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Head Coach (tenure) Team GPA Class Rank
PREMISE Dennis Green (2) Arizona 2.69 22

Every week we rely on certain information regarding players and their projected roles in upcoming game(s), to help make roster change and starting lineup decisions. Sometimes the only information we have are statements made by the teams' coaches. Sometimes those statements
 are not necessarily very truthful.

Which head coaches make reliable statements and which do not?
To the left is a report card for all the head coaches in the NFL. Their grade point average is based comments they made during the week prior to each game for the year to date.  Below is a listing of the individual statements made by each coach.
Jim Mora Jr. (2) Atlanta 2.94 14    
Brian Billick (7) Baltimore 2.46 26
Mike Mularkey (2) Buffalo 1.33 32
John Fox (4) Carolina 2.60 23
Lovie Smith (2) Chicago 2.93 15
Marvin Lewis (3) Cincinnati 2.00 31
Romeo Crennel (1) Cleveland 3.13 10
Bill Parcells (3) Dallas 2.29 29
Mike Shanahan (11) Denver 2.75 20
Steve Mariucci (3) Detroit 3.00 11
Mike Sherman (6) Green Bay 3.21 9
Dom Capers (4) Houston 2.86 16
Tony Dungy (4) Indianapolis 3.43 4
Jack Del Rio (3) Jacksonville 3.38 5
Dick Vermeil (5) Kansas City 3.47 3
Nick Saban (1) Miami 3.31 7
Mike Tice (4) Minnesota 2.83 18
Bill Belichick (6) New England 3.00 11
Jim Haslett (6) New Orleans 2.40 27
Tom Coughlin (2) NY Giants 2.69 21
Herman Edwards (5) NY Jets 2.55 25
Norv Turner (2) Oakland 2.86 16
GRADING SYSTEM Andy Reid (6) Philadelphia 3.60 2
A=4 Incredibly accurate Bill Cowher (14) Pittsburgh 2.27 30
B=3 Fairly reliable Marty Schottenheimer (4) San Diego 3.29 8
C=2 Hit or miss Mike Nolan (1) San Francisco 2.60 23
D=1 Not very reliable Mike Holmgren (7) Seattle 3.00 11
F=0 Always wrong Mike Martz (6) St. Louis 2.40 27
Jon Gruden (4) Tampa Bay 3.33 6
Jeff Fisher (12) Tennessee 2.80 19
Joe Gibbs (2) Washington 3.79 1
Arizona Cardinals Dennis Green (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 J.J. Arrington is the team's starting running back, but he added all his running backs will play. "We've got three backs. We only kept three running backs. So, all three of those backs will play. Marcel Shipp. James Jackson has been a solid starter in the NFL, who played for Cleveland. So, all three of the running backs will play. Those are the only three that we have on our roster" Arrington 8 carries, 4 receps
Shipp 7 carries, 2 receps
Ayanbadejo 2 carries, 5 receps
Jackson 1 carry, 0 receps
1 Arizona signed ex-Cowboy wide receiver Reggie Swinton to be the team's kick returner coach Dennis Green said. Swinton 6 KRs, 1 PR
Ayanbadejo 1 KR
2 Starting running back J.J. Arrington has a stomach flu and sat out Thursday's practice. Green said Arrington is expected to play. Arrington did not play 0
3 Green would like to see more balance in the number of receptions Boldin and Fitzgerald make in a game. "Both of those guys are touchdown-a-game receivers. Hopefully, they'll catch eight a game and score a touchdown a game." Boldin 12 targets, 6 receps
Fitzgerald 6 targets, 3 receps
3 "We know that Marcel and J.J. are two different types of player. One has been a very good college breakaway threat and the other is a good slashing, power-type runner. I think there's a role for both guys." Shipp 10 carries, 2 targets
Arrington 5 carries, 1 target
7 "We are a passing team." 32 passes, 22 rushes 4
7 Green said the tight ends do run routes and are asked to block only when the defense is going to blitz. 2 targets to TEs 1
8 "At some point, he's [Reggie Swinton] going to have to rest a toe that has a torn ligament in it. He's been limping his way through it. We decided to bring in J.J. Moses now whether he plays this week or not. But he'll [Moses] play next week." Week 8: Moses inactive, and Swinton handled all returns
Week 9: Swinton inactive, Moses handled all returns
9 Eric Green and Oliver Ross could well return to action this week, Green said. Ross started
Green subbed, 2 tackles
10 Chike Okeafor (ribs) did some things at practice and is expected to play, Green said. Okeafor started, 1 tackle, 1 assist 3
10 Regarding R-Kal Truluck "he is an open-field pass-rush guy that's had some success in the NFL. Hopefully, despite the fact that he just got here, he will be able to play that role for us, because the other guys are not up-the-field." Truluck subbed, 0 tackles 1
12 While Alex Stepanovich won’t need surgery, Green said, he will miss at least one game. Stepanovich inactive 4
12 Green said he was "hopeful" linebacker Karlos Dansby could return from a groin injury this week. Dansby started, 3 tackles, 4 assists 4
13 Regarding finding a replacement for Neil Rackers "A guy has to be (accurate) in that 42-yard-and-in range," he said. "I don't think you can expect a guy to be making 50-yarders." Signed Nick Novak: known for short range accuracy rather than leg strength 4
14 Statement from week 13 "Antrel Rolle looked very good. We think he will be ready to go next week [14]." Rolle subbed, 1 tackle 1 Int, 1 PD 4
15 Regarding Darnell Dockett being upgraded from doubtful to questionable "I don't know if that means he's any closer to playing." Dockett started, 1 tackle, 1 assist 1
  Average 2.69  
Atlanta Falcons Jim Mora Jr. (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Roddy (White) practiced today and it looks like he'll be ready to go. 3 targets out of 10 to WRs 4
1 He's [Duckett] more decisive in his decision making and hitting the hole then he was last season at this time. He pounds people and he's fun to watch. He's the closer. 8 carries (2 redzone, 1 TD) 3
2 Who will return kicks if Rossum can't go? "Either Roddy (White), Romby (Bryant) or (DeAndra) Cobb, one of those guys." Romby Bryant returned four kickoffs, the others had none. 4
3 Punt Returner for the next game if Allen Rossum cannot play? "It will probably be the same thing. Brian (Finneran), DeAngelo (Hall), and Michael Jenkins working in there some too." Rossum did not play…
Hall and Jenkins each had a punt return
3 possible starting receiver if Dez White does not play? "I think you would see them both. You could name a starter and that would be Finn (Brain Finneran), but you would see Roddy (White) as well." Dez White did not play
Finneran 7 targets, 4 receps
Roddy White 2 targets, 0 receps
4 Regarding newly signed Jerome Pathon "I don't think he'll figure into the plans for a week or two, but you never know with injuries." Pathon inactive 4
5 Regarding Michael Vick "I'd expect there's a good chance he'll be ready to roll (for Sunday's game against the Patriots)." Vick inactive 1
6 "Mike [Vick] did more today than he did at any time last week. We're hopeful that by the end of the week we'll be able to upgrade him and he can play this week, but we'll see." Vick started
11/23, 112 yards, 1 TD, 1 int
51 yards rushing
6 "when we go to three receivers, Dez comes out and it's Finn, Jenkins and Roddy White. They all have some sort of involvement and that's the plan." Dez White: 4 targets
Michael Jenkins: 3 targets
Brian Finneran: 1 target
Roddy White: 1 target
7 "We will still list T.J. (Duckett) as questionable. We might have to downgrade him." Duckett inactive 4
9 So T.J. Duckett could go? "We'll see if he's sore or if it swells up or if there is an adverse reaction to him practicing. But coming off the field he told me he felt good." Duckett inactive 1
10 "I'd say that T.J. [Duckett], Freddie [McCrary], and Chauncey [Davis] have the most chance of moving from questionable to probable." All 3 remained questionable on Friday's injury report,
McCrary inactive,
Duckett and Davis subbed
11 "Brady [Smith] is questionable. Once again, I'm hopeful with him but it doesn't look great." Smith inactive 4
13 "The only one that is significant is Brady (Smith) and he is still questionable with the toe. Like I have said over the past five weeks, I think I am just holding out for a miracle, but we will see where he is on Sunday." Smith inactive 4
13 "We left Dez (White) as probable... Dez (White) did not practice again today; I thought he would but he did not." White inactive 3
14 Regarding whether questionable Brady Smith is better "Yeah. Better, but not markedly so. It was initially said that it would take four to eight weeks, and it's been six. So it looks like it will be more towards eight." Smith inactive 4
15 Regarding Michael Vick "He's basically seen everything he's going to see and practiced everything he needs to practice. I think he could get mental reps and still perform fine. The key is to get him as healthy as possible for Sunday night." Vick started
13/32, 122 yards, 0 TD, 2 int
35 yards rushing
  Average 2.94  
Baltimore Ravens Brian Billick (7)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 starting RB Jamal Lewis and backup RB Chester Taylor will split time throughout the game, estimating their carries could be "fairly equitable." Lewis 16 carries, 1 target
Taylor 4 carries, 3 targets
2 Brian Billick emphatically and repeatedly said Thursday that Kyle Boller is the team's starting quarterback, and if he fully is healthy by the Jets game on Oct. 2, he will be back under center. Oct 2nd inactive,
Oct 9th inactive,
Oct 16th inactive,
Nov 13th started
4 Mark Clayton will likely receive more playing time in week four according Brian Billick. However, Billick declined to say whether Clayton would replace Clarence Moore in the starting lineup, citing his dislike of labeling players as starters. Clayton started,
8 targets in week 1
4 targets in week 2
4 targets in week 4
4 "We've got to do it," Billick said of running the football. "It's a tall order against a group that has five first-round draft choices in their front seven. It's not going to be easy, but we have to commit to it, and we will." 45 rushing plays
21 passing plays
5 "We've got to continue to find ways to get the ball in Mark's [Clayton] hands, which we'll do." 6 targets (previously averaged 5.3 per game) 2
7 Regarding Ray Lewis not practicing this week “Sometimes, Ray watches and observes and is ready to go." Lewis started, 5 tackles 4
8 "We have been built to be balanced. The efforts we have made to improve the passing game (primarily in efficiency and in yards after the catch) were done with the balance of the running game in mind." 27 rushes, 46 passes 0
8 “Jamal [Lewis] has run well against the guys before with that physical style of running, although Chester [Taylor] has run the ball as well. We’re going to use any combination we have to get the job done.” Lewis 17 carries, 1 target
Taylor 8 carries, 6 targets
9 Billick amended his prior optimism about Tony Weaver, calling him the biggest question mark. Weaver subbed, 1 tackle 2
