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Volume 6, Issue 4 (Wednesday, April 6th)

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In the meantime, here are the latest NFL stories over the last couple
of weeks. It's that lazy time of the year when Baseball is kicking off
and the NCAA Tourney is wrapped up. I heard a rumor the NBA is still
playing but nobody seems to know for sure. What we'll do for you is
keep our readers up to date on all the Football news that's happening.
Thanks to our Mark Wimer for rounding up these stories. Have a great
week and I'll see you soon.




1. WR Terrell: A Patriot Now
2. QBs Feeley and Frerotte Splitting Dolphins' Snaps, For Now
3. RB Minor: Resigned, but Probably in Battle for #2 in Miami
4. TE Shockey: A No-Show at NYG Off-season Workouts
5. Patriots: Contract Impasse with QB Brady? (Commentary)
6. RB White: Backup RB in Detroit Now
7. Vikings RB's: Three Way Competition for Top Spot
8. RB Droughns: To Split Time with Cleveland's Suggs? Green On the Way Out
9. Panthers' Skill Position Update: Foster, Smith Plan on Minicamp;
No for Davis
10. WR Jurevicius: Expects Significant Role in Seattle
11. QB Rattay on Familiar Turf to Start 49er Mini-Camps: The Sidelines
12. RB Dayne: A Bronco Now
13. TE Alexander: A Bronco Now
14. RB Chatman: Chargers' Backup RB for 2005
15. WR Warrick: Release from Bengals to Come?
16. Rookie QB Frye: Favre's Heir?
17. IDP: LB Jamie Sharper Interested in Raven's Reunion
18. IDP: Viking's S Brian Russell to Browns?
19. IDP: Bronco's DL Features Browns' Rejects Brown, Warren, Ekuban
20. IDP: FS Idrees Bashir to Panthers
21. IDP: LB Webster May Miss Start of Bengals' Camp – Injury Settlement Rumored


1. WR Terrell: A Patriot Now

Clipped from: Boston Herald article by Mike Reiss, 4/4/05

…the Patriots added another potentially explosive target by agreeing
in principle on a one-year contract with free agent David Terrell.

Both moves further create doubt over the possibility of 12-year
Patriot Troy Brown returning for the 2005 season.

The 6-foot-3, 212-pound Terrell, who is entering his fifth season, has
had an up-and-down career since being selected by the Bears eighth
overall in the 2001 draft - two picks after the Patriots tabbed
Richard Seymour . Playing in 52 of a possible 64 regular season games,
he's caught 128 passes (an average of 32 per year) for 1,602 yards
with nine touchdowns.

But as a former teammate of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at the
University of Michigan, Terrell had a big supporter in Foxboro, as
sources said Brady gave team officials his vote of confidence. Brady
and Terrell shared tremendous success at Michigan in 1998 and '99,
when Brady went 20-5 in two years as a starter. Meanwhile, Terrell
racked up 152 receptions for 2,317 yards and 23 touchdowns in three
seasons with the Wolverines (1998-2000).

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Terrell has shown flashes of ability during his career with the Bears,
but he's been very inconsistent from week to week over his career.
Last year, he only managed 42/669/1 receiving, marking his second
straight one-TD season. We're willing to put a fair bit of blame on
the Bears quarterbacking, and Terrell had good success playing with
Tom Brady in college. Terrell may deserve a spot on your "sleeper"
list heading into training camp…but he's also a huge risk. The
Patriots spread the ball around to many different receivers – last
year, nobody broke 900 yards receiving as an individual: David Patten
led the team in fantasy points with 44/800/7 and David Givens led in
yardage with 56/874/3. Go here for a commentary by Tom Curran on
Terrell's opportunity with the Patriots


2. QBs Feeley and Frerotte Splitting Dolphins' Snaps, For Now

Clipped from: Palm Beach Post article by Joe Schad, 4/1/05

Saban was adamant Thursday in stating that A.J. Feeley and Gus
Frerotte are splitting snaps and will continue to split snaps and that
doing so will not hurt the development of either player.

