - WR Henderson Headed for #3 Slot?
5. STL - QB Smoker Makes Strides During Minicamp, Challenges for #2
6. MIA - Dolphins Hire Mueller to Be GM
7. SEA - WRBC to Replace Robinson?
8. PIT - WR's Wilson, Gibson to Have Impact in 2005?
9. NYG - WR Burress is to be Red-Zone Target in 2005
10. DAL - OL Allen to RT?
11. IDP: NE - S Antuan Edwards Signed
12. IDP: WAS - S Sean Taylor Could Face a Mandatory 3 Year Sentence (or More)
13. IDP: GB - S Mark Roman Injures Left Knee during Favre's Celeb Softball Benefit
14. IDP: STL - LB Tinoisamoa's Shoulder OK; Ready to Team with Coakley, Claiborne
15. IDP: BAL - DB Sanders' Return to Ravens Delayed a Day
16. IDP: IND - S Doss Gets Community Service, Suspended Sentence on Gun Charges
17. WAS - #26 Trial Set for Tuesday (Ohalete vs. Portis)


1. SEA - RB Alexander Being Shopped to Jacksonville

Clipped from: article by Adam Schefter, 6/6/05

Here's a deal that quietly has been discussed, hasn't come to
fruition, but should: The Jaguars should trade a third-round pick to
the Seattle Seahawks for Pro Bowl running back Shaun Alexander, a deal
that makes sense for both sides. The Jaguars would get the insurance
they need for Fred Taylor, as well a draw who is wildly popular in
Alabama and would help boost attendance in Jacksonville, at a
relatively modest cost. The Seahawks would get back a third-round pick
in addition to salary-cap relief they need and want for a player who
has vowed not to sign the tender that Seattle has given him. Makes
great sense. Now it's up to both teams to make it happen. Problem is,
the Jaguars -- not the Seahawks -- have balked at it. Right now,
they're not willing to pay the Seahawks or Alexander.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

We've been expecting to see Alexander shopped around the league, so
the news that he is being offered to the Jaguars isn't a surprise -
however, the price (one third round pick) is somewhat surprising for a
player who was 1 yard short of the NFL rushing title last year.Stay
tuned to what develops: you know we will.


2. BAL - QB Boller's Goal: 60% Completions

Clipped from: Carroll County Times article by Aaron Wilson, 6/6/05

As the Baltimore Ravens begin two consecutive weeks of minicamps today
at their training complex, quarterback Kyle Boller is asserting

Entering his third year as a starter, Boller is expected to improve
his efficiency and accuracy to try to upgrade the 31st-ranked passing
game in the NFL.

"I definitely see myself as a team leader," Boller said. "This is my
offense, and it's going to be my job to rally the guys and instill
that confidence. Our passing game has struggled in the past, but
that's the past.

"We have the future to look forward to. It's my job each day to get
out there and work hard. If I'm not a leader, then we got a problem."

Boller improved during his second season, going 9-7 overall as he
completed 55.6 percent of his passes for 2,559 yards, 13 touchdowns
and 11 interceptions. Yet, he finished as the second-lowest rated
passer in the AFC.

Last season, the Ravens averaged only 144.2 passing yards per contest
as running back Jamal Lewis, tight end Todd Heap and offensive tackle
Jonathan Ogden missed a combined total of 18 games.

Having signed two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Derrick Mason and
drafted Oklahoma wideout Mark Clayton in the first round, the Ravens
are looking for increased yards after the catch after ranking last in
the NFL for the past two seasons in that category.

New offensive coordinator Jim Fassel is employing increased motion,
and is emphasizing a goal of getting Boller to complete 60 percent of
his passes.

