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Subscriber Contest FAQ

Why should I play in the Subscriber Contest?

First off it is free. Second, we are giving away over $20,000 in prizes. And lastly, here is a chance to show your stuff against the best with a 100% complete playing field. Everyone will have the exact same chance to win with the fun building each and every week of the NFL season.

Why is the contest different this year? Change will always bring some unhappy people. But we felt changing the contest was necessary for these reasons:
  1. Management of the contest was taking too much time away from us completing the weekly content. By outsouring the contest (with FFTOC), we free up valuable time toi creating more timely content.
  2. We think this format is better suited for the skillful fantasy player
  3. We like the fact that as an owner, you can overcome an injury (since you change your lineup each week)

Explain Tournament-Style Fantasy Football?
It's a new form of fantasy football that allows you to apply all your research, all season long. It's fantasy football that is perfectly suited for the most knowledgeable fantays players.

You make your most important decisions in-season, not during pre-season. In a draft, if you forecast a key player's season wrong, you often pay a major price. With Tournament-Style you have access to all players, no limits. In turn, no disadvantages associated with limited player access. You won't be denied access to a key player due to arbitrary and often times annoying waiver wire rules. Having a few key players go down to injury won't haunt you all season. In a draft, if a key player (e.g. P. Manning) gets hurt early in the year, that could kill your season. In addition, Tournament-Style gives you more control. This is all about your ability to evaluate players and matchups and then strategically determine when using a player benefits you the most. Finally, with Tournament-Style you can implment a true Playoff Strategy. You can formulate a plan and focus your roster management to try and get hot at the end, in the playoff Finals.

Can anyone play in the Contest?
The Contest is open to subscribers only and determined by elibility restrictions as stated in the rules. As a subscriber, you are eligible for one submission. Your email address in the contest needs to match up with the email address you used in signing up for a Footballguys subscription.

What's the deadline to sign up and get in the Contest?
You must be a subscriber and sign up for the Contest before September 1st, 2:00PM EST. The Contest signup process only takes a minute so do it as soon as you can. Don't miss out. The link is available from the subscriber page:

How will I know that I have reserved a spot in the Contest?
You will receive an email confirmation and credentials. After you register, visit and click on the MyTeam tab. From there you will be able to log in and visit your Contest Roster (and any other FFTOC events you have entered).

Explain the Contest Brackets, etc.
In the FFTOC, brackets consist of six teams. However, in the Contest brackets are much larger. Typically, each Contest bracket will have 600 teams. Example, if 8,000 managers are in the FootballGuys-FFTOC, then the FootballGuys-FFTOC will have 13 brackets (of 600 teams) and one bracket of 200 teams. The FFTOC system will assign all managers to their brackets randomly (therefore everyone has an equal chance of getting into the short bracet).

Can I have a co-manager?
Sure, you can have as many people help manage your team as you would like. However for the purposes of registration, taxes and payment of prize monies there can only be one person considered the legal participant in the Contest. An agreement between that person and anyone they want to share in the rewards is solely between those agreeing parties. The person submitting a team must have a corresponding name and email address to the subscriber database for the entry to be valid.

Are there any costs to play in the Contest?
No. The Contest is open to all subscribers free of charge. With FFTOC-Style play, you will not need to travel or obtain a hotel room as there is no draft to attend. All you need to do is be registered on time and then submit valid starting lineups each week.

After I sign up for the Contest what happens?
You can log into FFTOC via the MyTeam tab. Look around and check out the site.

When can I submit my first lineup for NFL Week #1?
Before manager team pages can be released, the FFTOC must take receipt of this year's official NFL rosters. Typically this occurs seven days before the NFL season kicks off. In addition, several other administrative tasks must be performed to create your page including assinging you to a bracket. The target date to submit your first lineup this year is Septemer 3rd, 2005.

I lke FFTOC-Style fantasy football, can I also play in a smaller group?
Yes, in addition to the Contest, several other FFTOC contests are going this year. The FFTOC has a league for every budget. PLUS, if you beat five managers in the FFTOC, you'll double your money! For more, check out the

I like this FFTOC-Style and would like to play against my friends, some of whom are not subsribers. Any help?
You and your friends can play in a FFTOC National Tournament (see above). Also, be sure to check out MyFFTOC. See the MyFFTOC logo on FootballGuys home page or go here:

Can you tell me more about Lineup Submission?
Lineups must be submitted either via the "My Team" web page at Starting players must be submitted into your starting lineup 10 minutes before their game kicks off. A starting player is considered "committed" to your lineup as of 10 minutes before their game kicks off. Non-committed players in a starting lineup can be changed up to 10 minutes prior to their game kicking off. For example, players committed by a Contest team manager at kickoff of a Thursday game can not be changed, but the non-committed starting lineup players can be up until 10 minutes before their game kicks off (e.g. Sunday morning). This rule applies to non-committed players in a Monday night game also. For example, non-committed starting lineup players following Sunday's games may be changed to another available player up until 10 minutes before kickoff of the Monday night game.

I can't remember my FFTOC password or it's not working -- what do I do?
Please check your login information contained on the confirmation email the system sent to you at the time of your signup. To log in be sure use your username and password, not your team name.

If that does not work, then please verify your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link just below and to the right of the login box on the My Team page. You will be asked to fill in your email address and your password will be emailed to you. Please ensure you use the email address you signed up with.

How do I change my password, email address, etc...?
If you want to update your account record please log in to your My Team Page. Then, click on the link at the top that says "[EDIT MY ACCOUNT]" and will be taken to a page that allows you to make changes.

NOTE: for security reasons, you will not be able to change all items. The items you can not change must remain to ensure system integrity.

I'm trying to pick a starting player and they are not showing up on my team page?

You may not be doing step #4 below.

1) Log in to your My Team Page, select your FFTOC event.
2) Click on "Click to select starter" links.
3) In the player selection popup window, click on the player you want.
4) Next, in the pop up window, click on the "Pick Player Selected" button.
5) The player will now appear on your My Team page.
6) Once you have selected all your starting players, click "Click Here to Submit Your Lineup" button.
7) You should see a "Successfully submitted..." type message on the page when completed.
8) Also, check your email for your lineup confirmation notice. Note: some email providers, especially free ones, may take an hour or more to deliver your mail. FFTOC sends the confirmation out within seconds.

If I do not receive a lineup confirmation email should I submit my lineup again?
As long as your starting players appear on your My Team Page correctly, you do not need the email. However, you should want confirmation of your lineup just in case of any problem. You may try resubmitting the lineup and if you still have not received an email, please notify us at to make sure that the email address on record is correct. If it is, you may want to contact your email provider to determine if there is something on their end that is blocking the email delivery.

I don't see the "Pick Player Selected" button in my player select popup window.
If the button is not visible scroll to the bottom of the popup window and you should see it. If not try expanding or maximizing the popup window's size and you should see it.

How do I know if my starting lineup is submitted properly?
Verify this two ways.

FIRST, after you submit your lineup, check your email for your lineup confirmation. Does it look okay? If it does, you are all set. But if all of your selected players are not listed then you should go back to your My Team page and reselect the proper players and resubmit your lineup.

SECOND, after submitting your lineup log out and close your browser. Then later, open a new browser window and log back into your My Team page. After you logged in with your login-ID and password you will see your most recent lineup on your My Team page. If it looks okay, you are all set. But if all you see "[Click to select starter] " next to any position then you need to reselect that player and resubmit your lineup.

Sportsguys, LLC is licensed through JBDD, LLC to offer this contest

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