I'd like us not to have so much emphasis on who gets what reps now,"
Saban told reporters. "Because if you're a good player, you should be
a good player regardless of how many reps you get."

Saban became increasingly animated as he was pressed about last
season, when Feeley, Jay Fiedler and former coach Dave Wannstedt all
admitted a quarterback controversy should have been remedied earlier
than it was.

Feeley and Fiedler split snaps until the season opener. Fiedler
started. Feeley relieved him at halftime, and it was a disaster from

"I really don't know what happened last year so it's not fair of you
to ask me, first of all, hypothetical questions," Saban said. "I can
tell you this: that it has worked for me, every place I have been.
Quarterbacks have to split snaps in some kind of way. Because more
than one guy has to be ready to play the game."

He said Miami's offense will be primarily what Scott Linehan ran at
Minnesota, with input from Saban's background as well as some of the
running-game schemes of offensive line coach Hudson Houck.

While learning the system's concepts, players in town for off-season
conditioning have been throwing the ball around on the practice
fields. It stands to reason that Frerotte, a former Viking, has an
edge over Feeley, but Saban is downplaying that.

"There are only so many plays that get run in football," he said.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Frerotte signed with the Dolphins because he felt he'd get a shot at
the starting job, and that appears to be true. This looks like a
situation that could take some time to sort itself out, unless one or
the other of these players really stands out early in training camp.
It's way too early to tell for now which guy will emerge, but it seems
pretty clear that Frerotte will get a fair shot.


3. RB Minor: Resigned, but Probably in Battle for #2 in Miami

Clipped from: Sun-Sentinel article by Alex Marvez, 3/26/05

The Dolphins' starting tailback in last year's season-opener will now
have a chance to compete for that spot once again in 2005.

Travis Minor, promoted to the first-team offense following Ricky
Williams' retirement last July, was re-signed on Friday to a one-year

…The Dolphins are expected to add a new starting tailback this
offseason, which would leave Morris, Minor and Lamar Gordon battling
for playing time as reserves, and had expressed interest in ex-New
York Giants tailback Ron Dayne earlier in the free-agent signing

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Minor won't be much of a fantasy player if he's buried on the depth
chart, but if he wins the #2 spot on the team, he's obviously a guy to
keep in mind in deeper leagues.


4. TE Shockey: A No-Show at NYG Off-season Workouts

Clipped from: New York Post article by Paul Schwartz, 4/1/05

The offseason program is in its second week and Shockey remains a
no-show. He's working out at the University of Miami, where for a few
weeks one of his partners was Plaxico Burress.

"He thinks he's more of a competitor than I am, he and I have been
going at it the past two or three weeks," Burress said yesterday. "He
was one of the reasons I wanted to play here. He's the type of people
I want to be surrounded with, guys who want to compete and want to
win. He's kind of the epitome of that."

Tom Coughlin will not take kindly to Shockey's decision to stay apart
from the team, but the program is technically voluntary, so no fines
can be levied. Shockey last season led the Giants with 61 receptions
and six touchdown catches but was often frustrated by the increased
blocking assignments he was given and his role within the offense.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

"Voluntary" is a fairly subjective word here. Defying the
authoritarian Coughlin's schedule of offseason workouts is probably
not in Shockey's best interest – he'd better come into camp in tip-top


5. Patriots: Contract Impasse with QB Brady? (Commentary)

Clipped from: Boston Herald article by Kevin Mannix, 4/3/05

Even model franchises make mistakes. The Patriots apparently aren't
content enough to have Brady accept a new contract that would fall
well below market.

Brady wasn't insisting on getting the kind of money Peyton Manning,
Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb got in their recent contracts. Even
though he had earned the right to be at that level, he wasn't looking
to be a nine-figure superstar. He was apparently happy with a
six-year, $60 million deal that included a $24 million signing bonus.

That's a package not entirely dissimilar from the contracts just
signed by the Jets' Chad Pennington and Seattle's Matt Hasselbeck, two
decent players but whose resumes fall quite short to that of Brady.