"He's the guy," Boller said regarding Fassel, the former New York
Giants head coach. "There's going to be one voice and everything he
says, it's going to be my job to rally the offense. It's very
important that we're on the same page. Everything's upbeat with him.
It's, 'Get in and get out.' Everything's got to be crisp and we have
to reach the bar every day."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Given that Boller's career completion percentage is 54.4%, and he
"improved" to 55.6% last season, it seems that 60% is a lofty goal.
However, he does have more weapons at WR this season (although
security-blanket TE Todd Heap is rehabbing a long-standing ankle
injury and also recent shoulder surgery (completed in mid-May), and is
expected to miss most or all of training camp). We'll see how well he
does, but don't get too excited about this player as a fantasy option
(he's our 23rd ranked fantasy QB as of today on the constantly-updated
expert rankings board).


3. BAL - RB Lewis to Stay in Atlanta, Miss Opening of Training Camp

Clipped from: AP article, 6/6/05

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has rejected a request by running back
Jamal Lewis to be transferred from a halfway house in Atlanta to one
in Maryland. The ruling means he will not be able to take part in next
week's team mini-camp.

Lewis is scheduled to remain at the halfway house until Aug. 1 and
also will miss the beginning of the summer training camp.

The running back has been at the halfway house since his release last
week from the federal prison where he served four months for using a
cell phone to try to set up a cocaine deal.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Lewis is a veteran NFL back, so missing mini-camp is not a huge deal
for him. However, it is never a good thing to miss reps in training
camp, so Lewis could be behind the curve when he finally finishes up
the sentencing relating to his felony conviction. We think he'll be
highly motivated to perform well in 2005 after his off-season
experiences - he's currently the 10th-ranked back on the consensus expert rankings.


4. NO - WR Henderson Headed for #3 Slot?

Clipped from: The Advocate article by Les East, 6/5/05

Henderson, a second-round draft choice from LSU, played in just one
game as a rookie and did not touch a football in a regular-season

He joined a group that included established veterans Joe Horn, Donte
Stallworth, and Jerome Pathon, missed 11 training-camp practices as a
holdout, and never became a special teams contributor like backup
receivers Michael Lewis and Talman Gardner.

"It was tough," Henderson said after a recent workout, "but the main
thing for me was to take it as a learning experience to get out there
on the sideline and sit back and watch and see how people reacted to
certain things.

"That helped me out a lot, watching Joe Horn and the game and Donte
and now I kind of know what to expect when I get the opportunity. The
main thing is I'm trying my hardest not to let that happen this year."

Henderson has an opportunity to be the team's third wide receiver
because the Saints released Pathon. However, he has competition from
Lewis, Gardner and Nate Poole, signed as a free agent from Arizona.
New Orleans also is considering signing another veteran receiver.

"Time will tell; I don't know that anybody's ready to pin anything
down yet," offensive coordinator Mike Shepperd said. "I have a lot of
confidence in him. He's come miles. Like he has said, he thought he
was prepared to come in and help (last season).

"The problem was he held out and then by the time he's ready and has
learned a little bit about what we're doing, we're in the middle of
the year and we've got Joe and Jerome and Donte fixed and his
opportunity never came up.

"We had receivers who contributed on special teams and he wasn't quite
ready to do that."

Henderson will have to be ready to contribute on special teams this
year if he expects to get any significant playing time.

"We're counting on Devery Henderson this year," coach Jim Haslett
said. "(Last year) he didn't know. You're talking about a young kid
who didn't understand that if you're not the first or second receiver,
somebody's got to run down on special teams. This isn't like college
where you have 120 guys out there. On game days you've got 45 guys and
somebody's got to play special teams.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Henderson will need to elevate his game a lot if he is to step into
Jerome Pathon's vacant 3rd WR slot. However, if he does well during
training camp, Henderson could be only one injury to Horn or
Stallworth away from starting in New Orleans - time will tell;
meanwhile, Henderson is worth watching during training camp if your
club has a need at WR or if you plan on accumulating draft picks and
grabbing some "projects" during the 2005 draft.


5. STL - QB Smoker Makes Strides During Minicamp, Challenges for #2

Clipped from: Belleville News-Democrat article by Steve Corte, 6/6/05

Second-year quarterback Jeff Smoker took a lot of snaps as he vies for
the job of backup to starter Marc Bulger.

"We are going to give him a lot of opportunities," Martz said. "This
is the right time for him. This is his third year, and he should be
ready to step up and be counted on."

