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Volume 6, Issue 38 (Thursday, May 26th)

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Hi Folks,

Hope you're gearing up for a fun Holiday Weekend. You know we'll be
here for you bringing you all the news and notes. Thanks to our
Maurile Tremblay for rounding up these stories tonight. Let's get to it.



Site News:

A. Dynasty Bonanza. One of the area Footballguys will continue to
lead in is the Dynasty format. We've recruited some of the top guys in
the field to give you the lowdown on playing with this challenging
twist. Check out the details here for players drafted in the last few
years: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000.

B. Offensive Line Analysis
Smart fantasy owners know that when they're trying to predict
performance in the running and passing game, they' do well to
first consider the offensive line. Our Chris Smith breaks down the
different OLs to a depth you won't find other places.

C. Survivor I Draft Opens
You can check out our message boards for the latest on our very
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1. BAL - RB Lewis To Serve 2 Months In Halfway House
2. TEN - Owner Says Titans Want RB Henry
3. TEN - TE Troupe Having Surgery To Repair Foot Bone
4. CLE - Team Seeks Repayment From TE Winslow
5. MIA - RB Williams Asks To Be Reinstated In Drug Program
6. SD - WR McCardell Defying Father Time
7. TB - WR Hilliard Not Taking Anything For Granted
8. DEN - WR Rice Will Not Ask For #80
9. IDP: CLE - Browns Interested In CB Law


1. BAL - RB Lewis To Serve 2 Months In Halfway House

Clipped from: article by Aaron Wilson 5/26/05

Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis will report to an Atlanta
halfway house for two months after he concludes his four-month federal
prison term Thursday in Pensacola, Fla., his lawyer confirmed. Lewis
is unlikely to be available for the Ravens' June minicamps under the
guidelines of an Atlanta judge's sentencing order and may miss a few
days of training camp, attorney Jerome Froelich said.

The Ravens report to training camp at McDaniel College on July 31. The
2003 NFL Offensive Player of the Year pleaded guilty to using a
cellular phone to try to set up a cocaine deal, and must also perform
500 hours of community service.

"Jamal has been a model prisoner," Froelich said from his Atlanta
office. "When I visited him, the prison officials told me, 'At first,
we were expecting to have problems with this guy, a big name coming
into prison.' They said he's been as good a prisoner as they've ever

"He's polite to everybody, keeps his mouth shut. It's yes sir and no
sir. He signs autographs for guards' kids, stays to himself and he
even volunteered to paint. He's a changed kid who's moving on with his

Team officials had expressed hope that Lewis might be allowed to serve
his halfway house time in Maryland, but federal prosecutors weren't
amenable to that idea. Lewis would likely finish his halfway house
obligation Aug. 2, and the Ravens are scheduled to begin practice the
morning of Aug. 1.

Fullback Alan Ricard said he plans to work out with Lewis in Atlanta.
Lewis is reportedly down to 240 pounds and can jog now after having
his right ankle surgically repaired before reporting to prison in

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Lewis will be a couple days late reporting to training camp, but for
an accomplished veteran like him that's not a big deal. As long as his
ankle heals fully, Lewis should be able to put last season's
disappointments behind him and return to his place among the top
rushers in the league.


2. TEN - Owner Says Titans Want RB Henry

Clipped from: Nashville Tennessean article by Jim Wyatt 5/26/05

If the Titans are able to strike a deal with the Buffalo Bills for
running back Travis Henry, it would make one important person happy:
owner Bud Adams.

"We're interested in Henry,'' Adams said yesterday from the NFL
Meetings in Washington, D.C. "He wants to get out of Buffalo. We think
he has a lot of ability. We think he has four good years left. Because
of where he went to college I think he'd be real popular with the

"I think he'd be a real good addition.''

The Titans and Bills first began discussing a trade involving the
former University of Tennessee star during last month's NFL Draft, and
the two sides continued dialogue on the subject into last week.

The Bills haven't moved away from their demand for a third-round pick
in next year's draft in exchange for Henry. So far the Titans haven't
been willing to go that high. They offered a fifth-round pick for
Henry on draft day.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The Titans are confident in starter Chris Brown's ability, but not in
his durability. They could use a solid backup RB, and Henry would be a
better option than bringing Eddie George back. Moreover, the third
round pick the Bills are demanding for Henry seems pretty reasonable
for such an accomplished RB. If the Titans do sign Henry, it will
negatively affect Chris Brown's fantasy value, as Henry is likely to
steal several carries a game from Brown.


