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Volume 6, Issue 22 (Tuesday, May 10th)

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Hi Folks,

It's sort of a slow news day today but we've still dug up some info for you. Thanks to our Mark Wimer for rounding these up. Let's not waste any time here. Enjoy.



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1. CLE - TE Kellen Winslow Hobbles Out of Cleveland Clinic 2. GB - RB Green Will Be Charged in Domestic Dispute Case 3. NO - Rookie WR Lyman Tears ACL 4. DAL - QB School Starts Today 5. PHI - Travis Henry = T.O. Insurance? (Commentary) 6. PIT - Is WR Ward Worth It? (Commentary) 7. IDP CHI - CB McQuarters On the Way Out


1. CLE - TE Kellen Winslow Hobbles Out of Cleveland Clinic

Clipped from: CBS Wire Reports, 5/10/05

Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. was released from the hospital Tuesday, nine days after a motorcycle accident left him with internal injuries and a damaged right knee.

Winslow walked out of the Cleveland Clinic on metal crutches, putting no weight on his right leg. He wore a Cleveland Browns T-shirt and sweat pants. He smiled and gave a thumbs up. When asked how he was feeling, he said "good." Winslow left in a sport utility vehicle.

Winslow, the team's top pick in the 2004 draft, issued a statement through the Browns thanking his family, friends, fans, the club and the clinic.

"I am determined more than ever to get back on the field with my coaches and teammates as soon as possible. I'm OK and excited to be going home," he said.

The Browns have not updated Winslow's status since releasing a statement May 4 that said they were concerned about his knee. Winslow was injured May 1 when he went flying over the handlebars at 35 mph.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

OK is a relative term. Compared to a lot of people who end up corpses due to motorcycle accidents, Winslow is doing great. However, we're leaning towards sticking a fork in Winslow for 2005 - his fantasy prospects look like they're done. Still though, let's see what the official word from Cleveland is.


2. GB - RB Green Will Be Charged in Domestic Dispute Case

Clipped from: Journal Sentinel Online article by Lori Nickel, 5/10/05

Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green will face criminal charges stemming from his arrest and disorderly conduct citation last month at his house, Brown County District Attorney John Zakowski said Monday.

Those charges, however, will not be revealed until a Wednesday morning court hearing in Green Bay.

Green was arrested the evening of April 25 at his Green Bay Ledgeview residence after police officers responded to a 911 call from his house. A female was heard in the call yelling "help me" before the phone was hung up.

When officers arrived, Green's wife, Heather, felt threatened during an argument with Green, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Department incident report. Green became agitated with police officers and resisted arrest until an officer drew a Taser stun gun.

Green was later released from custody after posting a $150 bond. He filed for divorce three days later.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

It's never good news when a player tangles with the law. We're going to withhold further comment until we hear what charges are officially being brought against Green by the DA tomorrow.


3. NO - Rookie WR Lyman Tears ACL

Clipped from: The Times-Picayune article by Jeff Duncan, 5/10/05

Wide receiver Chase Lyman was injured before he ever made his first play as a college football player, and now he has suffered the same fate as a pro.

In his first workout as an NFL player Friday, Lyman, the Saints' fourth-round pick in last month's NFL draft, again tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The injury was diagnosed Sunday, and Saints director of media relations Greg Bensel confirmed the severity Monday.

Neither Saints coach Jim Haslett nor General Manager Mickey Loomis was available for comment late Monday.

Lyman is expected to be sidelined five to six months.

Lyman suffered the injury while making a cut during a non-contact practice session at the Saints' rookie minicamp. He is expected to undergo reconstructive surgery at a later date.

Team officials did not say who would perform the procedure.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Cross Lyman off your deep sleeper list, if he was ever on there in the first place. He's done for 2005.


4. DAL - QB School Starts Today

Clipped from: Dallas Morning News article by Matt Mosley, 5/9/05

Drew Bledsoe, Drew Henson and Tony Romo will participate in this week's quarterbacks school, which begins Tuesday and ends Thursday at Valley Ranch.

Several Cowboys receivers and running backs will also attend. The first session begins Tuesday at 7:30 a.m., and none of the practices are open to the media.

Romo is the Cowboys' only exclusive rights free agent who remains unsigned. He is expected to sign soon.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The Cowboys hope that Bledsoe has something left in the tank - after today, they'll start to see what they've got in the aging signal caller.


5. PHI - Travis Henry = T.O. Insurance? (Commentary)

Clipped from: Philadelphia Daily News article by Rich Hofmann, 5/10/05

So that is where we sit. The Eagles ought to redo his contract or trade him now, but that's been said here already.

Given that neither of those things appear to be happening, though - which means it'll be High Noon at Lehigh in late July - there is another move they could make that could give them a measure of offensive comfort on several levels, and provide the necessary T.O. insurance, if you really think about it.

This is the move:

Get Travis Henry.

The Eagles have been very open about their desire to figure out a way to work a deal to acquire the disgruntled Bills running back. Even after the draft, Eagles coach Andy Reid said the Henry possibility wasn't completely dead.

