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Random Shots - Week 16

Hi Folks,

Here's what happens when you sit an NFL Junkie down in front of multiple big screens with Sunday Ticket and fresh batteries in the remote.

A Twisted Look at The NFL Every Week And All That Goes With It

I don't know which NFL team will draft him but I know Virginia Tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson has a spot on the All Name Team. I generally don't allow rookies to be captains but I'm thinking about changing that rule here...

Another young All Name Guy, Ikechuku Ndukwe signed with the Redskins this week. I've already got dibs on his brother, Chinedum at Notre Dame.

One more observation about what I think is wrong with the college game. ESPN's Mel Kiper recently said he thought Texas would beat USC. The next words out of his mouth were ripping the voters who dared to rank Texas over USC in their poll. If you think Texas would beat USC, you ought to have them ranked over USC. I keep hearing the argument from college fans who want to keep it the way it is now. They say that with the current system, every game is a playoff game and the bowl system keeps the interest high all season long. But it doesn't seem to be killing the NFL. Ok. Enough.

Boston's Johnny Damon is now a New York Yankee. As you know, the Yankees don't do the long hair and beard thing. I wonder if we'll hear the cries of racism and cultural insensitivity when Damon has to shave that we heard from the NBA guys over their dress code? I sort of doubt it.

It seems like just yesterday when I was typing out the Daily Email Updates in May and wondering if Koren Robinson would ever play again in this league. He made the Pro Bowl today as a kick returner. Good for him.

I caught a lot of grief for saying the Colts wouldn't win them all. But I was pulling for them. If nothing else to deny Chris Berman that annoying champagne cork thing.

Sports Illustrated's Peter King wrote this week that less than two hours after the Colts game had ended, King's email box had quotes from seven 1972 Dolphins players, plus coach Don Shula sent from the Dolphins Public Relations staff. That is so lame. In 1972, the Dolphins cake walked through one of the easiest regular season schedules ever. Most people don't remember that. The glee these guys take in the last team losing just makes them look like bitter old men.

Cincinnati QB Carson Palmer was eleven years old the last time the Bengals won a playoff game.

49er running back Kevan Barlow says he's not worried about Reggie Bush and he thinks that he and Frank Gore have things covered. Ok....

One of the more significant changes in milestones is that rushing for 1,000 yards just doesn't carry the same weight it used to. With that said, Cleveland's Reuben Droughns was the first Brown to break that barrier in twenty years. He celebrated by handing out nice watches (valued at between $3,000 and $5,000) to his nine linemen, two tight ends and two full backs. Very cool.

Hindsight is twenty / twenty. Said Daunte Culpepper after the charges were levied last week: "If I did anything wrong, it was going to that stupid boat."

ESPN's Mike Ditka didn't pull any punches when discussing the Saints recent woes: "You've got the worst owner in football."

Pittsburgh's Antwan Randle-El has made his share of goofy plays. But he made up for some of that Sunday with a great block on Pat Williams to allow Ben Roethlisberger to score. Randle-El was one of the smaller guys on the field taking on Williams, one of the biggest.

Isn't Peyton Manning getting sacked a lot more than normal?

Uh - oh. New England's getting healthy.

One of the keys to success for Indianapolis: There is no such thing as a "passing down" for them. They're liable to air it out at anytime.

Speaking of the Colts, have you seen the Lil Ronnie video? He'll need to change the lyrics as San Diego made sure 16-0 didn't happen but it's still pretty funny. LINK

Before any Packer Fans push Brett Favre totally out the door, go back and take a long hard look at the game film on Aaron Rodgers from Monday night. I didn't see anything that made me feel good about the rookie.

I am so pumped about American Idol that I can hardly friggin' stand myself.

Lions punter Nick Harris broke out the Michael Jackson glove on the left hand Sunday. Indoors.

I don't know how many consultants are out there but I have to think Dan Reeves is one of the better ones. He'd better watch it though as the Texans are close to losing the Reggie Bush sweepstakes.