12 three CBs listed as questionable (Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, and Dale Carter) but Billick described the injuries as "nothing serious." McAlister start, 4 tackles, 1 FF
Rolle started, 5 tackles
Carter subbed, 1 tackle
13 When asked if Ed Reed would play this week "I feel pretty good." Reed started, 3 tackles 4
14 Billick said he expects cornerback Chris McAlister (hamstring) and offensive guard Keydrick Vincent (thigh) to return to practice this week. Vincent worked out, but did not practice
McAlister was limited but did practice
15 Regarding questionable Tony Weaver "We will see how the week goes, but I am more optimistic this week than I was last." Weaver subbed, 0 tackles 2
  Average 2.46  
Buffalo Bills Mike Mularkey (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Will Losman typically  throw for 300 yards like in college? "I think the stats will show up. It might not be to that extent because we are a ball control offense ... you may see some numbers if we win the possession battle." Losman 17/28,170 yds,1TD,0 int
Bills 65 plays, Texans 49
Bills 38:15 time of possession
3 "It would open up the running game and I will say this, we've attempted to throw downfield. Long throws are in the plan." Losman 7.5 yards per completion, long 17 yards 1
4 Mularkey said he expected there would be tough days — and he plans to stay with Losman. Losman replaced by Holcomb for 4th quarter 0
4 Mularkey says Tim Euhus has done more in practice each day and has a decent shot to play Sunday against the Saints. Euhus inactive 1
5  Tim Anderson and Justin Bannan will combine to take the place of Ron Edwards Mularkey said. Anderson started, 1 tackle, 1 assist
Bannan subbed, 2 assists
6 Mularkey is on record as wanting to inject more big plays into his offensive attack, heading into Sunday's home game against the Jets. He indicated the play calling may get a little more aggressive. 9.6 yard avg. per completion (long 27) 1
7 “I’d love to get Lee [Evans] more involved.” Evans 5 targets (previously averaged 4.5 per game) 2
8 Mularkey said Mike Williams will start, barring setbacks. Williams subbed 1
10 Mularkey said Sam Adams would start against KC but the liberal substitution system will very likely remain in place. Adams inactive 0
12 can we expect to see Mike Williams back in the starting lineup... and if so, what position "We are still working him at the guard position. We feel that Jason Peters has performed and played well." Peters started at RT,
Williams subbed
13 "Getting the tight ends the ball is something that we've got to emphasize in the offense." One target to a TE (previously averaged 2.5 per game) 0
15 "Lionel [Gates] has worked hard to get a chance to prove himself. Keep an eye open for him." Gates inactive 0
  Average 1.33  
Carolina Panthers John Fox (4)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 "Steve Smith is an explosive football player, whether it's as a return man or a wide receiver." WR 8 receps, 138yards, 1TD
PR no returns, 1 fair catch
2 "Everybody talks about them (Jordan Carstens and Kindal Moorehead) like they haven't played. They played a lot more than Kris [Jenkins] last year." Carstens: started, 0 tackles
Moorehead: subbed, 0 tackles
3 On if Idrees Bashir is an option at free safety: "Yes. He went in late in the game against New England when Mike (Minter) came off. Mike tried to go as long as he could, and then Bashir stepped in." Bashir subbed, 0 tackles 1
4 On linebacker Will Witherspoon: "He was fine, just like we expected. He practiced today and is still listed as questionable." Witherspoon started, 4 tackles, 3 assists 4
5 On how the Cardinals starting two rookie cornerbacks might change the Panthers game plan: "We've got our game plan in regardless of who plays." 27 rushes, 29 passes
20 targets to WRs (previously averaged 17.3 per game)
6 Stephen Davis and Brad Hoover back at practice: "They are just day-to-day, and we'll see how it goes along the way. It was good to get them out here today, and we'll see how they feel tomorrow. They looked alright." Davis started, 13 carries
Hoover inactive
8 On how DeShaun Foster looked "He had a good practice, and it looks like there are no ill effects." 12 carries, targets 5 4
10 If Kris Mangum cannot play "We've got Mike Gaines and Mike Seidman waiting in the wings. As far as the development of Mike Gaines, he's a big, strong, athletic guy who has proved worthy both in the run game and pass game." Gaines started, 1 target
Seidman 0 targets
(Mangum averaged 2.5 per game)
12 On the chances of linebacker Dan Morgan playing against Buffalo "He's not out yet, so there's always a chance, even when you're doubtful. We'll prepare without him." Morgan inactive 4
14 On having Dan Morgan back on the field: "He was close last week but not quite ready and he should be ready this week." Morgan started, 6 tackles 4
  Average 2.60  
Chicago Bears Lovie Smith (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 We’re definitely comfortable putting him [Jerry Azumah] out there (for) some action. We don’t know exactly how much. We won’t rush him back. We don’t know yet whether he will return kickoffs, but we feel like he’ll play, and kind of take it from there.” Defense: 3 tackles
Did not play on special teams
2 Cedric Benson will be more involved this week according to coach Lovie Smith. "We'd like to get him more involved. We got him into the second half last week and we would like to get him in earlier this week." First half: 3 carries, 0 targets
Second half: 13 carries, 0 targets
3 Regarding Adewale Ogunleye "We expect him to be on the field this week." Ogunleye started, 2 tackles, 2 assists, 1 sack, 1 PD 4
5 "We don't plan on splitting carries. Thomas Jones is our starter and he'll get the bulk of the plays. We would just like to give him a little bit of relief and get Cedric [Benson] in there some.” Jones 24 carries, 2 targets
Benson 5 carries, 0 targets
6 Regarding Thomas Jones "He hasn't practiced all week, but it's not like he was limping or anything like that. I thought he looked good and we'll kind of take it from there." Thomas 23 carries, 1 target,
2 TDs
7 Regarding questionable John Tait "There was quite a bit of improvement. We think he'll be able to go." Tait started 4
7 Regarding questionable Brad Maynard "We think Brad will be OK." Maynard played 4
8 We've had other players throughout the year who didn't dress one week and were a major part of what we did the following week. Justin [Gage] is a good player. He'll be a big part of what we'll do this week." Gage subbed, 4 targets 2
9 Regarding Thomas Jones "He's getting better and better. His knee is strong. He's in pretty good shape and we expect him to have a great game." Started, but aggravated his injury, 11 carries & 1 target in the first half 2
10 Regarding using both Cedric Benson and Adrian Peterson "If we have a hot guy, of course we'll play him more. The plan is to use all of our players as much as we possibly can the same way we rotate at other positions." Benson 12 carries before leaving with an injury,
Peterson 5 carries up to that same point in the game
12 "We think Eddie Berlin should be able to step right in with the offense and also of course he's a good special teams player, so it was a natural fit for us really." Berlin inactive 0
13 Regarding punt returner "I like the way Rashied [Davis] came into the game and gave us a lift there. You know Bobby [Wade] has struggled; he has put the ball on the ground a few times. We can't have that." Davis 3 PRs
Wade 1 PR
14 Smith will stick with Bobby Wade and Rashied Davis on punt returns “Those are the two that’s gotten the most work with it. We have some other players that can catch the football. We’re concentrating on improving these two guys now.”  Wade 4 PRs
Davis 0 PRs
15 "I want to be able to run the ball better early in the game. That's what we're going to do." First half stats:
15 rushes, 11 passes
6.4 yards/rush
  Average 2.93  
Cincinnati Bengals Marvin Lewis (3)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
2 With HB Kenny Watson going on IR, might FB Jeremi Johnson see a little more action? "He’ll continue to, yes. No question. He knows what we’re doing, he’s been in that position to be the next guy in the rotation. So he’ll have that added to his slate now." 2 carries, 0 targets 1
3 What are your thoughts on the balance of your offensive play-calling? "We would like to stay balanced, obviously." 34 rushes, 24 passes 3
5 Is Eric Ghiaciuc a likely candidate to be on the active roster this Sunday in Jacksonville? "Chances are." started at center 4
5 Do you expect Rich Braham to play on Sunday? "I think Richie will play." Braham active, but did not play 0
7 Regarding questionable T.J. Houshmandzadeh "He was witnessing, now he went out there and actually provided a case the last couple of days. He did a good job." Houshmandzadeh subbed, 11 targets 4
9 It looks like linebacker David Pollack (knee) could be ready. Lewis said he's questionable, but improving. Pollack subbed, 1 tackle 2
12 "Rashad Bauman would be questionable at this point with a twisted knee, but I imagine on Wednesday we’ll be able to upgrade him a little bit." upgraded to probable,
Bauman subbed
12 Matthias Askew is listed as Bryan Robinson’s backup on the depth chart, but will you start Shaun Smith in his place? "Both guys will get work." Smith started, 2 tackles, 2 assists
Askew inactive
13 Kelley Washington and Greg Brooks both have tooth problems that they're dealing with - oral surgery - yesterday and today. So they'll be on that [injury] list today, but they'll be fine." Washington subbed, 0 targets
Brooks inactive
15 Lewis said Jeremi Johnson will probably be his running back on third down in place of Chris Perry. Jeremi 5 carries, 3 targets
(all carries were in 4th quarter with large lead)
  Average 2.00  
Cleveland Browns Romeo Crennel (1)
  NE DC last 4 years
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Crennel hasn’t announced a starting running back – he said both Reuben Droughns and William Green will play. “We have two proven runners who have produced in the NFL. We are going to put them out on the field and see if they can produce.”  Droughns 12 carries, 3 targets
Green 4 carries, 0 targets
2 Crennel said Friday Droughns will start in Green Bay. “If he gets hot,” Crennel said, “we’ll try to keep him hot and go that way.”  Droughns 20 carries, 0 targets
Green 0 carries, 1 target
2 Crennel said Antonio Perkins will get a chance to return kickoffs this week in place of fellow rookie Josh Cribbs, who's out for an indefinite amount of time. 3 returns, 27.3 avg. 4
