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Volume 6, Issue 16 (Wednesday, May 4th)

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Hi Folks,

As it always does, the news starts to slow a bit after the draft
settles but we'll keep our eyes open for you. Thanks to our Will Grant
for digging deep on these stories. Have a great Thursday.



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1. TE Winslow  (CLE) Wheelie Foreshadowed Crash
2. RB George: Back to Titans?
3. WR Hilliard (FA)  Close to Signing with Tampa
4. QB Pennington (NYJ) On the Mend and Ready to Go
5. QB Hasselbeck (WAS)  - Released
6. WR Moss (WAS)  'Snyder Size' Contract Signed
7. OL Whitfield (NYG)  Tackle Bob Whitfield signs with Team.
8. SF: Largest Rookie Cap Pool for 2005
9. 10. IDP CB Hall (ATL) Released.


1. TE Winslow  (CLE) Wheelie Foreshadowed Crash

Clipped from the Patrick McManamon article:

Kellen Winslow spent part of Sunday afternoon riding his motorcycle to
Canton to visit a bike superstore.

When Winslow left the store, he did a "wheelie" on Kirby Ave., said
an off-duty police officer who was working at Harding's Park Cycle &
Power Equipment.

"I looked at the guy working with me and said, 'That's a
million-dollar wheelie,' " said Eric Stanbro, a police officer who
works in Stark County. Stanbro asked that his specific police
department not be named; his employment was verified. A policeman
named Eric told the same story on WKNR on Tuesday afternoon without
revealing his last name.

The Browns released no new medical information on Winslow, who
remained in the Cleveland Clinic. The team had said Monday night that
Winslow had internal injuries, which were stable, as well as swelling
in his right knee and shoulder.

The team is concerned about the knee, because swelling can indicate a
serious problem. Possible injuries won't be known until more medical
exams are concluded.

Winslow, the team's first-round draft choice a year ago, was hurt when
he crashed his Suzuki motorcycle Sunday night. Winslow was riding in a
parking lot in Westlake, hit a curb and flipped over the bike.

Four friends were with him when he was hurt, and they told Westlake
police Winslow was learning to ride the motorcycle, which he had
purchased in early April.

Stanbro, who was working with another off-duty police officer at
Harding's, said Winslow spent 60 to 90 minutes at the customer
appreciation spring open house.

Dennis Harding, manager and part owner of Harding's, confirmed
Winslow's presence, and added Winslow arrived and left on his

Harding said he talked briefly to Winslow to thank him for coming.

"He was nice," Harding said.

Stanbro, who was present for traffic control and general security,
said Winslow signed several autographs and posed with several fans for
pictures. Stanbro said Winslow spent most of his time shopping for
motorcycle apparel.

"His group of people went to leave and we asked them not to do any
burnouts or anything in the parking lot," Stanbro said. "They headed
east on Route 62, and (Winslow) was the last one in their group. As
they pulled out he popped a wheelie.

"It was a small one. Then he hit the throttle and went up a little
higher. He held it for about 100 feet.

"He sat down and off they went."

Stanbro said he guessed Winslow was going at "a very high rate of
speed" when he did the wheelie (a stunt in which a bike rides on its
back wheel only).

"He gunned it," Stanbro said. "He was going real fast. I'd estimate
between 40 and 50 miles per hour."

Stanbro was doing a best guess on the speed and distance of the wheelie.

"It appeared to us he was riding with a bunch of very experienced
riders," Stanbro said. "The way they were dressed, their bikes. His
bike had a 30-day tag on. He looked a little uncertain. He had his
helmet on.

"Two of their guys were doing wheelies when they got to the event."

Stanbro called the wheelie "a very dangerous move."

"I don't believe he's that experienced a rider and very experienced
riders wreck all the time on those," Stanbro said.

Lt. Ray Arcuri of the Westlake Police Department said Winslow's
friends described Winslow as a "novice rider."

Told that Winslow apparently had ridden the bike from his home in
Westlake to Canton, Arcuri said, "We want to find out exactly what
went on."