3. TEN - TE Troupe Having Surgery To Repair Foot Bone

Clipped from: Associated Press article 5/26/05

Titans tight end Ben Troupe will have surgery on his left foot after
an orthopedist determined Thursday he had damage that need to be

Dr. Robert Anderson examined Troupe in Charlotte, N.C., and said the
second-year player had an injury to his fifth metatarsal bone. Troupe
is expected to be ready for the start of the season in September.

"The timetable is up in the air," coach Jeff Fisher said. "But ...
he's not going to miss any time during the regular season."

Troupe was third in receptions for the Titans in his rookie season
with 33 catches for 329 yards, and he is one of only two veteran tight
ends on the roster.

The Titans have developed a relationship in recent years with
Anderson, the team orthopedist for the Carolina Panthers. The doctor
performed similar operations on defensive ends Jevon Kearse (2002) and
Bo Schobel (2004).

Anderson also has performed specialized procedures on cornerback Andre
Woolfolk and former running Eddie George.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Many fantasy owners are expecting big things from Troupe this year,
and this injury sets him back a bit. Troupe is an outstanding athlete
with excellent receiving skills, but missing a large portion of
training camp will make it more difficult for him to pick up Norm
Chow's new offense. If Troupe does miss much time in camp, he may be
unproductive early in the season and become a great mid-season waiver
wire pickup as his role in the offense increases later in the year.


4. CLE - Team Seeks Repayment From TE Winslow

Clipped from: Associated Press article 5/26/05

Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. apologized to fans Thursday for
his reckless use of a motorcycle and said he will miss the upcoming
season because of injuries sustained in the crash.

Winslow tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee and
sustained unspecified internal injuries May 1, when he wrecked his
high-powered motorcycle while attempting tricks in a secluded parking
lot near his home.

For the first time since the crash, Winslow confirmed that he will
miss his second season as a pro and acknowledged that it was a mistake
to take up motorcycle riding.

"To those members of the Cleveland Browns family who I have
disappointed by my decision to ride a motorcycle, I humbly apologize,"
Winslow said in the statement. "In hindsight it was unwise to attempt
to learn to ride a motorcycle without a professional instructor in a
controlled environment.

"While many of you are disappointed that I will not be on the field
with my teammates for this upcoming season, no one is more
disappointed in this fact than me."

Winslow did not indicate if he will seek a second medical opinion on
his knee. Last week, two sources within the league told The Associated
Press that Winslow tore his ACL in the accident.

Winslow, who spent nine days at the Cleveland Clinic recovering from
injuries in the crash, has been working out at the Browns' training
facility in Berea. He has taken part in the team's 11-day passing
camp, learning the new playbook and system being installed by
first-year coach Romeo Crennel.

Because he broke a dangerous activities clause in his contract, the
Browns will reportedly try to recoup a portion of the $5.05 million in
bonuses he has received since signing a six-year, $40 million contract
last season.

According to a report on, the Browns will seek financial
adjustments to Winslow's contract once he is unable to participate in
a mandatory team function.

Severe swelling in the knee prevented doctors from doing a thorough
examination until 16 days after the accident. Since the injuries were
not football-related, the Browns are not obligated to disclose the
extent of Winslow's injuries until he fails a physical.

The report on indicated the Browns will enforce the
"dangerous activities" stipulations of his contract once he misses a
mandatory three-day minicamp, which is scheduled to begin on June 13.
Cleveland is expected to seek repayment of between $2 million and $3
million of the $5.05 million in bonus money he has received.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

This will make headlines again in a few weeks when the Browns have
their first mandatory workouts. Winslow has already received $5.05 in
bonuses from the Browns, and would be due another $2 million payment
in July but for the accident. If the Browns follow through in
recovering a substantial portion of those payments, they risk
alienating not only Winslow, but potentially any free agents who might
think twice about signing with the Browns in the future. The Browns
could reduce that risk by renegotiating Winslow's contract and giving
him the opportunity to recover some of his initial bonus based on
future performance incentives. So as we said, this issue will make
headlines again -- probably a number of times -- before it is finally


5. MIA - RB Williams Asks To Be Reinstated In Drug Program

Clipped from: article by Sarah Talalay 5/26/05

In another sign he intends to return to the NFL, running back Ricky
Williams, who retired last summer after failing a third drug test, has
requested to be reinstated in the league's drug-testing program, a
source said.