3 "Lee [Suggs] has been improving. We have some spots where we can use him. I'm not going to say what they are." Suggs subbed, 0 rushes, 2 targets 2
5 “If the game plan calls for more of (Suggs) then we will see more of him. We’ve been putting him out on the field and we are quite pleased with what we’ve seen so far.” Suggs subbed, 0 rushes, 1 target 1
5 Crennel said Matt Stewart would likely be eased back into the rotation at outside linebacker and Aaron Shea should be healthy enough to return. Stewart subbed, 1 tackle
Shea started, 7 targets
7 Regarding Braylon Edwards "the concern is what kind of padding and what kind of procedure they need to do to try to keep those stitches together if he plays in the game. If the doctors say he can play, we'll probably play him some.'' Edwards subbed, 4 targets 4
8 Crennel said Braylon Edwards still won't start, but his role will expand. Edwards subbed, 4 targets 2
9 Regarding Braylon Edwards "He's going to get more plays, and if he continues to progress he'll eventually be a starter.” Edwards started (3WR set), 6 targets 4
10 Regarding Daylon McCutcheon "Hopefully he'll do more today. Like I've said all along, I anticipate he'll be there." McCutcheon started, 2 tackles, 1 PD 4
10 "I can afford to be more cautious [with Lee Suggs]. If I didn't have Jason Wright I might not be as cautious." Suggs inactive
Wright subbed, 0 carries, 0 targets
11 Regarding Joe Andruzzi "He's one of those tough guys. If at all possible he will play."  Andruzzi inactive 1
13 Crennel said he thinks Orpheus Roye (knee) and Alvin McKinley (ankle) will play, but both rested Wednesday. Roye started, 7 tackles, 3 assists, 2 sacks
McKinley started, 3 tackles, 2 assists
14 Crennel said Droughns has "a slight knee strain" but is expected to play Sunday. Droughns 21 carries, 1 target 4
14 Crennel said he thought Ray Mickens would "show up" Sunday. Mickens subbed, 2 tackles, 2 assists 4
15 Crennel said he expects questionables Joe Andruzzi, Orpheus Roye, Steve Heiden and Ray Mickens to play. Andruzzi, Roye, & Heiden started
Mickens subbed
  Average 3.13  
Dallas Cowboys Bill Parcells (3)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Said Friday he doesn't know if rookie running back Tyson Thompson will return kickoffs against the Chargers on Sunday because he has made several mental errors in practice this week. Thompson was inactive 4
1 Parcells has indicated that Anthony Thomas will be Julius Jones' backup to begin the season. He said he wants to limit Jones to 250 carries this season, which would be a little more than 15 carries per game. Jones 26 carries, 6 targets
Thomas 3 carries, 0 targets
2  "Julius got a little winded there in the fourth quarter. I got him out for a series in the first half. I should have gotten him out at some point in the second half." He said Monday that he would like to give Anthony Thomas 6 or 7 carries per game.  Jones 22 carries, 5 targets
Thomas 2 carries, 2 targets
Thompson 3 carries, 0 targets
3 Parcells said he won't dress receiver Peerless Price against the 49ers if he doesn't think he can give Price more playing time than he had against Washington. Price subbed, 1 target this week, 1 target the previous game 1
4 Parcells said he'll make an extra effort to get the rookie running backs more involved. Thompson 7 carries, 2 targets
Barber 2 carries, 0 targets
6 Regarding Julius Jones who hasn't practiced, "I probably wouldn't be too comfortable with his experience level, without practicing. I think, generally speaking, players need to practice some to have a chance for success." Jones inactive 4
7 "Julius [Jones] is making some progress but still not where we want him to be right now."  "You know if you can't cut, you can't run. It's no use." Jones inactive 4
8 Julius Jones “doesn’t look good” to return in week eight according to Parcells. Jones inactive 4
10 Regarding Julius Jones, Marion Barber, and/or Tyson Thompson "I think now we have a good situation here. We have three kids I'll put in the game, and I think they can all carry the ball. I think you better get used to that around here." Jones 8 carries, 1 target
Barber 13 carries, 4 targets
Thompson 0 carries, 0 targets
11 Regarding Anthony Henry "I think he's going to play unless he has a setback or something. If I'm dressing him, I'm going to use him." Henry inactive 0
13 Parcells said Aaron Glenn might return kickoffs Sunday. Thompson returned kickoffs 1
13 Parcells said newly acquired Mike Barrow will be active Sunday and play weakside inside linebacker. Barrow was active, but did not play 2
14 Parcells has suggested Barrow will play in some capacity on Sunday. Barrow was active, but did not play 1
15 Parcells doesn't usually activate players who've missed practices as late as Thursday, but he indicated that Chris Canty's knowledge of the defense might allow him to overcome the time away Canty subbed, 2 tackles 3
  Average 2.29  
Denver Broncos Mike Shanahan (11)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
2 "He had a lot of reps in practice today and looked pretty good out there, so unless there's a setback, he should be ready to go." Shanahan said he did not think the injury would keep Mike Anderson from going full speed. Anderson 15 carries, 4 targets
Dayne 8 carries, 0 targets
2 Courtney Brown "will dress this week unless there is a setback." subbed, 1 tackle, 1 sack 4
2 Friday regarding Champ Bailey: "He had a good practice today. He's definitely full go." started, 3 tackles, 1 Int 4
3 Regarding Tatum Bell "He looks better. Hopefully he keeps on improving (and) he should be able to go." Bell subbed, 5 carries, 0 targets 4
4 Regarding Darrent Williams' ankle injury "It's a little bit sore, but it's nothing that should keep him out." Williams inactive 0
5 Regarding Champ Bailey "We won't know (until) before the game -- but it was encouraging. I'd say optimistic is the word." Bailey inactive 1
5 "Darrent [Williams] will be able to go." Williams started, 7 tackles, 1 PD, 3 PR/FC, 1 KR 4
6 "I think Tatum [Bell] just has to stay healthy. He's played well when he's played and there's been some setbacks, but as long as he stays healthy, he'll keep on getting better." Bell 13 carries, 4 targets, 1 TD
Anderson 15 carries, 0 targets,
1 TD
7 Regarding Champ Bailey and Nick Ferguson "They looked pretty good. They were out there at walk-throughs today. Unless there's a setback, they should be ready to go." Bailey started, 3 tackles, 1 assist, 4 PD, 1 int
Ferguson started, 5 tackles, 1 assist
10 Regarding Champ Bailey "We practiced full speed and he looked pretty good out there." 8 tackles, 2 assists, 1 INT, 1 PD 4
12 Regarding Jason Elam "I just know he's going to kick in the game. What he does in his pre-game routine is up to him." Elam handled all placekicking 4
13 "Tatum [Bell]'s fine. He's gotten all the reps that he normally gets and he should be ready to go." Bell 5 carries, 1 target 2
13 "Cornell [Green] will probably be out and hopefully be ready to go next week unless there's a big-time recovery in the next 24 hours, we would lean to (sitting him out)." Green inactive 4
14 Regarding having used three RBs last week "I don’t think that’ll be something that we do on a regular basis." Bell 16 carries, 3 targets
Anderson 8 carries, 0 targets
Dayne 4 carries, 1 target
14 Regarding Courtney Brown, Keith Burns and Cornell Green "Everybody practiced. All three should be ready to go." Brown started
Burns subbed
Green inactive
15 "On offense, we're always going to run the football." 38 passes, 37 rushes 1
  Average 2.75  
Detroit Lions Steve Mariucci (3)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Kevin Jones's going to share the load a little bit with Artose Pinner and Shawn Bryson. That's by design. It's not because he can't handle it, it's because we want to keep all of them fresh and healthy. He'll get the lion's share of it, though. Jones 25 carries, 2 targets
Bryson 3 carries, 1 target
Pinner 0 carries, 0 targets
2 Mike Williams can be a viable threat in the tight confines of the red zone: "He's going to fill that big role for us immediately." 1 redzone target 1
4 On whether Jason Hanson would play based on Thursday's practice "We have how many more days to get better? If he continues to make progress like he’s been I think he has a chance.” Hanson played and handled all kickoffs and placekicking 4
4 Alex Lewis is “Probably out.” Ted Lehman “We hope he can and he’s been practicing quite a bit. He might be available to play. He’s got a better chance than Alex Lewis does.” Lewis inactive;
Lehman subbed, 2 tackles, 1 assist, 1 INT, 1 PD
5 about whether Hanson will be kicking off against Baltimore "Right now, we are going to do the same thing as we did last week and punch it down there without any problems and go cover it.” Hanson played and handled all kickoffs and placekicking 4
6 “Roy [Williams] didn’t do anything today. He’s getting better, but I don’t know if he’s going to be available. I told Roy yesterday that I want to see him practice fast before I put him on the field. I haven’t seen that yet.” Williams inactive 4
6 Regarding Eddie Drummond playing “I don’t think so. He didn’t practice today.” Drummond inactive 4
6 Regarding Jeff Garcia “He came out in pads yesterday. I told him today that he is going to be in pajamas for this game. He is going to come out, warm up and throw. Then he’s going to be unavailable, third and not play in this game." Garcia inactive 4
7 "We didn’t bang him [Kevin Jones]. He practiced today and yesterday. He is telling me he is going to go. How it feels – he will learn as he starts getting hit. We have alternated too with Artose Pinner in there for him and Shawn Bryson in there for him.” Jones 21 carries, 4 targets
Bryson 7 carries, 1 target
Pinner 5 carries, 4 targets
8 Regarding Dre Bly this week “He would need to play with a cast. It’s been done before, so he would be expected to do that.” Bly inactive 0
9 On Roy Williams “He feels he is going to go. He feels like he is going to try to go and he feels like he is going to be able to go. With that said, then we said ‘let’s freshen him up and make sure that can happen'." Williams subbed, 0 targets 2
9 On Charles Rogers “I think he has to get back into the flow of things. I think there is a little rust, if I can use that word, I don’t know. I think he can be sharper." Rogers remained on exemption list 4
10 “Hopefully, Charles [Rogers] can have a good week of practice and contribute. I haven't had a player come off a suspension like that before. I trust he'll have one heck of a week.” Rogers subbed, 2 targets 2
  Mariucci no longer coaching due to being fired.    