A bargain? You better believe it.

But rather than just saying, ``Thanks, Tom, for bailing us out once
more and allowing us to spend more money on other people on this
team,'' Patriots management apparently decided to attempt to force
another concession from their franchise player.

Instead of fully guaranteeing the bonus portion of the contract, which
is standard practice with new, long-term contracts, the Pats
apparently tried to diversify the bonus money which could have put
some of it at risk.

If a player gets a signing bonus as part of a new contract, the money
is guaranteed. But if the money is in the form of either a roster
bonus or an option bonus, it's not. An injury or a dramatic drop in
productivity could lead to roster or option bonuses not getting paid.
Drew Bledsoe found that out.

Apparently that's the route the Pats took in these negotiations.
Rather than provide a significant portion of the contract as a signing
bonus (as the Colts did with Manning), the Pats wanted Brady to accept
a portion of the $24 million as a roster/option bonus. That would have
meant that only the up-front signing bonus would have been guaranteed.

That's not the NFL way. In a league in which annual salaries aren't
guaranteed, and in which one injury or one coach's decision can force
a player to forfeit millions of dollars in salary, signing bonuses are

All of a sudden, the term ``taking one for the team'' takes on a whole
new meaning in Brady's case. Not even the ultimate team player is
willing to do that. And reportedly that's why the new contract, which
was considered ``imminent'' just a month ago, is now very much in

Brady has already indicated his willingness to strike a deal that
would be cap-friendly for the long-term competitiveness of the team.
He didn't seem to care that he was talking about a deal involving
considerably less than those just received by other ``upper echelon''
NFL quarterbacks.

Atlanta's Vick signed for $100 million over 10 years with $37 million
of it guaranteed over the first three years. Manning's 10-year, $98
million contract with Indianapolis included a $34.5 million signing
bonus. A $20 million signing bonus was part of McNabb's 12-year, $115
million agreement with the Eagles...

…How many of them have quarterbacked teams to three Super Bowl
championships in four years. How many are two-time Super Bowl MVPs?
How many would be willing to settle on a contract for considerably
less than market value as Brady was?

And what's his reward for his magnanimous gesture? A deal in which the
signing bonus was spread out over six years and wasn't fully

It makes you wonder just what the team was trying to accomplish. This
is an organization that hasn't made many serious blunders in recent
years. But for them to mangle a contract negotiation with this
important a player this badly is definitely out of character.

Maybe it was all a misunderstanding and maybe the team will agree to
guarantee the signing bonus and get the deal done. But maybe Brady
will look around at the business aspect of the game and decide that
he's earned the right to be the NFL's highest player.

That's when things could get messy.

The Patriots definitely need Brady more than he needs them. For all
Bill Belichick's coaching ability, there is a direct relationship
between his success and having Brady on the field, remember. As a head
coach without Brady at quarterback, Belichick's record is 42-58. With
Brady running the offense, Belichick's Patriots are 57-14.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

This is a developing situation that isn't yet a crisis – but it
definitely bears watching, as a protracted contract squabble could
impact on the team chemistry and Brady's number of reps with new WR
David Terrell (among others). The Patriots have been successful in the
past playing hardball with players but this seems like a needless risk
to take upsetting the apple cart with Brady. He's clearly one of the
best QBs in the game. Many would say he is the best in the game. He's
certainly go the hardware to prove it. It makes sense he should be
paid like it. At this point, just keep an eye on this story as it


6. RB White: Backup RB in Detroit Now

Clipped from: Detroit News AP article, 4/2/05

The Detroit Lions signed free-agent running back Jamel White to a
one-year deal on Friday.

White, 5-feet-9, 222 pounds, has rushed for 1,406 yards on 376 carries
in five seasons with the Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and
the Baltimore Ravens.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

White won't make much of a fantasy impact unless something very bad
happens to the guys in front of him – Kevin Jones is the #1 after a
solid rookie season, who finished strong last year with 626 yards on
122 carries over the final 5 games of 2004 – White's slated to be the
3rd stringer at this point. However, injuries happen in this league,
so it's worth noting his addition to the team.