The program would be a requirement of Williams' reinstatement and
includes being subject to as many as 10 tests a month. Participants
have to inform program administrators if they plan to leave town,
because players can be contacted about tests taking place within

Last week, Dolphins coach Nick Saban said he had spoken with Williams,
whom he described as "very, very interested in coming back." A day
later, agent Leigh Steinberg also said Williams "has expressed a
desire, excitement and resolve to play football for the Dolphins this

If Williams returns before July 28 -- the year anniversary of his
retirement -- he would be subject to a one-year suspension under the
NFL's substance-abuse policy. After then, he faces a four-game
suspension and must undergo the league's stringent testing program.

After the NFL owners' meeting concluded Wednesday, NFL Commissioner
Paul Tagliabue said Williams is free to return as long as he meets the
league's requirements.

"I think he's going to have to live with the policies we have in place
that we have collectively bargained," Tagliabue said. "He's got to
make some decisions about what he wants to do."

It's unclear whether the Dolphins would keep Williams on the roster or
trade him.

Even the Dolphins' greatest player, retired quarterback Dan Marino,
weighed in on Williams this week: "People make mistakes all the time,"
Marino said. "You can't condemn him for life."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Williams is reportedly weighing in at 195 pounds these days -- in
great shape for yoga, but about 30 pounds lighter than his football
playing weight. If Williams does come back and the Dolphins hold onto
him, it is unclear how carries would be split between Williams and
rookie first-round draft pick Ronnie Brown. The Dolphins may seek to
trade Williams, but would probably feature him in a couple preseason
games first to convince other teams that he can still run (assuming he
can). It is unlikely that the Dolphins would simply release Williams;
our understanding is that doing so may preclude them from recovering
the $8.6 million he owes them for failing to report to the team in


6. SD - WR McCardell Defying Father Time

Clipped from: article by Tom Shanahan 5/26/05

This makes it 14. Each year that Keenan McCardell prepares for another
NFL season, the Chargers wide receiver finds he is another year
removed from entering the league as a 12th-round draft pick out of
UNLV - the 45th of 46 wide receivers chosen.

Rookies once were his peers or just a few years younger with the same
music tastes. But last week when McCardell ran drills during Offseason
Coaching Sessions with the rest of the Chargers, the rookies on the
roster were in grade school when he entered the NFL in 1991.

This week he's back home with his wife for the birth of their fourth
child and first son, Keenan Wayne II, born on Tuesday in Houston. But
just because the team's oldest and most experienced player isn't at
practice doesn't mean the 35-year-old veteran is losing ground on
preparing for his 14th NFL season.

McCardell's secret to defying old age starts long before he steps on
the practice field.

"It's about what you do when people don't see you," McCardell said
after a workout last week at Chargers Park. "That's when the only
person you can look at is yourself in the mirror. You've got to have a
work ethic and you've got to have a love for the game. I have a
routine, but I'm not going to give away my secret."

At least half of McCardell's secret to long life in the NFL is there
for anyone to observe. Just watch him in practice, both in sessions
run by coaches and in private moments. A couple of wide-eyed undrafted
free agent rookies have noticed.

"I see him after practice running on his own," said Greg Camarillo, a
wide receiver from Stanford. "He must be doing something right."

Added Hawaii cornerback Jacob Elimimian, "He does everything perfect
in practice, and he's always having fun."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The Chargers' WR position is wide open again heading into 2005.
McCardell is the veteran of the group, and will presumably occupy one
of the starting positions entering training camp. But Reche Caldwell
(who is returning from injury after getting off to a hot start in
2004) and Eric Parker (who finished the 2004 season in impressive
fashion) will also make strong bids to start. One of those three will
be relegated to backup duty, and it's no sure thing that it won't be
McCardell. For fantasy purposes, the Chargers' WR position is further
muddled by the fact that the true #1 pass-receiver on the team is
actually TE Antonio Gates. The upshot? No Charger WR is a safe
mid-round fantasy pick this year, but any of them, if you guess right,
could turn out to be a nice value in the final rounds.


7. TB - WR Hilliard Not Taking Anything For Granted

Clipped from: St. Petersburg Times by Keith Niebuhr 5/26/05

Despite his experience, veteran receiver Ike Hilliard isn't taking
anything for granted.

The former Gators star, who spent the first eight seasons of his
career with the Giants before signing a one-year deal, said he doesn't
expect to be handed a starting spot. "That's up to Coach (Jon) Gruden
and the way I perform in training camp," Hilliard said. "I'm looking
forward to hopefully finishing my career here, but if I don't play
well, there are 12 guys in camp at receiver."