Martz said Smoker looked sharp throwing the ball on both Saturday and Sunday.

"He made significant improvement in the last couple of practices,"
Martz said. "Something happened with him. I'm not sure what it is.
Maybe it's because he changed his number. He's really matured and
calmed down."

Martz strongly urged Smoker to get rid of his No. 9 jersey because it
reminded him of Joe Germaine, a fourth-round draft choice in 1999 who
was supposed to the Rams' quarterback of the future. Germaine ended up
being cut before the 2001 season.

Martz also remembered a couple of college quarterbacks who wore that
number being failures.

Smoker wore No. 15 during the minicamp.

"It was a conflict of interest with somebody, so we changed it,"
Smoker said. "Somebody would rather I have a different number, so I
changed it."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Coach Martz's suggestion about #9 and Germaine is a little goofy, but
understandable if you've been around sports long enough to know
numbers go way past superstition. The bottom line is that Smoker is
improving and may end up #2 in St. Louis this year. One snap away from
throwing the ball to Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce.


6. MIA - Dolphins Hire Mueller to Be GM

Clipped from: Palm Beach Post AP article by Adrian Sanz, 6/6/05

The Miami Dolphins hired former New Orleans general manager Randy
Mueller as their GM on Monday to help first-year coach Nick Saban
rebuild the franchise that slid to an embarrassing 4-12 last season.

.Mueller served as a general manager for the Saints in 2000 and 2001.
The Saints captured the NFC West title and earned their first-ever
playoff win in Mueller's first season with the team.

He has served as an ESPN analyst for the past three seasons after
being released from his Saints contract in 2002.

"I am looking forward to my responsibilities with the Dolphins,"
Mueller said in a statement from the team. "This is one of the great
franchises in the NFL with an unmatched tradition of success, and it's
going to be special for me to be a part of that legacy."

Mueller spent 17 years with the Seattle Seahawks before joining the
Saints, eventually becoming vice president of football operations in

Mueller interviewed for the job when it was created before last
season. Spielman took the post after then-coach Dave Wannstedt was
stripped of having final say on personnel decisions. Wannstedt was
fired during the tumultuous 2004 season.

Mueller traded Ricky Williams from the Saints to the Dolphins for two
first-round draft picks before the 2002 season.

Williams' agent, Leigh Steinberg, has said the former NFL rushing
leader is contemplating a return to the Dolphins after unexpectedly
retiring just before training camp last season.

If Williams returns, he would likely have to wait until July to avoid
a one-year suspension for violating the NFL's substance-abuse program.

"My opinion of Williams has not changed since our first encounter in
the offseason of 2000," Mueller wrote May 23 on ESPN's Web site under
a headline, "Dolphins not crazy for wanting Ricky back."

"He's a good guy. ... He is not a problem in the locker room. He just
marches to the beat of a different drummer. He has always been very
unpredictable, and that will never change," Mueller said.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

An interesting situation: the guy who got rid of Williams while in New
Orleans is hired to help rebuild the team that he unloaded Williams
onto back in 2002 - meanwhile he claims that the Dolphins aren't crazy
for wanting Williams back.


7. SEA - WRBC to Replace Robinson?

Clipped from: Sporting News/Fox article by Clare Farnsworth, 6/6/05

His off-field problems outweighed his on-field potential, which is why
the Seahawks released talented but troubled wide receiver Koren
Robinson. The latest transgression for Robinson, the ninth pick
overall in the 2001 draft, was a May arrest for driving under the
influence of alcohol and reckless driving -- which came six days after
Robinson said he was sober and had put that part of his life behind
him. The question now: Who replaces Robinson as the starter opposite
Darrell Jackson? The logical place to start is Jerome Pathon, who was
signed as a free agent this spring. The ex-Colt, ex-Saint has the
speed and experience to lessen the loss of Robinson's most obvious
attributes -- explosiveness and run-after-the-catch ability that is so
vital to coach Mike Holmgren's hybrid of the West Coast offense. But
this could end up being a by-committee situation, with Joe Jurevicius
and one or more of the team's younger, but still unproven, wide-outs
-- Jerheme Urban, D.J. Hackett, Alex Bannister, Taco Wallace and Jason
Willis -- also getting some snaps depending on down, distance and
situation. None of these players has the skills to completely replace
what was lost when Robinson was released.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Someone will need to impress the coaches in OTAs and training camp in
order to gain sole position of the #2 spot across from Jackson. The
early front runners are Pathon and Jurevicius - but a lot could change
by the time September rolls around. It'll be worth fantasy owners'
time to keep an eye on this fluid situation - real value could emerge
in Seattle at #2 if a lesser-known player grabs onto the starter's