7. Vikings RB's: Three Way Competition for Top Spot

Clipped from: Star Tribune article by Kevin Seifert, 3/23/05

…Tice downplayed the possibility that one of his top three running
backs -- Michael Bennett, Onterrio Smith and Mewelde Moore -- will be
traded before training camp. As a result, all three will compete for
the starting job. Tice said he is "praying" that Bennett stays healthy
to give him a fair chance to win the job but otherwise said there is
no early favorite.

"I think it makes a lot of sense to put it out there between three
young men and see who wants to step up and be the guy," Tice said. "I
certainly know they all want to do it. One guy is going to be the
king, and another guy is going to be spell guy. The third? He's going
to be the ticked-off guy. That's just the way life has to be
sometimes. We'll see who does what in training camp."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Bennett has battled to stay healthy over the past 2 seasons – he's
clearly a great talent but a somewhat risky pick at this point. Both
Smith and Moore showed nice flashes of ability last season, but Smith
has trouble keeping his nose clean, while Moore disappeared down the
stretch (once Bennett was finally healthy). As coach Tice noted, we'll
see who does what in training camp.


8. RB Droughns: To Split Time with Cleveland's Suggs? Green On the Way Out

Clipped from: Plain Dealer article by Tony Grossi, 4/1/05

New Browns running back Reuben Droughns arrived Thursday with local
knowledge of the team's 20-year drought of fielding a 1,000-yard

"The last time they had it, somebody wore 34 and the next guy wore
44," Droughns said. "Hopefully, we can get that tradition going

The year was 1985. Kevin Mack wore No. 34 and rushed for 1,104 yards.
Earnest Byner wore No. 44 and ran for 1,002.

Now Droughns will don No. 34 and run in tandem with Lee Suggs, who
wears No. 44.

Droughns was acquired from Denver in a trade for linemen Ebenezer
Ekuban and Mike Myers. It was General Manager Phil Savage's third
trade in a month.

Savage stressed that Droughns and Suggs will share the rushing load in
coach Romeo Crennel's run-oriented offense.

"We wanted to bring in somebody that would be different than Lee
Suggs," Savage said, referring to Droughns' inside running style. "We
feel those two guys will be working in combination with each other. We
think there's even a situation where maybe both can be on the field

Savage quickly addressed the status of former first-round pick William
Green without being asked.

"William is here working out," he said. "As long as he's on our team,
we're going to work with him and continue to try to help him become a

"Obviously, the situation is still in the open with Will," Savage said.

Savage said later that attempts to trade Green are "ongoing" and will
continue right up through the April 23-24 draft.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Lee Suggs owners can't be thrilled to hear that the Browns intend to
utilize a "combination" approach at RB this season. Often, such an
approach yields mediocre fantasy numbers for both players involved. If
you are considering drafting Suggs as a clear #1 RB on his team,
consider yourself warned. At least until we see how this shakes out.


9. Panthers' Skill Position Update: Foster, Smith Plan on Minicamp; No for Davis

Clipped from: Charlotte Observer article by Pat Yasinskas, 4/3/05

Although the status of Stephen Davis, as he returns from micro
fracture knee surgery, won't be known for several more months, the
Panthers expect the rest of their key players that were injured last
year to be at full strength soon. Coach John Fox said DeShaun Foster,
Kris Jenkins and Steve Smith are expected to get medical clearance to
take part in the minicamp that starts in late April.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Foster and Smith are two of the keys to Carolina's 2005 offense – both
have explosive fantasy potential if they are 100% recovered from their
2004 injuries. Keep an eye on their performance as mini-camps and
training camp goes by, as they might be undervalued in your league due
to their injury-shortened 2004 campaigns.


10. WR Jurevicius: Expects Significant Role in Seattle

Clipped from: article by Katherine Smith, 3/31/05

…``I believe they (the Bucs) were going in a different direction,''
Jurevicius said Wednesday. ``I didn't think there was much room for me

In three seasons with the Bucs, Jurevicius was used primarily as the
third receiver, starting only eight games. Injuries the past two
seasons limited his production.