  Average 3.00  
Green Bay Packers Mike Sherman (6)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 It's possible that TE Donald Lee won't be activated Sunday in Detroit. "Learning a new offense and terminology doesn't necessarily help him. That's been an ongoing task getting him ready." Lee inactive 4
1 Although Na'il Diggs is listed as questionable, Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman said the veteran linebacker will not play in Sunday's regular season opener Diggs inactive 4
2 Ahmad Carroll will play the nickel cornerback position and cover the slot receiver. Although he will not start against the Cleveland Browns, Carroll will continue to see a lot of action. Started, 5 tackles 3
3 Regarding Bubba Franks for this week: "We're hopeful." If he does play, Sherman said he'd likely be in a limited role. Franks inactive 1
3 former WR receiver David Martin can stretch the field in the passing game. Sherman, however, said they might have to tweak the running game to compensate for the potential loss of the drive blocking Franks. Martin started, 1 target 4
7 regarding Ahman Green’s workload against the Vikings: “I do anticipate him carrying the football maybe more so than he has.” Green 16 carries, injured half way thru 4th quarter (averaged 15 in prior games) 3
8 Regarding Mike Flanagan “I think we have to be careful. He’s made a remarkable recovery from this injury, and we just want to make sure he’s 100 percent and we don’t put him at risk out there." Flanagan started 1
8 Will probably leave Antonio Chatman on punt returns even though he’s a starter "“I don’t know if we have that luxury (to take Chatman off punt returns), to be honest with you. Chatman’s very sure-handed." Chatman returned 4 punts 4
9 “Na'il [Diggs’] familiarity with the defense isn’t quite where you’d like it to be.”  Diggs inactive 4
10 Sherman said Na'il Diggs (knee) will play on Sunday but probably not start. Diggs subbed, 4 tackles 4
12 Sherman wouldn’t name undrafted rookie Samkon Gado as his starting halfback but hinted at the likelihood despite Gado’s second-half fumble last week against Minnesota “But he hasn’t done anything in practice to disappoint me.” Fisher started, but had only 2 carries, 4 targets
Gado subbed, 26 carries, 1 target
13 Regarding Bubba Franks “I’m a little bit concerned, to be honest with you, just because of where he was last week during the game and was kept (in the hospital) overnight.” Franks started, 1 target 1
14 Regarding Na'il Diggs “I’m still concerned about his health, but he’ll more than likely be available to us in some capacity for the game.” Diggs subbed, 1 tackle 4
15 Sherman said Mike Flanagan and Ahmad Carroll were injured in Sunday’s game but expected to be able to play against the Ravens. Flanagan started
Carroll started, 2 tackles
  Average 3.21  
Houston Texans Dom Capers (4)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Capers said he expects to see a lot from wide receiver Jabar Gaffney, who is finally healed from an off-season shoulder surgery. 1 target, 0 receptions 0
2 While discussing Shantee Orr: "Right now, we’ve got to set an example because things need to change. We’ve got a couple people out there that can make plays, and now they’re getting an opportunity." subbed, 1 PD 1
5 "I think as we go along, you’re going to see Jerome [Mathis] become more and more involved on both special teams and offense.” 5 targets (first of the year), 6 KR, 1PR 4
5 "There’s no question he [Jabar Gaffney] made plays, and guys that make plays are going to play.” 3 targets (previously averaged 4 per game) 1
5 on the offensive style after the coordinator change "You can’t just totally change what you’re doing... we want to be a team that can control the down and distance situations and mix the run and pass." 28 rushes, 34 passes 4
6 Capers said he doesn't expect Andre Johnson to play Sunday. Johnson inactive 4
7 Regarding questionable Andre Johnson "Andre has not practiced and I would say that he's very doubtful." Johnson inactive 4
9 Regarding Andre Johnson "I don't know that he'll play every snap, but I'm in hopes that he will be available for us in spot playing." Johnson started, 11 targets 3
10 “Any time Andre [Johnson]  is in there, we’re going to make an effort to try to get the ball to him.”  Johnson started, 8 targets 3
11 Regarding Domanick Davis “Based on what I’ve seen on the practice field, I think Domanick will be ready, but I thought the same thing the last two weeks so we’ll see.” Davis started, 25 carries, 4 targets 3
13 Capers said wide receiver Jerome Mathis once again will return punts and kickoffs, but that running back Domanick Davis also may be used depending on the game situation. Mathis 5 PRs, 4 KRs
Davis 2 PRs
13 Capers said Demarcus Faggins will be used mostly during third-down situations on Sunday. Lewis Sanders will start in his place. Sanders started, 5 tackles
Faggins subbed, 0 tackles
14 “Kris [Brown] is steady. He’s consistent. I think he’s got certainly the right demeanor for a kicker. He’s extremely competitive, but you know that you got be ready when called upon. He’s always been ready when we’ve called on him.”  (30), 37B, 31WL 1
15 “There is a good chance Donovan [Morgan] will be activated on Sunday as a receiver and a backup available as a returner.” Morgan subbed, 1 reception 4
  Average 2.86  
Indianapolis Colts Tony Dungy (4)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 “Dwight [Freeney] should be good to go. Dallas Clark is about the same. We’ll know once he takes the (neurological) test. If he passes the test, he’ll be able to play… He [Marlin Jackson] hasn’t practiced all week, so I’d say it’d be doubtful.” Freeney started & had 3 tackles, Clark and Jackson were inactive 3
2 Regarding Mike Doss: "He'll probably start and should be in good shape." started, 9 tackles 4
3 "I think Edgerrin’s going to have a big year. He’s running well, number one, and I think people are going to force us or allow us to run. He’s going to get a lot of opportunities and he’s running very well right now." Edge 27 rushes, 1 TD, 2 targets 4
4 "We’re going to face more third downs in the red zone and we’re going to face more situations where we’ve got to be able to run it down there." Red zone stats: 3rd&7 pass, 3rd &6 pass, 3rd &4 pass, 3rd &1 rush for -1 yard 0
5 Regarding Dominic Rhodes “I think he’ll be fine. We had him returning kickoffs and he took his normal turns in the running drills. I think he’ll be ready to go.” 5 carries, 1 TD, 1 target 4
6 Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney, each of whom missed practice Friday, returned Saturday. They each will play Monday, said Dungy. Sanders started, 7 tackles, 1 assist
Freeney started, 1 tackle, 1 assist
6 Regarding Gilbert Gardner “He looks like he’ll be able to go for us.” Gardner subbed, 0 tackles 3
7 “We really think Dwight [Freeney], Robert [Mathis] and Montae [Reagor] are going to be OK,” Freeney started, 3 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack, 1 FF
Mathis subbed, 2 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack, 1 FF
Reagor started, 3 tackles, 2 assist, 0.5 sack, 1 FR
9 Questionable Larry Tripplett returned Friday and likely will play, Dungy said. Tripplett subbed, 1 assist 3
10 "Reggie Wayne got a little bit of a sore foot. He made it through [Thursday's] practice OK, but we just wanted to rest him. It's just precautionary. It was just to really keep him off his feet." Wayne started, 9 targets 4
12 Regarding Rob Morris "It looks like he’ll be able to play. He feels like he can play. If he comes in (Sunday) with the same feeling, he should be able to go.” Morris subbed, 1 tackle 3
13 Regarding Cato June “That was kind of the doctors’ plan, to rest him. I think he’s going to be fine for the game.”  June started, 7 tackles, 1 PD 4
14 Regarding questionable Nick Harper “Nick did fine. He moved around well.” Harper started, 4 tackles 4
15 Regarding Cato June “Right now, it looks like he will play.”  June started, 4 tackles, 6 assists 4
  Average 3.43  
Jacksonville Jaguars Jack Del Rio (3)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Fred Taylor will be in the starting lineup on Sunday and Del Rio suggested Taylor will get a 20-25 carries workload, following a four-carries preseason that was dedicated to recovery from offseason knee surgery. Taylor 20 carries, 2 targets
Toefield 4 carries, 2 targets
Pearman 1 carry, 0 targets
Jones 0 carries, 1 target
3 “Byron [Leftwich] is about as tough as they come. We're very confident we'll have him this week.” Leftwich started, 16/23, 1 TD 4
3 “Looking back, we'd like to see more running, more balance... I think Fred (Taylor) is ready (for more carries).” Taylor 37 carries 4
5 A decision will be made this week on whether or not rookie offensive tackle Khalif Barnes will get his first start as a pro. Either way, coach Jack Del Rio said Barnes' playing time will increase. Barnes started 4
6 Regarding Ernest Wilford “Yeah, there's always that chance (his playing time could increase), but we like the way the (wide receiver) group is working right now." 2 targets (same as season average) 4
8 Regarding Fred Taylor "We anticipate in having him. I'm just trying to be as accurate as possible (about the injury). We're far more optimistic than we were two weeks ago." 22 carries, 2 targets 4
9 Del Rio told reporters on Monday that Jamie Winborn could replace either of the Jaguars' two outside linebackers, Akin Ayodele and Daryl Smith. Winborn, 0 tackles
Ayodele, 4 tackles
Smith, 3 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack
9 Del Rio said on Monday he will increase Ernest Wilford's playing time. Del Rio didn't discount the possibility Wilford will be in the starting lineup. Wilford started, 7 targets (previously averaged 2.9 per game) 4
10 Del Rio said backup running back LaBrandon Toefield, inactive in three of the team's past four games, will be in uniform. 1 carry, 2 targets 3
12 Regarding Fred Taylor "The story isn't that he's injured, and he isn't being demoted. He needs to be 100 percent to help the team down the stretch." Taylor inactive 4
13 Del Rio told reporters Fred Taylor would practice on Wednesday and that it was hoped Taylor would be able to play in Cleveland. Taylor inactive 1
14 "It's good to have him [Fred Taylor] back. He's practiced well this week. Certainly, he's another weapon for us. We're going to keep playing Greg (Jones) though. I'd like to see them both get some touches and then we'll see how the game flows." Taylor 10 carries, 1 target
Jones 7 carries, 1 target
15 Fred Taylor will remain the team’s starter according to Del Rio, but will be spelled by Greg Jones. I see us utilizing both players. Greg has proven that he can play both fullback and halfback for us, and we can be productive using him." Taylor 17 carries, 3 targets
Jones 12 carries, 2 targets
  Average 3.38  
Kansas City Chiefs Dick Vermeil (5)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 RE: Brian Waters “We just held him out [of practice]  today as a precautionary measure. I think he’s still probable. I plan on him playing. We’re a little worn down right now.” started 4
1 Q: Will Dante Hall [despite recent injury] do all the returning: kickoffs and punts? "Yes." handled all the punt and kickoff returning 4
2 What will be Kevin Sampson’s function this week? "He will play. He will not start but he will play. We will work him in.” subbed 4
2 “I expect T-Rich [Tony Richardson] to play. I wouldn’t know how to line up without him. I’ve never lined up as a Chiefs coach without him." started, 1 target 4
4 Larry Johnson will continue to share time with Priest Holmes according to Dick Vermeil. The plan will remain for Holmes to see two series and then for Johnson to work a series. RB by series: PH, PH, LJ, PH, PH, LJ, LJ, PH, PH, PH, LJ, PH 4
4 Is Kevin Sampson going to be your starter at right tackle? “Good chance. He was originally our starter before he got hurt.” Sampson started at RT 4
6 "Regardless of what excuse we want to make, we have to do a better job of getting the ball to Tony Gonzalez's hands." 6 targets (same as season average) 1