8. PIT - WR's Wilson, Gibson to Have Impact in 2005?

Clipped from: Sporting News/Fox article by Gerry Dulac, 6/6/05

The addition of rookie WR Fred Gibson will make it difficult for Lee
Mays to keep his job. Mays has been the team's No. 4 receiver and,
with the departure of Plaxico Burress, is the only receiver with deep
speed. But Mays has been mostly inconsistent and non-productive in
four seasons and will have a difficult time beating out Gibson. Mays
does not run crisp routes and is soft coming out of his breaks. What's
more, he has had problems holding on to the ball.

IMPACT NEWCOMER: The team signed WR Cedric Wilson from the 49ers in
free agency to replace Plaxico Burress, though he might not begin the
season as the starter. However, Wilson will at least be the team's No.
3 receiver and will play Burress' position, the X receiver, when the
team uses three wideouts (Antwaan Randle will move into the slot).
Wilson, though, has a chance to be an impact receiver because defenses
will rotate their coverage toward four-time Pro Bowl receiver Hines
Ward. Also, the X position is designed for deep throws and big plays,
and Wilson has the speed to stretch a defense.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

We'll see if Wilson can make big plays when he gets the shot at
catching bombs from Roethlisberger (rather than dinks-and-dunks ala
Tim Rattay and Ken Dorsey). If he proves dangerous catching the long
ball in Pittsburgh, Wilson could rapidly move up draft boards as the
pre-season progresses.


9. NYG - WR Burress is to be Red-Zone Target in 2005

Clipped from: Sporting News/FoxSports article by Neil Best, 6/6/05

WR Plaxico Burress made quite an impression in minicamp, if only
because of his size. At 6-5, 225 pounds, Burress doesn't look much
smaller than TE Jeremy Shockey and is much bigger than Amani Toomer,
who is a sturdy 6-3, 208. The team threw a number of deep passes to
Burress in minicamp, and although some connected, it appears he and
Eli Manning still are working out timing. It was the combination of
Burress' size, speed and youth that attracted the team to him. He was
inconsistent at holding onto the ball and generating yards after the
catch as a Steeler, but the hope is that in the Giants' more
pass-oriented attack and with weapons such as Toomer and Shockey
beside him, Burress will be more free to roam. The team hopes to turn
him into a red zone weapon on fade patterns where he can use his size
to get position on defenders.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Burress has enjoyed solid seasons in the past (with 66/1008/6
receiving in 2001, and a career-best 78/1325/7 in 2002), but tapered
off as he became increasingly unhappy with his contract in Pittsburgh,
and staged an ill-advised hold-out last season while still with the
Steelers. With a new start in New York, he may resurrect his career -
but be aware he has yet to break through the double-digit TD barrier
in any season to date.


10. DAL - OL Allen to RT?

Clipped from: article by Matt Mosley, 6/6/05

That mysterious Plan B that Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has at right
tackle could be a nine-time Pro Bowler already on the roster.

Guard Larry Allen spent a portion of last week's practices, which were
closed to the media, working at right tackle, according to several
club sources.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones was unavailable for comment.

Allen, who last played right tackle in 2002, has played every position
on the line except center.

Parcells would prefer that a starting right tackle emerge from a list
that includes Ben Noll, Torrin Tucker, Kurt Vollers and sixth-round
pick Rob Petitti.