With Darrell Jackson and Koren Robinson on Seattle's roster,
Jurevicius likely will fill the same role as he did with the Bucs - as
the third receiver. But after talks with Seahawks president of
football operations Tim Ruskell, a former member of the Bucs' front
office, Jurevicius said he believes he'll play a significant role in
Seattle's offense.

``We have great receivers here,'' he said. ``My job is to come in and
make plays when my number is called.''

This is the first offseason in a while that Jurevicius isn't coming
back from an injury, and he said he can feel the difference. Last
summer during Bucs training camp, while rehabilitating a serious knee
injury, Jurevicius sustained a back injury that required surgery.

``Now I feel like I did when I first came to Tampa,'' he said.

[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Given Robinson's ongoing problems with dropped passes (and a NFL
suspension last season), Jurevicius could very easily see time as the
#2 WR in Seattle sometime this year. If so, he could have value as a
fantasy starter, depending on how the lineup shapes up during training
camp. Bottom line is that if you're going to be a #3 WR, you better be
ready to play if Koren Robinson is in front of you. Stay tuned…


11. QB Rattay on Familiar Turf to Start 49er Mini-Camps: The Sidelines

Clipped from: Contra Costa Times article by Dennis Georgatos, 4/4/05

While his understudies got in their repetitions Sunday at the 49ers'
closing mini-camp practice, injured Tim Rattay watched from the
sideline, passing a football from one hand to the other.

It was a familiar and unwelcome position for the quarterback, who was
unable to participate in the first three workouts under coach Mike
Nolan over the weekend because of soreness in his right foot. Last
year, he missed seven starts -- nearly half a season -- because of
groin, shoulder, forearm and foot injuries.

"I've got to prove to myself and to everybody that I can stay
healthy," Rattay said. "It's still April. I've got plenty of time."

The latest injury is an offshoot of the torn arch suffered Dec. 5 at
St. Louis, but Rattay said he has been assured by doctors and trainers
that the ailment should clear up in a couple of weeks.

Despite Rattay's recent health problems, Nolan declared him the 49ers'
starter, at least for the moment, though he joked that Rattay "was No.
4 at the mini-camp."
"Tim is our starter until someone takes his job from him," Nolan said.
"Now obviously, there is going to be competition, but I think he
commands the position."

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Tim Rattay has been unable to capitalize on his opportunities with the
49ers due to injuries in the past, and his 2005 campaign with new
coach Nolan isn't starting off any better. Many have speculated that
the 49ers will draft a QB #1 in the upcoming draft, which would render
Rattay's status as the starter very suspect.  Trade rumors swirl
around Rattay as of early April. The team has denied them but Rattay's
status is far from certain. On the other hand, Drew Brees wasn't on
very stable footing this time last year. We're not saying Rattay is
Brees. We're saying keep your eyes open as a lot can happen.


12. RB Dayne: A Bronco Now

Clipped from: Denver Post article by Bill Williamson, 4/4/05

The Broncos continued to add to their collection of former first-round
draft picks Friday by signing veteran running back Ron Dayne to a
one-year deal.

Dayne, 27, will compete for a backup role. He joins a deep group at
running back that includes second-year pro Tatum Bell, who is expected
to go to camp as the primary tailback, and Quentin Griffin and Mike
Anderson, who are coming off serious injuries. Reuben Droughns, who
led the team with 1,240 yards rushing last season, was traded to
Cleveland on Wednesday.

The 11th pick in 2000, Dayne won the Heisman Trophy in 1999 while at
Wisconsin. He visited the Broncos on Friday, as did veteran running
back Anthony Thomas.

Dayne never started more than seven games in one season for the New
York Giants. He had 179 yards on 52 rushing attempts in 2004.