Most people believe the Eagles' openness was largely a way to put pressure on running back Brian Westbrook to do a long-term deal with them.

Besides that, a running back of Henry's accomplishment - he has been over 1,300 yards twice in his 4-year NFL career - would put Correll Buckhalter and his two repaired knees in a more complementary role, and not in a spot where he will be tested too strenuously, too soon.

So there is all of that - enough to make the deal without any other considerations. But Henry also would give the Eagles some T.O. insurance because he would give them the ability to show everybody another version of the old-time religion.

You remember, the three-headed monster.

This has been said last year, and this year, and it will be said again: Owens gave the Eagles a home-run threat, and he changed the appearance of the Eagles' offense, but he did not make it more productive. This quarterback was very good and this offense was very good without T.O.

If not for the disaster that was the NFC Championship Game against Carolina following the 2003 season, the excellence of that offense would have been recognized. That was the three-headed monster offense, with Duce Staley, Westbrook and Buckhalter in the backfield. Those Eagles walked the ball up the field more than the T.O. Eagles did last year, and they ran in the red zone more than last season, but they scored slightly more points per game down the stretch of that 2003 season than the Eagles did in 2004.

They could do that again next year, with Henry taking the place of Staley. It isn't a perfect exchange of skills - Henry is the more durable runner, Staley the more explosive receiver - but it could work. It would be different but it would be viable. The coaching on this team is good enough that they could make it go.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

An interesting perspective on the Eagle's desire for Travis Henry - if the team did go the 3-headed monster route again, it would depress Westbrook's fantasy prospects somewhat - check out the 2003 stable's statistics:

Correll Buckhalter
Jon Ritchie
Duce Staley
Brian Westbrook


6. PIT - Is WR Ward Worth It? (Commentary)

Clipped from: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article by Ron Cook, 5/10/05

The next time we hear from Hines Ward, it will be at a news conference before training camp to announce that he has signed the richest contract in Steelers history. It will be a glorious day for Ward who has become the face of the franchise by making it to four consecutive Pro Bowls and by being the scourge of opponents, most of whom only can dream of playing all-out all the time the way he does. But it might not turn out to be such a terrific day for the Steelers.

Ward is a singles hitter.

It's seldom a good thing when the highest-paid player on the team is a singles hitter.

Ask the Pirates.

Ward's greatest attribute, aside from the ferociousness with which he plays, is his consistency. He shows up every Sunday -- he has played in 118 consecutive games, including playoffs -- and is productive. He gets more out of his ability than just about any Pittsburgh athlete you'd care to name. The past four seasons, he had 80, 95, 112 and 94 catches, meaning he has four of the top six receiving seasons in Steelers history, including the top three. His 80 catches last season were a remarkable total on a team that believes in power football and running the ball for a variety of reasons, among them Ward's willingness to be an effective downfield blocker.

But there is one troubling aspect to Ward's game. He isn't a home-run hitter on the order of Randy Moss or Terrell Owens. (OK, so he's not the headache those guys are, either.) It's not so much that he had just four touchdown catches last season. He had 10 the year before and 12 in 2002. It's his yards-per-catch average. It's 12.0 for his career and was 12.6 last season, a number exceeded by 52 NFL receivers with at least 35 catches, including former teammate Plaxico Burress (19.9) and a couple of tight ends, Atlanta's Alge Crumpler (16.1) and Denver's Jeb Putzier (15.9). Ward had just two 100-yard receiving games last season, although he did have two more in the playoffs. He also had just eight catches for more than 25 yards. Burress, for comparison's sake, had 11.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The author presents a perspective that may make you look at your projections/ranking for Ward during 2005 again. He does have a point about Ward not being a deep-ball type WR. However, Ward hasn't caught less than 80 balls during the past 3 years, so he gets a lot of chances to make good things happen on the field.


7. IDP CHI - CB McQuarters On the Way Out

Clipped from: Chicago Sun-Times article by Brad Biggs, 5/10/05

A tattoo across the chest of R.W. McQuarters reads ''Franchise,'' but while in San Francisco some called him ''French Fries'' because they didn't believe he played up to the name.

Either way, he's on the Bears' carryout menu as the team is prepared to virtually give the veteran cornerback away.

The Bears' asking price for McQuarters is so low, league sources say it's a foregone conclusion he will not be with the team when training camp opens in 10 weeks. With McQuarters scheduled to earn $3.05 million this season, one coach said Monday the Bears are seeking only a seventh-round pick in exchange for the eight-year veteran. His contract calls for a base salary of $3.45 million in 2006, the final year of his deal, and if those pricey figures cannot be restructured by a new team it will make it almost impossible for the Bears to trade him.

The coach, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said it is believed the Bears eventually will release McQuarters, which would enable an interested team to sign him for significantly less. The market isn't barren, either, with ex-New England Patriot Ty Law looking for work.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Obviously, McQuarters is not going to be a Bear for much longer. Either Nathan Vasher or Todd McMillon figures to move into the #3 slot behind Charles Tillman and Jerry Azumah when McQuarters leaves town.


That'll do it for today, Folks. Have a great Wednesday and thanks for reading. We'll see you tomorrow with the update.


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