Thus far, things are going well.

Hilliard still is getting acclimated to his new environment, meeting
everybody and learning the playbook, but he isn't exactly lost. During
two seasons with the Giants, the team ran an offense similar to
Gruden's under offensive coordinator Sean Payton.

"That's when I had most of my success," Hilliard said.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Hilliard, an eight-year veteran, started for the Giants since the very
first game of his rookie year. He will enter the Bucs' training camp
as Joey Galloway's backup across from Michael Clayton, but will have a
legitimate chance to beat out Galloway during the preseason. Expect
Hilliard to catch between 35 and 55 passes this year -- not enough to
be much of a fantasy factor in his own right, but enough to QB help
Brian Griese out by giving the WR corps another veteran presence.


8. DEN - WR Rice Will Not Ask For #80

Clipped from: Rocky Mountain News article by Lee Rasizer 5/26/05

If the sight of Jerry Rice in a Denver Broncos uniform isn't jarring
enough, there is this: He likely will not be wearing No. 80, either.

"Jerry wouldn't think of asking Rod Smith for his number," Jim
Steiner, Rice's agent, said Wednesday.

Smith, entering his 11th season with the Broncos, is the team's all-
time leader in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.
He also is a team captain and has won two Super Bowl rings.

It will be the first time Rice will be without the number he made
famous the past two decades.

The Seattle Seahawks pulled Steve Largent's No. 80 out of the rafters
last season and allowed Rice to wear the retired number after he
joined them in October.

The idea was hatched by then- team president Bob Whitsitt, and despite
Largent having given his blessing during a conversation with Rice, the
move created a small measure of resentment among Seahawks fans.

It is unclear which uniform number Rice will wear.

The only current unassigned numbers in the 80s is No. 89, formerly
worn by Dwayne Carswell, who now wears No. 77 after switching to

Rice could take a number in the teens or another might become
available when Denver cuts a player to make room on the roster for the
13-time Pro Bowl receiver.

"Jerry is not going to ask anybody for any numbers," Steiner said. "It
never came up. We never asked. It was never discussed of him wearing
No. 80. All that was discussed is, 'What numbers are available?' "

Besides Smith, 12 other players have won No. 80 for the Broncos,
including Mark Jackson and Rick Upchurch.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

No fantasy relevance here, but the politics of bartering jersey
numbers can be pretty fascinating. (See, for example, our 5/4 update
concerning the Clinton Portis-Ifeanyi Ohalete saga.). In any case, it
will be odd seeing Jerry Rice wear a different number.


9. IDP: CLE - Browns Interested In CB Law

Clipped from: The Plain Dealer article by Mary Kay Cabot 5/26/05

Former Ravens linebacker Peter Boulware isn't the only four-time Pro
Bowl defender with Super Bowl bling that the Browns are interested in
checking out.

Coach Romeo Crennel said Wednesday after passing camp that he'd like
to bring former Patriots cornerback Ty Law in for a visit.

"I haven't spoken with Ty, but Ty knows how I feel about him and I
don't think there's any question about how he feels about me," Crennel
said. "His injury situation is one that has to be resolved."

Like Boulware, who didn't play last season because of a knee injury,
Law is coming off a broken foot that kept him out the final 12 games
of 2004, including the Patriots' Super Bowl victory.

Law underwent surgery on the foot and has only recently started running.

"I know he's visited some places, but I haven't heard [how healthy he
is]," Crennel said. "I heard he was running straight ahead, but I
don't know where he is."

Shortly after Law was released by the Patriots in February, Crennel
said at the NFL Combine, "If healthy, Ty Law is still one of the best
cornerbacks in the game."

Law, 31, has drawn interest from about six teams and recently visited
the Lions and Dolphins. Lions President Matt Millen said two weeks ago
he thought Law could contribute, but didn't sign him.

The Chiefs were interested in signing him before the draft, but traded
with Miami for cornerback Patrick Surtain instead. The Jets, Steelers
and Colts have also expressed interest.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

One interesting twist here related to the Kellen Winslow story
reported up above is that Ty Law is represented by Kevin and Carl
Poston -- the same agents who represent Winslow. If the Browns follow
through on recovering a large portion of Winslow's signing bonus, it
could sour the team's relationship with the Poston's and affect its
negotiations with Ty Law.


That'll do it for today, Folks. Have a great Friday and a great
weekend. For you that are traveling, drive safely. See you tomorrow
with the update.


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