6 Will Kevin Sampson play this Sunday? “He will next week barring any complications or readings that our doctors get.” inactive weeks 6 & 7 1
7 Will Larry Johnson be ready? “He’ll be ready to go. He was going to practice today.” 23 carries, 1 target, 1 TD 4
7 Regarding Eric Warfield playing "I would imagine especially if Dexter can’t play. Someone’s got to play. He would end up playing.” Warfield started, 0 tackles 3
8 John Browning participated in the walk-through today… “We anticipate him being able to play." Browning started, 1 PD 3
9 Have you got the report from the doctor [regarding Priest Holmes]? “I haven’t but Carl (Peterson) and other people have talked to him. It’s doubtful.” Holmes inactive 4
9 “[Eric] Warfield practiced real well; he moved very well on the practice field. I’m real pleased. He’s definitely a go.” Warfield started, 11 tackles 4
9 Willie Roaf was downgraded to questionable today. What’s his status today? “Very questionable. Aggravation of the hamstring.” Roaf inactive 4
10 Do you anticipate [recently signed] Dee Brown being active this week? “I anticipate him being active.“ 1 carry, 0 targets 3
12 Patrick Surtain’s status? "I think he’ll be ready to go.” Surtain started, 5 tackles 4
13 Do you still feel good about Ryan Sims for Sunday? “Yeah, I think Ryan Sims will play Sunday. I really do." Sims subbed, 2 tackles 4
14 But can he [Larry Johnson] take that many carries [approx. 30 per game]? “I hope four more weeks plus. If you look through the league you’re going to find a lot of guys that do the same thing and have for a long time." Johnson 26 carries, 3 TDs 4
15 “Carlos [Hall] practiced today. This was a lighter tempo, but he practiced and I think he will be ready to go.”                         Hall subbed, 1 tackle 3
  Average 3.47  
Miami Dolphins Nick Saban (1)
  LSU HC last 5 years
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 (On if he has to be conservative because of the inconsistency with the offense during the preseason) – “I am just the opposite... Getting conservative is not going to help us, at all. That won’t come from me, I can promise you that.”  Total: 33 rushes, 36 passes
1st down: 18 rushes, 11 passes
2nd down: 8 rushes, 14 passes
5 “We have every confidence that Bryan Gilmore can play and can spot-play in there for Chris (Chambers). My [thought] two weeks in a row has been, we should play the guy more. He does a good job when he plays receiver…" Gilmore subbed, 0 targets 1
6 Regarding Junior Seau "so that he can get better and just not be an every week thing for the next however many more weeks, if he doesn’t have an opportunity to get some rest and get it a little better than what it is right now." Seau inactive 4
6 Regarding using Ricky Williams “We have a plan of how we’d start to play him... some playing [Williams and Brown] together and do it more like you do in an early season game to start – play so many plays with one guy then so many with the next guy." Brown started, 9  carries, 3 targets
Williams started, 5 carries, 6 targets
7 If Eddie Jackson is ready to return to a defensive role “I don’t know about defense, but I think that we will discuss it. We didn’t work him in all of the defensive stuff." Jackson subbed, 0 tackles 4
7 If he would be comfortable playing Junior Seau or Jason Taylor without practicing this week “I think if there are any two guys on our team that could do it based on their experience, they probably could." Seau inactive
Taylor started, 4 tackles, 3 assist, 1 PD
8 Regarding Olindo Mare "He is not 100 percent, but we are hoping by the end of the week he will be, but he did kick today." Mare handled placekicking and kickoffs 4
9 "David [Boston] is still struggling a little bit, so I don’t know for sure what his status is going to be for the game. Other than that, we are OK.” Boston inactive 3
10 Regarding Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams carries "we’re trying to manage the situation in the game to get the number of touches you like for two outstanding players to be able to impact the game." Brown started, 14 carries, 4 targets
Williams subbed, 11 carries, 1 target
11 Regarding Gus Frerotte "We feel like he probably could play in the game, based on what he did today." Frerotte started 18/31, 261 yards, 2 TD, 1 int 4
13 On if Marty Booker being unable to play, will give other receivers like Cliff Russell a chance to get into the mix “We are working them this week and I think we have to go with four guys, so he is the next guy we are working with.” Russell subbed, 0 targets 2
14 “Marty (Booker) did everything today in practice and didn’t seem to have any problems." Booker started, 4 targets 4
15 "We are still going to make day-to-day decisions on a couple of guys, but Wes (Welker) was fine." Welker 3 PR, 4 PR, 2 targets 4
  Average 3.31  
Minnesota Vikings Mike Tice (4)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 said he doubted any of the team's running backs could handle 20-25 carries per game since they have missed time with injury problems. RB Michael Bennett is expected to start Week 1, but Tice said the team will do a running back by committee approach during the game. Bennett 6 carries, 3 targets
Williams 6 carries, 3 targets
1 about Troy Williamson and  this Sunday: "He's made great strides as his confidence has gone up. We'll use him in a number of different situations, some third down, some first down. But he's doing very, very well. I'm very, very pleased." 0 targets 1
2  If Sam (Cowart) can't go would you slide E.J. (Henderson) back in? "We'll talk about that, but the most probable thing is to put Rod (Davis) in there." Davis started, 3 tackles, 3 assists, 1 FR 4
3 Will Koren Robinson be an option as a returner on Sunday? "He'd be an option. I'd love to see Troy (Williamson) get it going with all that speed. " Robinson 4 returns
Williamson 0 returns
4 Who takes Willie's (Offord) spot? "We will look at that. If Darren (Sharper) is healthy, obviously we will go with him. If Darren can't go then either it's Kenny (Irvin) or a young Will Hunter." Sharper inactive
Irvin started at FS
4 What does this all mean for Erasmus James' playing time? "A lot more. I think he's really starting to come on. He is practicing faster. Hopefully this will be a game, like Troy Williamson last week, he will do some things for us and make some plays. James subbed, 0 tackles 0
6 "I think Darren (Sharper) looks very, very good. Unless he has a major setback today I don't foresee us being without him for another week." Sharper started, 2 tackles 4
6 Can you monitor distractions for the team? "If I'm going to sit here and tell you the team is not distracted I'd be lying to you. I think the one thing I have been consistent with over the four years is not lying." First sentence true
second sentence false
6 "The kick returner for us is Koren [Robinson] and if the numbers work out then Keenan (Howry) will return punts." Robinson handled KRs,
Howry handled PRs
7 Nate Burleson will be on a limited play count this weekend. He will play, but HC Mike Tice says he isn’t ready to play a full game. "I think he's going to have to pace himself a little bit." Burleson started, 3 targets (previously averaged 6.5 per game) 4
8 "We have five receivers that are rolling through. But, I can tell you this, we only have two guys that can play in the slot in Nate and Travis Taylor. That will tell you right away that they are going to play more." Travis Taylor 5 targets
Marcus Robinson 5 targets
Troy Williamson 4 targets
Nate Burleson 3 targets
9 "We'll keep Ciatrick Fason in that third and one role, that plus 10 yard line role that normally is Moe's." 5 carries (one on 3rd&1, two inside the 5), 1 TD 4
10 "I really like where we are special teams-wise if Mewelde [Moore] can return punts for us this week." Moore 71 yard PR for TD
Robinson 86 yard KR for TD
Tice: psychic of the week
12 "[Toniu] Fonoti is pretty sore and probably won't be able to go this week and so we'll look at Anthony [Herrera] or Chris [Liwienski] back in there." Fonoti inactive
Herrera started
Liwienski subbed
12 "Jimmy [Kleinsasser] looks to be sore with that groin. I talked to him this morning. He will definitely play, but I'll probably give him some time off in the mixed part of practice where we are going full bore." Kleinsasser started, 0 targets 3
13 What does Troy Williamson have to do to get back out there and contribute? "He was hurt last week. He was hurt, read the injury report. He'll be up this week." Williamson inactive 0
14 "Kevin (Williams) continues to progress, but he is probably listed more on the doubtful side. I don't know that he can get there in time for this week's game and then missing yesterday and probably today it looks more and more like we will hold him out." Williams inactive 4
15 Regarding Michael Bennett, Ciatrick Fason, & Mewelde Moore “We’ll be going down the stretch here with three good backs. Mewelde will get plenty of chances.” Bennett 11 carries, 2 targets
Fason 3 carries, 0 targets
Moore 2 carries, 2 targets
  Average 2.83  
New England Patriots Bill Belichick (6)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
2 Troy Brown and Tim Dwight have been back there as punt returners. Are those roles still kind of developing? "We've done both. I think we will continue to do both." Dwight 1 return, 1 FC
Brown 1 FC
2 Is Deion Branch your go-to WR: "If he’s open, then we want to get him the ball and he's open quite a bit." led the team with 14 targets 4
4 How are [Amos] Zereoue and [Michael] Stone getting acclimated and do you anticipate them being ready to play on Sunday? "We'll make that decision at game time, but they're further ahead than they were on Tuesday." both players were active and subbed 4
6 Richard Seymour is a virtual certainty to play? "He's probable. He's getting better. I just talked to him. He's feeling better. He's looking better. He's a lot better than he was last week. So he's upgraded from where he was last week." Seymour inactive 1
8 Regarding Ted Bruschi "He did what everybody else did [in practice]. Let’s put it that way. He’s an experienced player, so it’s not like we’re starting from scratch. He has a pretty good background and is a good fundamental player." Bruschi started, 2 tackles, 5 assists 4
9 Regarding Andre' Davis' "We'll keep working with him and see where that goes. We had enough confidence to put him on the field and I think he can help us. I think he can do a good job for us. " Davis inactive 1
13 How is Kevin Faulk doing? Is he into the flow finally? "Yeah, it's good to see him back out there." Faulk 10 carries, 4 targets 3
14 After Kevin Faulk missed practice "Kevin’s a smart football player. He picks things up very quickly. This isn’t the first time that he’s been out awhile and then come back and been productive." Faulk 5 carries, 7 targets 3
15 On if the reliance may shift now on a running back because of the weather, "Not necessarily. If you have a guy that can throw it and a guy that can catch it... I think you let the guy throw it and let the guy catch it." 32 rushes, 32 passes 3
  Average 3.00  
New Orleans Saints Jim Haslett (6)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
3 Haslett said Deuce McAllister will continue to be the centerpiece of the Saints' offense. "We've run the ball, but we really haven't broken big runs like we would like. What we want to do is get (McAllister) going a little bit more, have some more yards." Deuce 14 carries, 4 targets 1
4 On the effect of Jay Bellamy's injury "Josh [Bullocks] will start right now (at free safety) and Dwight [Smith] will move over to strong safety," Bullocks started at FS
Smith started at SS
4 about the choice of primary kickoff returner. "We have Freddie McAfee and we'll probably try Donte' [Stallworth] back there -- he has done it before. Devery [Henderson] has returned in college, so he is another possibility." McAfee returned all kickoffs 3