But he left the door open for speculation when he recently said, "And
I do have an idea if I just can't find what I want. I do have an idea
of what I might do, but I'm not saying yet."

One thing that makes the move possible is the progress of second-year
guard Stephen Peterman, who looks to be fully recovered from a knee
injury he suffered last preseason. He worked with the first team
during last month's minicamp, and the Cowboys believe he has the
potential to start at left guard.

Parcells hinted last season that he might consider moving left tackle
Flozell Adams to the right side, but that doesn't appear to be an
option at this point. Last year's second-round pick, Jacob Rogers,
wasn't able to make the transition to right tackle and is now backing
up Adams.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

As the article points out, Allen has wide experience at both tackle
and guard, which gives coach Parcells some flexibility as far as
determining a starting lineup. Also notable is the progress of G
Stephen Peterman - Julius Jones' and Anthony Thomas' line seems to be
jelling in the early going this pre-season.


11. IDP: NE - S Antuan Edwards Signed

Clipped from: Sportsticker article, 6/6/05

The defending champion Patriots added depth to their secondary,
signing unrestricted free agent safety Antuan Edwards.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Edwards started a career-high 13 games in a 2004 season split between
the Miami Dolphins and St. Louis Rams. He recorded 65 tackles and 10
passes defensed, both career bests.

The 28-year-old Edwards spent the first five years of his career with
the Green Bay Packers after being the 25th overall pick in 1999 out of
Clemson. In his rookie season with the Packers, he recorded four
interceptions and the only touchdown of his NFL career.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The Patriots have Rodney Harrison and Eugene Wilson in front of
Edwards, so he is unlikely to make a huge fantasy impact in 2005 - unless
one of the starters goes down to injury.


12. IDP: WAS - S Sean Taylor Could Face a Mandatory 3 Year Sentence (or More)

Clipped from: Washington Times article by Jody Foldesy, 6/6/05

Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor could face a mandatory minimum
sentence of at least three years if he is convicted on a felony charge
of aggravated assault with a firearm after Miami police said he
pointed a gun at two people and physically assaulted one Wednesday.

Taylor was arrested late Saturday night after he turned himself in to
the Miami-Dade County Police Department. He was charged with
aggravated assault with a firearm, a third-degree felony, and simple
assault, a first-degree misdemeanor.

The Associated Press reported Taylor was released yesterday on a
$16,500 bond, though a police official wouldn't confirm that when
reached later in the day. Taylor reportedly will be arraigned at a
later date.

The mandatory minimum sentence is part of a 1999 makeover of Florida's
gun laws, called "10-20-Life," by Gov. Jeb Bush. To get tough on gun
crime, Florida instituted mandatory minimum sentences of 10 years if a
person possesses a gun while committing certain crimes, 20 years if
the gun is fired and 25 years to life if someone is shot.

According to the Florida state code chapter 775.087, aggravated
assault is one of 18 crimes to which the mandatory minimum sentences
apply but also one of three in which the sentence is just three years
at the "10" level. However, the loophole closes at the "20" level,
when a gun is fired.

That could be a crucial distinction in Taylor's case. Police said
Friday that they were seeking Taylor in connection with a "shooting"
in southern Dade County. They said shots were fired during a dispute
in a residential area but that no one was hurt.

However, a press release yesterday from the police department made no
mention of whether Taylor fired any shots or whether any shots even
were fired. It specifically said Taylor pointed a firearm at two
victims and that no shots were fired at that time.

There was a second phase of the incident, and it is possible shots
were fired at that time without being noted in the press release. An
official at the police department declined to answer questions about
the press release.

If Taylor indeed fired the gun during the incident, he would face a
mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years -- 17 more than if he did not
fire the gun.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Taylor has allegedly committed a very serious crime in the state of
Florida, and may have wrecked his career (if convicted). Taylor hasn't
been officially arraigned yet, but Taylor owners will need to
seriously consider other plans at S on their IDP squad if the worst
case scenario charges are brought (as laid out above, either 3 or 20
years in prison). Things look bad right now.Stay Tuned. UPDATE: The
Redskins have excused Taylor from all off-season meetings and
practices. A downward spiral is developing for this young player.