In addition to Dayne, Denver has added defensive linemen Courtney
Brown, Gerard Warren and Ebenezer Eku-ban, all former first-round

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Dayne didn't manage to fulfill his first round status in New York, and
he joins a crowded backfield in Denver. He's a long-shot to become the
headliner for Denver, but sometimes players find a new lease on their
professional careers when they relocate (for example, Tyrone Wheatley,
who had 2 1000+  yard rushing-and-receiving seasons (with 10+ TDs in
both seasons) with Oakland (1999, 2000) after departing the Giants in
1999). Dayne provided some buzz last Summer but never delivered. He
could do the same in Denver.


13. TE Alexander: A Bronco Now

Clipped from: Denver Post article by Bill Williamson, 3/24/05

Ending two weeks of casual conversations, Denver agreed to terms
Wednesday with tight end Stephen Alexander of Detroit. He agreed to a
three-year, $4.2 million contract that includes a $1 million bonus…

…Meanwhile, Alexander will team with newly re-signed tight end Jeb
Putzier to form an interesting pass-catching duo. Alexander is known
as a strong blocker; Putzier likely will be the primary tight end.

"He gives us more options and he fills a nice role," Sundquist said of
[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Alexander's best seasons came in 2000 with Washington (47/510/2) and
2002 with San Diego (45/510/1). With Putzier sharing time at TE, its
unlikely that Alexander will be a huge fantasy TE during 2005, unless
something happens to Putzier.


14. RB Chatman: Chargers' Backup RB for 2005

Clipped from: North County Times article by Staff, 3/30/05

The Chargers resigned restricted free agent running back Jesse Chatman
on Wednesday, securing a one-year deal with a player who proved
himself a more than capable backup to Pro Bowler LaDainian Tomlinson.

Chatman rushed for a career-high 392 yards on 65 carries with three
touchdowns in 2004. When Tomlinson was slowed by a groin injury,
Chatman rushed for 103 yards in a win over Jacksonville.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Tomlinson owners will want to protect themselves with Chatman, if
possible. He's proved his ability to stand in for Tomlinson.


15. WR Warrick: Release from Bengals to Come?

Clipped from: Cincinnati Enquirer article by Mark Curnutte, 4/5/05

Wide receiver Peter Warrick vented frustration Monday regarding his
health and uncertain status with the Bengals on the first day of the
team's offseason strength and conditioning program.

Warrick, the subject of rumors that the Bengals would release him to
save salary-cap space, said he still had not been cleared physically
to participate in on-field passing drills that begin later this month.

Warrick was limited to four games with one start in 2004. He suffered
knee and shin injuries.

He is prepared to accept whatever decision the Bengals make.

"I'm cool, man," he said. "... I'm ready for anything.

"With everybody talking about them letting me go, if that's what
they're going to do, I can't get mad about it, if it's already in the

"And you never know, man. It could be best for me (to be) somewhere
else. Change is always good."

Warrick was the fourth overall pick of the 2000 draft by the Bengals.
He is entering the final season of a six-year contract that would pay
him a $2.28 million base salary in 2005. He also has a $200,000
workout bonus in his contract.

The Bengals re-signed free-agent wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh to
a four-year contract in the offseason.

Houshmandzadeh had a breakout season filling in for Warrick in 2004
with 73 catches for 978 yards.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

If Warrick stays with the Bengals, his playing time is likely to be
limited due to the emergence of Houshmandzadeh. If he is released and
lands somewhere with a decent opportunity to start, he could have
fantasy value in 2005 – if his leg injuries are a thing of the past.
Warrick owners know all too well that the shin injury lingered a long
time last year. Keep an eye on his status as the season approaches.


16. Rookie QB Frye: Favre's Heir?

Clipped from: Green Bay News-Chronicle article by Todd McMahon, 4/5/05

The needs are obviously greater on defense, yet the Green Bay Packers
could find it tough resisting the want 18 days from now.

University of Akron quarterback Charlie Frye is firmly entrenched on
the team's draft radar. Frye's agent, Eric Metz, said Monday that
Packers officials came away "very impressed" with his client's latest
workout in front of NFL scouts. College scouting director John Dorsey
and offensive coordinator Tom Rossley were among those keeping tabs on
Frye at the Akron pro day Friday in Ohio.