5 Regarding Donte' Stallworth "I think he's leading as he goes. He has become more consistent. We got to give him the ball a little bit more." 5 targets (previously averaged 8.0 per game) 1
6 "Antowain [Smith] and Aaron [Stecker] will pick up the load." Smith 12 carries, 0 targets, 2 TDs
Stecker 16 carries, 3 targets
7 "Joe Horn re-aggravated his hamstring. He'll be very questionable this week." Horn inactive 4
8 Haslett said Jammal Brown "did well" and Joe Horn "moved around good." Brown started
Horn started, 12 targets
12 Regarding relative newcomers Joey Thomas and Anthony Thomas playing this week "A-Train probably has a better chance than Joey right now. But we're working them both." Anthony did not play
Joey subbed, 0 tackles
14 Haslett said Jonathan Sullivan should be ready for the game after injuring his ankle in the third quarter against the Bucs. Sullivan subbed 3
15 "We'd like to get Joe [Horn] the ball. Obviously we'd like to have him score touchdowns." Horn 3 targets (previously averaged 8.6 per game) 0
  Average 2.40  
NY Giants Tom Coughlin (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 "Basically, we are going to keep him [Chad Morton] back there for punt returns and that is what we featured him on today [in practice]." 6 punt returns, 0 kickoff returns, 0 rushes 4
3 In response to a question at his news conference yesterday, coach Tom Coughlin said Will Allen is still the starting left cornerback. When asked to describe Allen’s Monday night performance, Coughlin declined to single him out. Allen started, 6 tackles, 1 assist 4
4 “All three of those guys are going to play,” he said. “(Corey) Webster has practiced all week and he’s ready to play. Curtis (Deloatch) is ready to play. Will (Allen) has played on both sides." DeLoatch and Allen started, Webster subbed 4
6 "Dallas is not going to just sit there and throw the ball. They’re going to maintain balance, and we are, too." Giants 19 rushes, 34 passes 0
7 “We have full intention of running the football with Tiki. We have full intention of doing that. Nothing has changed with regards to that." 19 rushes, 1 TD 3
8 Regarding questionable Plaxico Burress and Carlos Emmons “We’re just trying to get to a point where they feel good about allowing them to practice. Right now that’s not there.” Burress started, 9 targets
Emmons inactive
9 Carlos Emmons, Shaun Williams, and Justin Tuck did not practice Wednesday. Coughlin said Williams is expected to practice later in the week, but the availability of Emmons and Tuck is less certain. Williams subbed, 0 tackles
Emmons inactive
Tuck inactive
9 "Eric Moore will get some more snaps this week. He has been spending time at linebacker as well as defensive line." Moore inactive 0
10 “[Nick] Greisen didn’t practice, but I expect that he will be ready to go [for the Vikings game].” Greisen started, 1 tackle, 1 assist 3
11 Regarding Carlos Emmons “He practiced today and he does better every time he practices and he comes off and he has issues here and issues there, but he basically practiced.”  Emmons subbed, 1 tackle, 3 assists 3
13 Chad Morton was questionable with an ankle injury, but Coughlin indicated he was pleased with Morton's toughness in practicing despite the ailment. Morton returned punts and kickoffs 4
14 Regarding newly signed Terrell Buckley “I think he can help us right away. In a role which is very specific, very identified, I think he could help right away.” Buckley subbed, 0 tackles 3
15 “Luke Petitgout and Kareem McKenzie have been getting treatment for their injuries since Monday morning. They will continue to treat their injuries. They will basically be day-to-day, but we’re hopeful that they will be better by the end of the week." McKenzie inactive
Petitgout active, but did not play
  Average 2.69  
NY Jets Herman Edwards (5)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Edwards said he anticipated having John Abraham on the field for 15 to 25 plays against the Chiefs. "Hopefully, we can get in passing situations where John can help us, because he can do some things to rush the quarterback." came off the bench for 34 plays, 2 tackles, 1 sack 2
3 Curtis Martin won’t carry the ball 31 times like last week.  “That’s not smart because it will wear him out. Instead ... you throw it across the line of scrimmage...  Essentially, you just ran the ball and didn’t put the running back in harms way.” Martin 18 carries, 3 targets (compared to 3 and 2 targets in prior games) 2
4  Left tackle Jason Fabini, who is questionable with a sprained right knee, practiced at right tackle yesterday and could be moved there permanently, Edwards said. Fabini started at RT 4
4 Regarding just signed Vinny "I don't anticipate (Testaverde) coming in there, but I'm not going to say that it couldn't happen." Testeverde did not play 4
6 Edwards said Eric Barton, listed as questionable Wednesday with a high ankle sprain, will miss Sunday's game. Barton inactive 4
7 Regarding Curtis Martin missing more practices than usual "I never count out Curtis Martin." 14 rushes, 3 targets, 1 TD 3
9 Justin McCareins is "very, very sore," Edwards said, and could be spelled in the game by Jerricho Cotchery. McCareins, 7 targets
Cotchery, 0 targets
10 Regarding Jerricho Cotchery "With Wayne being hurt, he's going to play a lot. We have high expectations for him." Cotchery 2 targets 2
12 Edwards confirmed that Erik Coleman was benched in the second half and replaced by Oliver Celestin. Edwards said Coleman will retain his job. Coleman started, 5 tackles 4
13 Herman Edwards has made it clear one of the biggest goals for the remainder of the season is to get Martin to 1,000 yards. Martin 15 carries 2
15 Regarding Cedric Houston and B.J. Askew "We'll get a rotation going there. We'll try to get them both the ball. B.J. did a good job last week. He grew up a little bit." Houston 15 carries, 4 targets
Askew 4 carries, 1 target
  Average 2.55  
Oakland Raiders Norv Turner (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 "I believe Jerry [Porter] will be able to play. To what extent, I don't know. I don't know that he's completely turned it loose yet." 3 rec, 48 yds, 0 TDs, did look slightly less than 100% and a little rusty 3
2 Raiders were forced out of their base scheme early on and into an alignment that featured two defensive backs in place of outside linebackers Grant Irons and Tyler Brayton. Yet, it's too early to abandon [that], coach Norv Turner said. both subbed
Brayton 1 assist
3  Doug Gabriel took part in the entire practice and is likely to play against the Eagles, Turner said. Gabriel subbed, 3 targets 3
3 DE Tommy Kelly (knee) was listed as questionable but coach Norv Turner said he would definitely play and that it was unlikely Derrick Burgess would get the starting call over Kelly. Burgess started, 2 tackles
Kelly subbed, 1 tackle
4 Regarding rushing struggles "LaMont is our runner,'' Turner insisted. "And we want to mix Zack (Crockett) in there a little bit." Jordan 26 carries, 5 targets
Crockett 1 carry, 0 targets
4 For the second straight day, Lamont Jordan did not put in a complete practice due to a calf strain.  Asked if Jordan's availability was a concern, Turner said "No, not in my mind." Jordan 26 carries, 5 targets
Crockett 1 carry, 0 targets
6 "I'd like to see LaMont Jordan get 25 carries in the game." Jordan 12 carries 1
6 Tight end John Paul Foschi (knee) is healthy but still might not play, Turner said, because of a need for players at other positions. Foschi inactive 4
7 Regarding doubtful Moss "There's still a chance he'll play. I'm encouraged by some of the things he did today. We'll see where he's at (today) and again Sunday." Moss subbed, 6 targets, 1 TD 4
8 Regarding Fabian Washington "He's going to be out there by himself more now, so he's going to get a lot more chances." 3 tackles, 3 PD 4
9 Regarding Randy Moss "He didn't do anything today. I thought he would be better." Moss started, 8 targets, 1 TD 0
10 Questionable Renaldo Hill and Randy Moss are expected to play Sunday, Turner said. Moss started, 11 targets, 1 TD
Hill started, 9 tackles, 1 assist
12 If Sapp cannot play, Turner said Terdell Sands and Tommy Kelly may get most of the action in his place. Sands subbed, 1 tackle, 1 assist
Kelly subbed, 3 tackles, 1 assist
13 Brad Badger, who has been bothered by a knee strain, made it through Friday's practice. Nevertheless Turner said Jake Grove is the likely starter at left guard. Grove started 4
  Average 2.86  
Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid (6)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 said CB/PR Dexter Wynn should be available for Monday night's season opener against the Falcons in Atlanta. Wynn is listed as questionable on the injury report with an ankle injury. 1 fumble recovery,
3 punt returns plus 1 fair catch
2 Reid sounded confident McNabb would not be changing his normal style: "He has full movement to run. I don't necessarily want him to get hit there again, but if needed, he will run." 0 rushes 0
4 On whether he would like to limit Donovan's throws a bit more: "No, we do what we have to do to win games. If it means throwing 50 times, then you throw 50 times." McNabb 48 pass attempts 4
5 On whether CB Rod Hood will return kickoffs: "He most likely will not return kickoffs." Hood returned 1 kickoff,
Dexter Wynn returned 5
7 "Jason Short has that high ankle sprain; he did a little bit yesterday and not much today. He will not play in the game." Short inactive 4
7 On whether RB Ryan Moats will be active on Sunday: "There is a chance of that, yeah." Moats played, 2 KR 4
8 On who will be used as the kickoff returner this week "We will see how it goes, but Rod Hood has been working at it." Hood returned 6 kickoffs 4
8 On how Jason Short's ankle is progressing: "He is going to try it today and see. I think it will be a stretch for him playing the game." Short inactive 4
9 “If Akers is not back this week [8], he'll be back the next [week 9]." Akers handled placekicking 4
9 On whether he expects Jevon Kearse,  Donovan McNabb, and Sam Rayburn to start: "I do." McNabb started
Kearse started
Rayburn subbed
10 On the role Chad Lewis will play on Monday night: "He will work in as the second tight end." Lewis subbed, 3 targets
(Smith 7 targets)
12 On whether he is leaning towards starting Adrien Clarke over Artis Hicks: "We will see how Artis does here. Right now if he had to play today, he couldn't play." Hicks inactive
Clarke started
13 On whether he is concerned that Jeremiah Trotter might not be able to play on Monday: "No, he should be fine." Trotter started, 3 tackles, 2 assists 4
14 On who the starting running back will be: "It just depends on the personnel group we have in there or the play that we have in. We are going to rotate the guys." Moats 11 carries, 0 targets
Mahe 7 carries, 3 targets
Gordon 6 carries, 0 targets
15 On whether Jon Runyan will start: "Yeah, unless something crazy happens tonight." Runyan started 4
  Average 3.60  
Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher (14)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 How is Quincy Morgan picking up the offense? "He’s picked it up well. There’s a high probability that he’ll play on Sunday. He’ll be out there initially with the four wide package, but he’s coming along well." Played in 4 receiver sets,
0 targets
1 Is Joey going to start? "Joey [Porter] will start, yes. Based on him having no setbacks he will start. He’s not ready to play a whole game and James will certainly spell him at times." Started, 2 tackles, 2 assists, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble 4
2 Are the tight ends becoming weapons in the passing game? "We’re going to keep working at it and those two guys have been an integral part of both the passing game and the running game." Tuman 1 target 1
3 "Willie's starting again next week. He's our starter. I’ve got to keep other guys involved and I'll attempt to do that, but Willie Parker's going no where." Parker 17 carries, 3 targets
Haynes 2 carries, 1 target
Staley 0 carries, 0 targets