13. IDP: GB - S Mark Roman Injures Left Knee during Favre's Celeb Softball Benefit

Clipped from: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article by Lori Nickel, 6/5/05

An outfield collision at the Brett Favre Celebrity Softball Game left
Green Bay safety Mark Roman with his left knee in a wrap and needing
assistance to his car from two women.

As he left the Fox Cities Stadium Sunday afternoon, Roman seemed
concerned about the injury but he wasn't sure how serious it was.

"I'll see when I get back to the stadium," Roman said.

Packers trainers were at the event to care for Roman.

The injury happened when Roman, playing outfield, had a
miscommunication with defensive lineman Kenny Peterson, who was also
playing outfield. While Roman was going after a fly ball, his right
knee hit Peterson's thigh.

"We just collided; his knee just hit my leg," Peterson said. "He'll be
OK. He may be pretty bruised."

The extent of Roman's injury probably will be learned today, when the
Packers' seven-day minicamp resumes after a weekend off.

Roman, a 5-foot-11 veteran entering his sixth season, was the starting
strong safety for the Packers last season and led the defensive backs
with 85 tackles, which was third-best on the team. He also had 3½
sacks, a career best.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

This doesn't seem like a major injury as of now, but we'll wait and
see what diagnosis comes out of Green Bay. Cross your fingers, Roman


14. IDP: STL - LB Tinoisamoa's Shoulder OK; Ready to Team with Coakley, Claiborne

Clipped from: Belleville News-Democrat, 6/6/05

Tinoisamoa injured his shoulder in the first half of the Rams' 20-7
loss to the Carolina Panthers on Dec. 7. He returned in the second
half with a harness on his shoulder.

Tinoisamoa wore the harness for the Rams' final three regular season
games and their two playoff games.

Tinoisamoa still ended up as the Rams' leading tackler with 134 takedowns.

He's only the seventh player in club history to lead the Rams in
tackles in back-to-back seasons, joining London Fletcher (1999-2001),
Roman Phifer (1995-96), Vince Newsome (1989-90), Jim Collins
(1984-85), Jack Reynolds (1973-76 and 1979-80) and David Jones

Tinoisamoa had two staples inserted into his shoulder during
arthroscopic surgery in early March.

Three months later, Tinoisamoa was ready to get back to hitting
opposing ball carriers, though any chance of him having a career as a
baseball pitcher might be over.

"That's unfortunate because after this I was hoping that the Cardinals
would give me a shot," Tinoisamoa joked.

Tinoisamoa lined up with Chris Claiborne and Dexter Coakley on the
Rams' revamped linebacking corps during the team's mandatory minicamp
this past weekend.

Claiborne and Coakley are both free-agent acquisitions with a combined
14 years of NFL experience.

Tinoisamoa said he's had no problem adjusting to playing with
Claiborne and Coakley.

"Not when they are as good as they are," Tinoisamoa said. "Chris and
Dexter are pretty good athletes. It's not been that big of an
adjustment. They know the game, so it's been easy."

There was talk of moving Tinoisamoa, who is slightly undersized for an
NFL linebacker at 6-foot-1, 235 pounds, to strong safety after the
2004 season.

Tinoisamoa initially agreed to switching position, but the whole
experiment was scrapped after he later expressed some reservations.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Tinoisamoa had 73 solo tackles and 19 assists during regular season,
and ended up ranking 48th among fantasy LB's for 2004 - he wasn't
starting caliber material in most leagues. Hopefully, with a healthy
shoulder and new, experienced teammates to support him, Tinoisamoa
will be able to perform at a higher level during 2005. Watch and see
how the shoulder holds up once the pads come on and hitting starts for
real during training camp.


15. IDP: DB Sanders Return to Ravens Delayed a Day

Clipped from: Palm Beach Post AP article by Staff, 6/6/05

Deion Sanders' return to the Baltimore Ravens hit a minor snag Monday
when a surgeon was unavailable to complete the cornerback's physical.