"They know him as well as they can anybody (in this year's draft
class)," Metz said of the heavy interest the Packers seemingly have
taken in Frye.

After all, they first became acquainted with Frye in late January at
the Senior Bowl, in which Frye earned MVP honors. Acquaintances were
renewed with the rising prospect a month later at the scouting combine
in Indianapolis.

Although the Packers haven't arranged for Frye to come to Green Bay
for a pre-draft visit, there's a sentiment in league circles that they
will use their first-round draft pick on him and, thus, anoint him
Brett Favre's heir apparent. The 35-year-old Favre is returning for
next season, but there's no commitment beyond that.

The Packers have the 24th selection in the draft that starts April 23.
Frye, regarded as the No. 3 quarterback in this year's class by most
draft experts behind California's Aaron Rodgers and Utah's Alex Smith,
should be available for the taking at that point.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

With a receiving corps featuring Javon Walker, Donald Driver, Bubba
Franks (and good depth behind the starters), dynasty leaguers should
pay attention if Frye ends up on the Green Bay roster. Stay tuned…


17. IDP: LB Jamie Sharper Interested in Raven's Reunion

Clipped from: Baltimore Sun article by Brent Jones, 4/3/05

The agent for Jamie Sharper said he received five phone calls Friday
night and three more by yesterday afternoon from teams interested in
the veteran linebacker, but the Ravens were not one of them.

Tony Agnone said Sharper would strongly consider returning to the
Ravens and the Baltimore area, where he still has a home, if the deal
is right, but the Ravens' interest in a possible reunion is unknown.

The Ravens selected Sharper in the second round of the 1997 draft, and
he went on to start all but one game in his five seasons with the
team, posting a career-high six sacks in 2001.

Sharper, 30, was selected by the Houston Texans in the expansion draft
after that season and cut for salary cap purposes Friday evening. He
easily becomes the premier free agent in a barren market, and the
Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Seahawks and
Cleveland Browns are expected to make a run at signing him.

Sharper, who would prefer to work with people he is familiar with,
played under Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, who was defensive coordinator
with the Ravens, and Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who was the Ravens'
linebackers coach.

The Ravens have a standing offer on the table for T.J. Slaughter, who
is penciled in to be the starting weak-side linebacker, but Slaughter
and his agent have yet to decide whether to take the deal. If
Slaughter balks, that would leave the Ravens with a hole at outside
linebacker, one that Sharper could easily fill.
[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Sharper was the #9 fantasy LB last season, with 98 solo tackles, 41
assists, 2 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery and 9 passes
defensed. IDP players will definitely want to follow his progress
through the free-agency pool, as he is a proven fantasy commodity at
his position.


18. IDP: Viking's S Brian Russell to Browns?

Clipped from: Star Tribune article by Judd Zulgad, 4/3/05

Safety Brian Russell's time with the Vikings appears to be finished.

The restricted free agent signed a two-year offer sheet worth more
than $1 million with Cleveland on Friday and is expected to become the
Browns' starting free safety, assuming the Vikings don't decide to
match the offer.

The Vikings have seven days to decide, but it appears highly unlikely
they would keep Russell at that price after making him a one-year
qualifying offer of only $656,000. That is the lowest of the three
tender offers a team can give to a restricted free agent.
Russell, who was signed by the Vikings as a free agent in 2001 out of
San Diego State, started the past two seasons at free safety. He tied
for the NFL lead with nine interceptions in 2003 and broke up 11
passes. Last season his production dropped to only one interception
and seven passes defensed.