5 Will Andre Frazier get more reps? "Andre will work both sides. That will be something that he’ll be doing. From the standpoint of the bye week, he’s been able to work on that. Frazier subbed, 0 tackles 2
5 Are you going into this game wanting to get Duce Staley more involved? "We have to see how the week and the game unfold." Staley inactive 1
7 Cowher said it didn't look like Deshea Townsend was going to play. Townsend subbed, 3 tackles 0
8 Cowher said James Harrison, who filled in capably for Clark Haggans, will stay involved, and that Haggans will be eased back in. Haggans started, 4 tackles, 2 assist, 1 sack
Harrison subbed, 3 tackles
10 Will Duce Staley start? "A lot of this will be determined how there guys get through the week. But I think it’s safe that say that, based on the information that we have, he would." Staley started, 17 carries, 2 targets 4
12 Regarding Ben Roethlisberger “I am 75 percent confident he will be ready to go. He is probable. He seems ready to go.” Roethlisberger started
17/26, 133 yards, 1 TD, 2 int
13 Any idea how you might deploy running backs on Sunday? "No. Willie (Parker) will start, but we will see where we are in terms of active and how we go from there by the end of the week." Parker started, 15 carries, 1 target
Bettis 8 carries, 3 targets, 1 TD
Staley 3 carries, 3 targets
  Average 2.27  
San Diego Chargers Marty Schottenheimer (4)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Injury report listed Shawne Merriman & Vincent Jackson as probable.  Both practiced Fri. Schottenheimer said that the ability for Merriman and Jackson to contribute on special teams may play a bigger factor than health in deciding to activate the rookies. Jackson inactive;
Merriman came off bench, no tackles etc.
2 Schottenheimer plans to use Luis Castillo on special teams and to a limited extent on defense, "It won't be a prominent role, at least not as we approach the game." subbed, 2 tackles 4
2 Toniu Fonoti, emerging anchor of the Chargers' offensive line, has a broken right hand. "The expectation (is) he will play." started 4
3 Schottenheimer said Drew Brees hasn't been throwing to Tomlinson because of all the man-to-man coverage the Chargers have faced. "We'd like to see him with a few catches, absolutely." Tomlinson 7 targets (compared to 1 and 0 targets in prior games) 4
4 CB Quentin Jammer was pulled out of workouts because of leg tightness. "I expect he'll be fine," Schottenheimer said. Jammer started, 4 tackles 4
4 Schottenheimer said he expects Toniu Fonoti back for Friday's practice, but he won't start Sunday. Fonoti inactive 4
6 Drew Brees will be limited somewhat in practice this week, but Schottenheimer said the injury is a minor one and expects him to start against the Raiders. Brees started 14/20, 164 yards,
1 TD
6 Steve Foley continues to be listed as questionable with an abdominal injury, but Schottenheimer said he did almost everything at practice on Thursday. "My expectation would be that he's closer to ready than he was at this time a week ago." Foley started, 1 tackle, 1 PD 4
8 Regarding Nate Kaeding "Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think he'll be fine." Kaeding handled placekicking, but not kickoffs 3
8 Schottenheimer indicated all three questionable linebackers will all be ready to play Sunday: Donnie Edwards, Steve Foley, and Randall Godfrey. Edwards started, 5 tackles, 6 assist
Foley inactive
Godfrey inactive
9 Nate Kaeding (hip) kicked in practice and Schottenheimer said he could resume kickoff duties Sunday. Kaeding handled kickoffs 4
9 Eric Parker did not participate Thursday after tweaking an ankle late in practice Wednesday, but Schottenheimer said he’s not concerned about Parker’s status for Sunday.  Parker subbed, 0 targets 1
12 Regarding Antonio Gates "He did some work out here today. (His availability) is going right down to game time. We are cautiously optimistic. He ran and he cut. It was positive." Gates started, 9 targets 4
13 Eric Parker, who took over for Darren Sproles on punt returns last week, will continue in that role, Schottenheimer said. Parker returned punts 4
13 Terrence Kiel did not practice, but Schottenheimer said he wasn't concerned about Kiel's status. Kiel active, but did not play 1
14 Regarding questionable LaDainian Tomlinson "We'll take a look at it and see how he's doing. We're not real concerned about it." Tomlinson 21 carries, 5 targets 4
15 Schottenheimer said that Roman Oben was his only major concern this week. Oben inactive 4
  Average 3.29  
San Francisco 49ers Mike Nolan (1)
  Baltimore DC last 3 years
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 “They’ll [Steve Bush & Billy Bajema] split time. Sometimes, they’ll be in there together based on the personnel. That’s why I say the opening series of plays will determine who that starter is, and it could be both of them in there at the same time.” Both played:
Bush 1 target
Bajema 0 targets
1 (on if he’s set at having Arnaz Battle return punts) “No. It’s still he and Fred. We’ll see, but I’m not set on it yet.” Amey: 1 PR, 75 yards, TD
Battle: no PRs
3 on if he'll stay with the same structure with RB's Frank Gore and Kevan Barlow “Yes. Both of those backs are doing a good job and they will continue to do that. It’s important that you spell the running back, which is what we’re basically doing." Barlow 12 carries, Gore 7 carries (compared to 14/4 and
10/4 in prior games)
4 on if Fred Beasley is the starter at FB “He’s the starter. He hasn’t been demoted. (Chris) Hetherington is getting some reps as well. They’re both good players." Beasley started, 0 carries, 1 target
Hetherington subbed, 1 carry, 1 target
5 "I thought Arnaz Battle would take some reps, but he’s farther back than he was. He’s the other guy that I hoped would be out here at practice.” Battle started, 3 targets 1
7 "Right now, I’d like to keep Frank [Gore] at about a third [of the rushing carries] just from a health standpoint and to keep him going." Gore 9 rushes
Barlow 14 rushes
8 on if Arnaz Battle is any closer to playing “Not for this game." Battle inactive 4
8 on if there's a change in the Frank Gore/Kevan Barlow situation “That is the same. Right now, the structure will stay the same and we’ll go from there.” Gore 10 rushes
Barlow 26 rushes
9 "We’ll keep Arnaz Battle on as questionable because he had a new brace on, but tomorrow we might see where he could go on the probable list." Battle subbed, 5 targets 3
9 on if he'll just have Rasheed Marshall back on kickoffs “We also have [Jason] McAddley." Marshall 4 KRs
McAddley 1 KR
10 on if Ahmed Plummer had a setback “He just said he was sore from yesterday. His first day out yesterday, he came out and did a lot of work, so he just wanted to take the day off." Plummer inactive 0
12 on an update on CB Ahmed Plummer "He’s still injured. I don’t believe he’ll practice the first part of the week, and if he doesn’t he won’t be active for the game.” Plummer was active, but did not play 3
13 on Joe Nedney practicing “No, he did not practice. We’re expecting him to play on Sunday. I know he’s listed as questionable because he hasn’t practiced, but that’s what we’re looking at.”  Nedney handled placekicking and kickoffs 4
14 on who would start at RB “That’s a good question. All of them are kind of banged up, but that’s something we’ll talk about tonight. Frank Gore would probably be the guy if it’s not Kevan. If I had to guess based on practice time I would say Frank." Barlow started, 11 carries
Gore subbed, 2 carries
15 "I should say that Mike [Adams] will not be out in pads today, but he will run around out there on the side to see where he’s at. He’s questionable also, but there’s a chance we can get him back." Adams inactive 1
  Average 2.60  
Seattle Seahawks Mike Holmgren (7)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 Are you keeping D.D. Lewis in the starting lineup despite his past injuries? "He’s one of the guys on defense that we think can do just fine, but he hasn’t played very much. We think he’ll do fine in the games." Started, 4 tackles 4
2 Will Peter Warrick see more time this week? “Well, we’re going to fast-forward that thing this week. I told (wide receivers coach) Nolan (Cromwell) this week: ‘Let’s get that thing going.’ We’ll try and get him on the field a little bit Sunday” subbed WR, 0 targets
2 punt returns
3 What was behind the signing of Jimmy Williams? "Alex (Bannister) is down, we signed Jimmy. Jimmy can return punts. He can return kick offs, he has done a good job of that." Williams returned 1 punt 3
3 Do you feel you have to stick with the run? “If I make the conscious effort, 'I'm going to stay with the run,' I'm staying with the run. If I talk to myself, have one of those little discussions before the game, 'I'm going to stay with the run." 37 rushes, 32 passes 3
4 Darrell Jackson was excused from Friday’s practice in order to have his sore knee looked at "I don't think it's serious. But just to be on the on the safe side, so his mind is right, we sent him over there... I'm pretty sure he's going to play." Jackson 9 targets 4
5 Peter Warrick will also see more action? "He is one of those guys that I was referring to this morning. Peter (Warrick) is a talented guy with good hands. Now he is going to play. He has to play." Warrick started, 3 targets 3
5 What's the status of Itula Mili for this week? Could he play? “He probably could in maybe a limited capacity. I told him that he has to get himself ready to play this week." Mili inactive 1
6 How are Floyd Womack and D.D. Lewis "Womack is probably a couple weeks. And Lewis has a knee that he tweaked a little bit. D.D. has a chance to play this week.” Womack inactive,
Lewis started, 3 tackles, 1 assist
7 "I would think D.D. [Lewis] is going to be ready to play." Lewis started, 6 tackles, 5 assists, 1 PD, 1 FF 4
10 Who will start in place of Jamie Sharper? “Leroy Hill will just go in." Hill started, 4 tackles, 1 sack 4
12 Is there a chance of getting Darrell Jackson back this week? “I don’t know. I don’t think so, but we’ll see how he feels." Jackson inactive 4
12 How about Marcus Tubbs? “I think we get Tubbs back." Tubbs inactive 0
13 "(Chuck) Darby and (D.D.) Lewis are just a little banged up.” Darby started, 4 tackles, 1 assist
Lewis started, 1 tackle
14 What will Darrell Jackson do this week? "The plan is to practice him Friday a little bit, legitimately practice him Friday, and just see how he reacts to that, with the hope of playing him Sunday.” Jackson inactive 1
15 How will the receiving rotation being impacted by the return of Darrell Jackson? “The plan is to play; he and Bobby [Engram] will start the game, like we did in the first game of the season." Jackson 9 targets, 1 TD
Engram 6 targets
Jurevicius 5 targets, 1 TD
  Average 3.00  
St. Louis Rams Mike Martz (6)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
2 On whether CB Chris Johnson will be ready after a rough opening game “Yeah.  He just got here.  We just have to work with him a little bit.  We’re going to stay with him.” subbed CB, 1 tackle, 1 PD
1 kickoff return
4 Regarding Steven Jackson "Obviously, he's going to play. He's going to be hurting during the week, and it's going to be hard for him to move around for a while, but as each week goes by he'll get better and better." Jackson started 10 carries, 8 targets 4
4 Martz said the Isaac Bruce won't have to practice every day to play “We’ll just see where he is. Now Isaac could line up on Sunday and play without…it’s just where he is. We’re not going to worry about it right now.”  Bruce inactive 1
5 “Brandon (Manumaleuna) is very close. I don’t know that he’ll play this week or not. If there is any risk at all, he won’t play. Same with Isaac (Bruce). We’ll move on and wait until they are completely ready to go.” Manumaleuna inactive,
Bruce inactive
5 “Cam [Cleeland] has retained just about everything, it’s amazing... and Blaine [Saipaia], he knows the offense so well that, just moving one position out, he understands the schemes and he has excellent hands. He can catch the football." Cleeland subbed, 1 target
Saipaia started, 0 targets
  Martz no longer coaching due to health reasons.     