Arcuri said the only charge Winslow faces would be reckless operation
or failure to maintain reasonable control of a vehicle, both traffic
tickets. He said the Westlake police are looking into whether Winslow
had a valid license to drive the motorcycle.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

In case you missed the breaking news update, here it is again. It's
interesting how the club isn't so concerned about the punctured lung
or the bruised kidney, just the possibility of the torn ACL. For
Keeper League and Dynasty guys who were planning on having Winslow
back for this season, it's time to start looking at other options
(again).   We'll keep you posted on this situation as more information
is released. As I stated earlier today, I'm hearing unconfirmed
reports through sources at the hospital that the injuries are more
serious than the Browns are letting on. This one is looking ugly.


2. RB George: Back to Titans?

Clipped from: article by Jim Wyatt 5/4/05

The Titans opened their doors and welcomed back a familiar face to
Baptist Sports Park earlier this week  running back Eddie George.

Whether he'll be back on the Coliseum field this fall, well, that's
another matter.

George had a face-to-face meeting with Titans General Manager Floyd
Reese on Monday to find out what his chances might be of returning to
the organization he played for from 1996-2003 before being released.

Reese apparently made no commitment to George, however.

Neither Reese nor George was available for comment last night.
George's agent, Lamont Smith, is hopeful the conversation might lead
to something in the future.

"It was basically just a meeting between a player and a general
manager where they wanted to talk and find out if our perceptions of
what we want to do are the same," Smith said. "It was a good
meeting, one that both parties left feeling good about.

"They have things they need to consider and we have things we need to
consider and we'll kind of know more in time. ... We'll just let them
digest the conversation with Eddie and I'm sure at some point in the
near future we'll talk."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

It's amazing what can happen in a year. When George left Tennessee
last year, you would think that bridge had burned down to the ground.
One year later, with George out of work and looking for a new home, he
comes back to Tennessee, hoping to build it back up. With Antowain
Smith now in New Orleans, the Titans are looking for a veteran backup
for starting RB Chris Brown. Brown missed five games last year due to
a variety of toe and ankle injuries. The Titans were reportedly
interested in a 1st round RB in this year's draft  not exactly a
ringing endorsement for Brown. Brown's health has always been a
concern, and the Titans would love to bring in another veteran back to
act as insurance. Eddie George just might be their man.


3. WR Hilliard (FA)  Close to Signing with Tampa

Clipped from: article by Jim Flynn 5/4/05

New York Giants free agent wide receiver Ike Hilliard is scheduled to
meet with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday, has

Hilliard is scheduled to fly to Tampa on Thursday and spend the day
visiting with Bucs officials at One Buccaneer Place. According to
Hilliard's agent, Neil Schwartz, the two sides are extremely close to
finalizing a one-year deal, which could be officially announced as
early as Thursday.

"It's about 99 percent complete," Schwartz said of the contract for
Hilliard. "I would say it's 100 percent done, but the deal isn't
actually competed yet, but it's most likely going to get done."

The 5-foot-11, 210-pound Hilliard has played in 98 games (92 starts)
during his eight-year career. He has caught 368 career passes for
4,630 yards (12.6 avg.) and 27 touchdowns.

In 2004, Hilliard, 29, caught 49 passes for 437 yards (8.9 avg.) and
didn't score a touchdown.

The Bucs currently have 14 wide receivers on their offseason roster,
but only two -- Joey Galloway and Scotty Anderson -- have more than
two years of playing experience in the NFL.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Hilliard will immediately push Joey Galloway for the #2 slot.  He has
battled injuries for most of his career, but played a full 16 games
last season. As the article points out, Hilliard is one of the most
experienced guys on the team now, behind Galloway, and should be a
welcome veteran presence in a very crowded locker room.  Look for
Hilliard to improve on his meager stats from 2004, and he could even
be headed back to a solid year if he can beat out Galloway for the
starting job opposite Michael Clayton.


4. QB Pennington (NYJ) On the Mend and Ready to Go

Clipped from: associated press article 5/4/05

Though Chad Pennington is still nursing his surgically repaired right
shoulder, he already has gotten the attention of offensive coordinator
Mike Heimerdinger.

Every day since Heimerdinger arrived from the Tennessee Titans, the
Jets' franchise quarterback has peppered his new coach with one
question after another about the new offense and his role in it.

"He drives me crazy right now," Heimerdinger said during a break in
minicamp. "Since the day I got here he's been there every day. I'm not
sure how his wife puts up with him."

As the Jets wrapped up their three-day minicamp Sunday, there was
reason for optimism on offense even though Pennington is out. Under
Heimerdinger, the Jets are expected to use four- and five-receiver
sets with more of an emphasis on downfield passing.