The 27-year-old became expandable when veteran free agent Darren
Sharper left the Packers to sign with the Vikings last month. Because
Russell was undrafted, the Vikings would not receive compensation if
he departs.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Russell's fantasy production dropped off last season (58 solo tackles,
20 assists, 1 interception, 1 fumble recovery and 7 passes defensed) –
he was 87th among all fantasy DBs last year – but he had a great
campaign in 2003, with 78 solo tackles, 7 assists, 9 interceptions, 1
sack, 1 fumble recovery and 11 passes defensed. The change of scenery
could help him get back to top fantasy form: keep an eye on his
performance with Cleveland, assuming the Vikings decline to match the
Browns' offer.  For an analysis of Russell's probable roll with
Cleveland, click here:


19. IDP: Bronco's DL Features Browns' Rejects Brown, Warren, Ekuban

Clipped from: Plain Dealer article by Mary Kay Cabot, 3/29/05

Courtney Brown's injury-marred Browns career officially came to an end
Monday when he agreed to a multiyear deal with the Denver Broncos.

According to a source, Brown, the No. 1 pick in the 2000 NFL Draft,
chose the Broncos over the Washington Redskins because of his close
relationship with former Browns offensive line coach Andre Patterson,
who's now in that capacity with Denver.

Brown also joins Browns 2001 first-round pick Gerard Warren, who was
traded to the Broncos for a fourth-round pick that was later used to
acquire Trent Dilfer from the Seahawks.

Patterson spoke highly of both players at the NFL Combine last month,
saying Brown was the toughest end he's ever coached. Brown reportedly
was torn between the Broncos and Redskins, who put heavy pressure on
him to sign. Redskins coach Joe Gibbs and defensive coordinator Greg
Blache flew to Cleveland the night Brown was released, March 14.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Sometimes a change of scenery helps to rejuvenate a player's career –
it remains to be seen if either Brown or Warren can live up to their
potential, though. Warren was 144th among all fantasy DL last year –
Brown's season was wrecked by injury (again).  Ebenezer Ekuban also
arrived in Denver recently via the Reuben Droughn's trade – for an
analysis of all the Bronco's recent DL moves click here.


20. IDP: FS Idrees Bashir to Panthers

Clipped from: Gaston Gazette article by Steve Reed, 4/1/05

The Carolina Panthers Thursday signed unrestricted free agent safety
Idrees (eye-DREEZ) Bashir (buh-sheer) who started 13 games for the
Indianapolis Colts in 2004.

Bashir could challenge Colin Branch for the starting free safety position.

Bashir was originally a second-round draft selection by Indianapolis
in the 2001 draft.

Bashir, 6-2, 198 pounds, started all 51 games in which he played for the Colts.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Bashir is an adequate real world DB – when he's healthy. Last season,
he missed 3 games while ending up 131st on the fantasy DB board,
though (Branch as 134th among all DB's last year).


21. IDP: LB Webster May Miss Start of Bengals' Camp – Injury Settlement Rumored

Clipped from: Cincinnati Enquirer article by Mark Curnutte, 4/5/05

Middle linebacker Nate Webster, the Bengals' most important free-agent
signing in 2004, revealed Monday that he suffered a second knee injury
that required a second operation, and he is "iffy" for the start of
training camp.

The Bengals lost Webster at the end of Game 3 last season when he tore
a patellar tendon in his right knee. During rehabilitation, a process
that Webster described as "going great," he suffered a partial tear of
the same tendon and underwent surgery in December.

Now, at the start of the team's offseason strength and conditioning
program, Webster said there's a chance he won't be ready to play when
camp opens in late July. His potential absence and questionable
prognosis have left the Bengals' linebacker situation in flux.

"I've got to listen to the doctors," said Webster, who wore a wrap
around his right knee Monday.

Webster refuted a rumor that the Bengals were trying to reach an
injury settlement that would release both parties from his five-year,
$10.8 million contract.

"No such thing," Webster said three times when asked about the report.

Drew Rosenhaus, Webster's agent, did not return two phone messages left Monday.

[[[[[[[[[[ OUR VIEW ]]]]]]]]]]

Obviously, the rehabilitation of Webster's knee is not going according
to plan. He looks like a very risky proposition for 2005 at this


That'll do it for today, Folks. We'll see you next week with another
wrap up. And remember, we'll start sending these updates every single
day starting April 25. Have a great one and we'll see you soon.

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