  Average 2.40  
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jon Gruden (4)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 "It’s up to us now to find a way to get him [Mark Jones] active, and as soon as we can there’s a good chance he’ll be back there returning punts. That’s why he’s here.” 3 punt returns 4
2 “He’s [Mark Jones] done primarily punt returns, but if pressed into service we’ll trust that he’ll do the job [KR] if he’s the guy we choose to go with.” 3 kickoff returns 4
3 Regarding Cadillac Williams “He’s going to be ready to go tomorrow and he’s going to play in the game, so he’s alright.” Cadillac 37 rushes, 1 target 4
4 Regarding Cadillac Williams “He practiced. He’s still probable [on the injury report]. It’s much like last week. He’s still got some soreness, but he did practice today and we expect him to play.” Cadillac started, 11 carries, 3 targets 3
5 Regarding Cadillac Williams “He's getting better. He did things with the trainer much better today than he did the previous two days, so I'm encouraged by his progress.” Williams inactive 1
5 Regarding Michael Clayton “He’s been limited before. It’s not like he wasn’t limited the whole offseason... We’ve got plenty of alternatives that we’re working on, and Ike Hilliard will be a part of it, certainly." Clayton 1 target
Hilliard 7 targets
6 Michael Clayton will get more looks this week according to Gruden "We have to call his number more." Clayton 3 targets (prior average 5.4 targets per game) 0
6 Regarding Cadillac Williams “He practiced a little more today. I think he's getting better, but he's not where he needs to be, if you ask me." Williams inactive 4
8 Regarding Cadillac Williams "This is the first live action we've seen from him in some time, so we're going to just kind of keep him as questionable but let everybody know that we are optimistic." Williams started, 13 carries, 2 targets 4
9 Regarding Michael Pittman "I think he's going to be fine. I'm optimistic. Talking to Mike he's confident that he'll play but we have to legally put him on the injury list and we'll do so as questionable." Pittman subbed, 5 carries, 6 targets 4
10 Gruden said Clayton is “on the downside of questionable.” Clayton inactive 4
10 "Yep, he's been stepping up for us. Ike will play, Ike [Hilliard] will start. And Edell Shepherd obviously will be part of the package, also." Hilliard started, 8 targets, 1 TD
Shepherd, 4 targets, 1 TD
12 Regarding Dexter Jackson “Well, he’s had a pretty good week here. He hasn’t had any significant set-backs but he is questionable. Hopefully he can go through the whole week with no set-backs and we’ll see what happens.” Jackson started, 4 assists, 1 PD 4
13 After Dewayne White was added to the official injury report on Wednesday “We think he’ll be okay.” White subbed, 0 tackles 2
14 Regarding Matt Bryant “We’re confident that he’s made great progress and there’s a good chance he could be our kicker.” Bryant handled placekicking and kickoffs 4
  Average 3.33  
Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher (12)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
1 (on tight end Ben Troupe getting back on the practice field) "Ben was fine. He did a nice job yesterday and today. He came back today without any problems. Things look good." 4 receps, 28 yards, 1 TD 4
2 on the injury update of  linebacker Keith Bulluck and defensive lineman Antwan Odom: "They are going to be ok. They are alright. We are just holding them back. Keith is improving and so is Antwan." Bullock started, 7 tackles, 1 assist, 1 sack, 1PD
Odom started 1 assist
3 on Pacman Jones returning kicks "He is fine back there. If Courtney (Roby) is going to be unable to go, Pacman and some of the other guys will be able to do it." Roby was inactive,
Pacman returned 4 kickoffs
4 Regarding Chris Brown "He believes that if he can get on a roll and get moving, then we are going to keep feeding him the ball. That was our approach going into the game last week. This is really no different than last year." Brown 10 carries, 2 targets
Titans first drive: 7 passes, 3 rushes
4 Ben Troupe looks like he's good to go Sunday. "I think the foot is fine. He had a mild ankle sprain in last Sunday’s game but he is working through that. He is doing fine." Troupe started, 5 targets 4
5 Regarding Drew Bennett "He is ok, we just kind of shut him down this week [in practice] to let him recover." Bennett started, 6 targets 3
6 Regarding questionable Steve McNair "He has a sore back with mild back spasms and tightness, so we held him out of practice... He is actually much better now than he was this morning." McNair started, 26/41, 259 yards, 0 TDs, 2 ints 4
7 Regarding Steve McNair "I wouldn’t imagine him being in the situation where he couldn’t play. I would say, if Steve does not start, in all likelihood he would be a number two (quarterback)." McNair inactive 0
8 Regarding Chris Brown and Travis Henry "I would expect both of them to have carries in this ballgame." Brown 19 carries
Henry 1 carry
9 on Robert Reynolds "He has a good feel. He has practiced all week. He is playing in several different packages." Reynolds started, 3 tackles, 1 assist 4
9 "This game is taking on the complexion of a run oriented type of game because of where we are with the receivers." 24 rushes, 43 passes 0
12 on defensive back Andre Woolfolk "He practiced today. I think he has got a chance." Woolfolk subbed, 3 tackles, 3 assists, 1 PD, 1 FR 4
13 on Travis LaBoy’s elbow injury "I think Travis made significant strides today with the swelling. Earlier in the week, I didn’t think there was much of a chance. I do think he has got a good chance of playing." LaBoy inactive 1
14 on McNair playing versus the Texans "I expect him to play unless he just stops coming along. I think he could probably play, if he had to play today." McNair started 18/30, 208 yards, 0 TD, 0 int 4
15 on quarterback Steve McNair "He is better. He practiced today and he is feeling better. I expect him to be ok for this weekend." McNair started 23/38, 310 yards, 2 TD, 0 int 4
  Average 2.80  
Washington Redskins Joe Gibbs (2)  
week Comment Actual result Grade
2 "John [Hall] hasn't done anything yet," said Gibbs Friday afternoon. "I just can't see that happening. I wouldn't totally rule it out, but he hasn't kicked yet for us this week." Hall inactive 4
4 Regarding John Hall "Obviously he's not in a position where we think he could kick for us right now, but he is kicking." Hall inactive 4
5 Gibbs said Hall was unlikely to be ready by Sunday. Hall inactive 4
6 "It doesn't look good for Shawn," Gibbs said on Friday when asked about Springs' status. Springs inactive 4
7 Regarding John Hall or Nick Novak this week "We'll probably stay the same way we are with kicking." Novak handled all kicking 4
8 Aki Jones also practiced and is listed as probable. But Gibbs was not optimistic that Jones would be ready for Sunday's game. Jones inactive 4
8 Gibbs said punter Derrick Frost has also been used on kickoffs during practice. John Hall active, but Frost handled kickoffs 4
9 "Anytime you play in a game where you rush the ball 13 times, the next week, you always look back on it and say, `There's no balance there'. Week in and week out you've got to have balance. You've got to rush the football, we know that." 29 rushes, 31 passes 4
10 "We held Sean [Taylor] out again. Unless he really starts feeling good, in all likelihood I wouldn't think he'd go this week." Taylor inactive 4
12 Ladell Betts is also listed as questionable. However, Gibbs was not optimistic that he would have Betts's services on Sunday. Betts inactive 4
13 Gibbs said it "didn't look good" for Ladell Betts, who has missed the last two games because of a strained knee. Betts inactive 4
14 Regarding LaVar Arrington "LaVar probably won't play. That's my guess right now." Arrington inactive 4
14 Regarding James Thrash "James took some light work this week. I think he's getting closer, but I can't see him playing."  Thrash inactive 4
15 Regarding questionable LaVar Arrington "LaVar got back out there and took some work. So that was good. He's been around here a long time and it's a big game for him." Arrington inactive 1
  Average 3.79