Pennington also will be lining up in the shotgun, something never
employed under former coordinator Paul Hackett, fired in the offseason
after four seasons.

There will be plenty of audibles, allowing Pennington to check into a
better play.

Pennington has been able only to learn the system. He won't get a
chance to start throwing until June after offseason surgery to repair
a torn right rotator cuff. Pennington said there is no doubt he will
be ready for the season opener Sept. 11 at Kansas City.

"When you install something new, you get everyone's attention," Jets
coach Herman Edwards said. "There's a lot of things new, but for the
most part Mike did a good job of filtering some things that we had
done here that he liked, and that we continue to build on and use
those things and he brought in some new things, so it's a mix of

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The new Jet offense has drawn a lot of press as of late as it promises
to be more vertical . That should translate into bigger numbers for
Pennington and the New York receivers. Pennington has always been a
student of the game, impressing people as a rookie with his dedication
to learning the new system and devouring film. Since he isn't
physically ready to go, it's not surprising that he is going all out
to get the mental side of the new offense down first. If Pennington is
100% by the time the pre-season rolls around, he should be ready to
rock in the new offense.  Approach with caution though as Pennington
has never played a full 16 game season, and has missed time the last
two seasons due to injuries.


5. QB Hasselbeck (WAS) - Released.

Clipped from: article by Casey Husband 5/4/05

When the Redskins selected Auburn's Jason Campbell at No. 25 in the
first round of the 2005 NFL draft a week and a half ago, it became
apparent that quarterback was a crowded position around Redskins Park.

Tim Hasselbeck, the 6-1, 211-pound third-year player out of Boston
College, became the one to go Wednesday when he was released by the

Head coach Joe Gibbs said he met with Hasselbeck after the draft and
also spoke with the player's agent.

Said Gibbs: "Their preference is for Tim to be released from the team
to be able pursue opportunities with other teams this offseason."

Gibbs added that the decision to release Hasselbeck, one of the most
popular players on the Redskins, was not an easy one.

"As an organization, we think the world of Tim," Gibbs said. "We love
what he did for us while he was here. We wish Tim all the best for his

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Hasselbeck wasn't high on many people's radar after not playing a down
last season, and this probably isn't much news to anyone. However,
Hasselbeck appeared in seven games back in 2003, throwing for over
1000 yards and 5 TDS against 7 INTS. He's a young QB with NFL
experience so don't expect him to disappear just yet. He'll probably
sign as a backup with another team before the summer is over.


6.  WR Moss (WAS)  'Snyder Size' Contract Signed

Clipped from the USA Today article 5/4/05

Santana Moss and the Washington Redskins agreed to terms on a new
contract Wednesday.

"He'll be here tomorrow to work out," team spokesman Patrick Wixted said.

The Redskins got Moss from the New York Jets in a trade for receiver
Laveranues Coles in March. Moss was entering the final year of his
contract, so the Redskins planned to begin talks to sign him right
after that swap.

Moss had been staying away from offseason workouts. He and safety Sean
Taylor, who is also seeking a new deal, rankled coach Joe Gibbs by
their absences.

Gibbs said all along he was open to a new deal for Moss, while
Taylor's situation remains unsettled.

Moss had 45 catches for 838 yards and five touchdowns with New York
last season. In 51 games over four NFL seasons, all with the Jets,
Moss has 151 catches for 2,416 yards and 19 touchdowns.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

ESPN is reporting that the deal is worth 31 million dollars over six
years. Dan Snyder better hope he has a rabbit stashed away in a magic
hat somewhere, because this is another example of a huge contract that
is going to leave the Redskins in Salary Cap Hell for the next few
years. Even more surprising is the fact that this kind of money is
being paid to a guy who had just once season with more than 1000
yards, and finished with just 838 yards and 5 TDS. If you're looking
for Moss to explode with his new team, be careful: the Redskins ranked
24th in passing TDS, 29th in passing yards and 31st in yards per
attempt last year. One things is certain though: Moss is a lot happier
in Washington now than he was a few weeks ago.


7. OL Whitfield (NYG)  Tackle Bob Whitfield signs with Team.

Clipped from: article by Michael Eisen 5/4/05

He has played in 188 games over 13 NFL seasons and the Giants' signing
of Bob Whitfield today gives the team much-needed depth at offensive
tackle. Whitfield excited about playing in 2005 as he was as a rookie
in 1992.