The seven-time Pro Bowler is expected to learn the results of an MRI
on Tuesday, according to team spokesman Chad Steele.

Sanders, who turns 38 in August, underwent minor toe surgery after
playing only nine games because of toe and hamstring injuries after
coming back from a three year retirement.

Sanders left the Ravens' training complex Monday afternoon without commenting.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Sanders' return to NFL action is delayed by a day - but as we pointed
out last night, don't count on a lot of fantasy production from
Sanders during 2005, no matter how much media attention his return


16. IDP: IND - S Doss Gets Community Service, Suspended Sentence on Gun Charges

Clipped from: Seattle Post-Intelligencer article by AP, 6/6/05

Indianapolis Colts safety Mike Doss was sentenced to community service
Monday after pleading no contest to gun charges.

He faced a felony weapons charge and three misdemeanor charges after
Akron police estimated hearing five to six gunshots outside a local
restaurant May 29.

Doss pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charges of carrying a concealed
weapon and firing a weapon within city limits. He was sentenced to 40
hours' community service, fined $1,000 and ordered to destroy the gun.
A 180-day jail sentence was suspended.

Doss issued a statement apologizing to the court, the city of Akron,
the Colts and his family.

"He just wants go to back to playing football," said his attorney Jon Sinn.

Doss, selected in the second round of the 2003 draft from Ohio State,
has 150 career tackles and had three career interceptions over two

Doss could face discipline by the NFL and Colts coach Tony Dungy has
said Doss would be disciplined by the team.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The good news is that Doss won't go to jail. Now, we'll need to wait
and see what, if any, actions the NFL and the Colts take against Doss.
Given the ongoing drama with the Redskins' Sean Taylor in Florida,
it'll be informative to see how the league reacts to this situation.


17. WAS - #26 Trial Set for Tuesday (Ohalete vs. Portis)

Clipped from: Palm Beach Post AP article by Joseph White, 6/6/05

A crude, one-paragraph contract has led to Ifeanyi Ohalete, plaintiff,
vs. Clinton Portis, defendant, on the docket for civil trial Tuesday
in a district court in Maryland. Simply put: Ohalete wants the $20,000
he feels he is owed for giving Portis the jersey No. 26 when both were
members of the Washington Redskins a year ago.

"It's certainly what we expect," Ohalete's attorney, John Steren, said
Monday. "It's certainly what we're demanding."

Athletes' attachments to certain jersey numbers is ubiquitous on all
levels, leading to spats when ordering uniforms for church league
softball and deep-pocketed deals between marquee pros.

Eli Manning, for example, had to pay for punter Jeff Feagles' family
vacation to Florida to snag the preferred No. 10 after the New York
Giants drafted Manning with the No. 1 overall pick in 2004. Feagles
also got a new kitchen in his home from Plaxico Burress when he gave
Burress his No. 17 after the wide receiver signed with New York.

When Portis signed with the Redskins last year, he immediately honed
in on No. 26, which he wore for two seasons with the Denver Broncos.
However, the number already belonged to Ohalete, who didn't want to
give it up. Protracted negotiations led to a contract signed by
Portis, Ohalete and witness Brad Berlin, the Redskins equipment

"The document is being drawn on June 4, 2004, to verify the agreement
between Clinton Portis and Ifeanyi Ohalete for the sale of Ifeanyi's
jersey number in exchange for monetary compensation," the contract

It called for Portis to pay Ohalete $40,000 in three installments:
$20,000 immediately, $10,000 by Week 8 of the NFL season, and $10,000
by Christmas Day. Portis paid the $20,000 up front and got his coveted
No. 26. Ohalete switched to No. 30.

But then Ohalete was cut by the Redskins during training camp in
August and was claimed off waivers by Arizona. Portis apparently felt
Ohalete's departure voided the rest of the contract, so he didn't pay
the final two installments.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Portis should've written a performance/non-performance clause into the
contract with Ohalete... from now on, players will probably need their
agents to draw up number swapping deals! UPDATE: Portis settled with
Ohalete today, paying $18K to end the court case.


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