"You ever heard the phrase, 'He's still got it?'" Whitfield said in a
phone conversation today. "I still got it. And it was a great,
honorable opportunity to play for one of the greatest teams in the
NFL. I was just honored with the phone call. They said, 'We consider
you one of the premier offensive linemen and you're bringing something
to our team.' I jumped at the opportunity. I've been working out and I
did definitely want to play another year  probably two or three
years. I'm looking forward to playing a little football."

Whitfield has long been one of the NFL's premier left tackles. He has
played in 188 games with 167 starts, including a club-record 123 in a
row for the Atlanta Falcons, for whom he played his first 12 seasons.
Whitfield was a Pro Bowler in 1998. Last year, he signed with the
Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct. 5 and appeared in 10 games as a reserve
at left tackle (he split time with Ephraim Salaam) and on special

Whitfield, 33, is 6-5 and 310 pounds. He is expected to back up Luke
Petitgout, the Giants' starting left tackle.

"He's a guy who has played left tackle in this league for a long
time," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "He's very smart, very
athletic. He's a guy that will give us absolute veteran experience in
a backup role. I think he'll be a big help to our offensive linemen
because of his vast experience. He has outstanding size.

"Last year in Jacksonville, (Dave) Pearson went down (with a knee
injury in Week Four) and Whitfield played pretty well. He's still a
powerful, massive athlete with great wingspan. Even the speed rushers
have to go a long way around him. He thinks the game, he talks the
game  he likes that aspect of the strategy. He'll be an excellent
addition to our football team."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

The Giants finished tied with San Francisco for 30th in total sacks
allowed last year with 52. Only the Chicago Bears were worse. The
14-year veteran adds some much needed depth to an offensive line that
is going to have to work much harder to protect their young QB Eli
Manning this year.  Whitfield has had a fantastic career, and this
should be a nice finish for him.


8. SF: Largest Rookie Cap Pool for 2005

Clipped from: article by Len Pasquarelli 5/4/05

They chose early and they chose often and so it is only fitting, it
seems, that the San Francisco 49ers would have the highest rookie pool
allocation for 2005.

With the league's second-largest draft class, an 11-player bounty that
includes top overall selection Alex Smith, the standout Utah
quarterback, San Francisco has been awarded an NFL-high rookie pool of
$6.168 million, according to documents obtained by through
league sources.

San Francisco's allocation is more than 55 percent higher than the
league wide average.

The rookie pool is, essentially, a cap within a cap. It represents the
maximum amount that a team can spend, in terms of salary-cap room, on
its draft choices and undrafted rookies. A franchise's rookie
allocation is part of, not in addition to, its overall spending limit.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Not a lot of Fantasy Football info to be gleaned from this article,
but a good read nonetheless. The article lists every team's 2005
allocation and compares general stats for 2004 to 2005 as well.


10. IDP CB Hall (ATL) Released.

Clipped from: Atlanta Journal by Matt Winkeljohn

FLOWERY BRANCH  The Falcons may not be so safe at safety now that
Cory Hall is no longer with the team.

"Cory Hall will not play for the Atlanta Falcons," Coach Jim Mora said
Saturday after a bizarre week in which two agents claimed to represent
Hall, and he apparently reneged on a verbal agreement to rejoin the

Hall, who signed with the Falcons as an unrestricted free agent in
2003, was cut in February in a move driven partly by salary cap
considerations and also by his weak run defense.

The team announced last week after the NFL draft that Hall was going
to rejoin the team, but he never showed up.

Attempts to reach Hall were unsuccessful.

Last week, Peter Schaffer, whom president/general manager Rich McKay
said was Hall's "agent of record," and Steven Feldman of Laguna
Niguel, Calif., attempted to negotiate with the Falcons on Hall's

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Hall has been a disappointment since coming to the Falcons in 2003.
His 53 total tackles last year were an improvement on his 2003 totals
(31 total tackles, 26 total), but not nearly enough to justify the
salary that Atlanta was paying him. The fact that Hall didn't show up
after the Falcons announced he would return doesn't look good either.
He's probably not worth consideration in most IDP leagues now.


That'll do it for today, Folks. Have a great Thursday and we'll see
you tomorrow with the update.


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