It's one thing when the Texans break a franchise record. It's a little more when a team like Seattle breaks a franchise record. But when the Giants break a team record like Tiki Barber did Sunday rushing for 220 yards, that's saying something.

It probably wouldn't surprise you to know the Colts lead the league with most touchdowns scored on their opening drive. Guess who is #2? Buffalo.

Body language says a lot. And the body language the Falcons were speaking Sunday night in the sub zero Chicago temperatures was loud and clear. They were virtually shouting, "I'm cold and I'd rather not be here". Things didn't get any better after half time. Six seconds into the 3rd quarter, they had to call a timeout.

Speaking of Chicago, I didn't agree with switching to Rex Grossman like that but I'm with the rest of the world, he sure brought a spark. Let's not get carried away though, that was an ugly interception at the goal line.

Poor Joe Theisman couldn't flip flop fast enough through the game. As soon as Grossman came in, he spoke up about how he didn't agree with the benching of Orton. After Grossman's fired off a nice pass for a big gain, he couldn't believe they'd waited this long to make the move...

Mike Vick on the other hand posted a 25.8 passer rating. I seriously don't understand the fascination with him.

St. Louis interim coach Joe Vitt looks frustrated: "We're not getting any gold medals for playing hard. That's what we're supposed to do."

The Dallas Mavericks' Darrell Armstrong made a dumb comment before the Mavericks game mocking the Dallas crowd with a "How 'bout those Redskins?" after Washington had drubbed the Cowboys. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban fined him $1,000. You have to love the irony of Mark Cuban fining anyone for saying something dumb.

Saddest thing I've seen on TV in quite a while: Jerry Rice has been reduced to a guest on Dancing With The Stars. If Rice has an agent who gives him advice on what to do, he needs to not just fire him but fire him and slap him. An old fat Muhammad Ali trying to catch his breath against Leon Spinks was bad enough. But this thing with Rice is just wrong.

Are Chad Johnson or Clinton Portis capable of playing an entire game without having to leave due to injury and then quickly return? I don't think they are.

Saints QB Todd Bouman gave it his best shot but that is a sinking ship.

Vikings fans have to wonder about the play calling. Michael Bennett opened the game with 24 yards on his first three carries. Then didn't see another carry until the middle of the second quarter...

Don't worry too much about the Colts over the next two meaningless games. For you guys that can remember back to preseason, they were 0-5.

I wonder if the next time a star athlete is busted with a crack pipe if ESPN will sweep it under the rug as easily as they did with Mike Irvin. One week away and we're back to one big happy family. Group hug.

Does anyone tackle anymore? Minnesota's free safety Darren Sharper was featured on a "mic'd up" segment. Of the half dozen hits he was involved in, he didn't use his arms to wrap up once. It's all about the "big hit" now and making Sports Center.

The Pro Bowl announcements hit Wednesday. The Colts' Tarik Glenn suffered a cruel twist. The league informed the Colts and Glenn he was on the team. A couple of hours later, they informed Glenn that they'd made a mistake in tabulating the votes and that he was not on the team. Yikes. Tony Dungy was rightfully pissed.

I understand the fans in Detroit turning on Matt Millen. I've asked for years what qualifications he had for running a large business like the Lions. The spotlight of blame has finally focused on him. "Protesting" at the game is one thing. But I don't know how a fan can ever put on the colors of the opponent like Lions fans did Sunday.

Here's how the Texans' season has gone. In a game they finally led in the second half, the scoreboard in Reliant Stadium stopped working. I'm not making this up.

Hard Luck Awards for Week 15

NE RB Dillon 6 yard rush to the 1 (Brady to Ashworth TD)
NE QB Brady 6 yard pass to WR Givens to the 2 (Brady to Dillon TD)
TB ST / WR Clayton 81 yard punt return TD nullified by penalty
PIT RB Bettis 4 yard rush to the 5
PIT RB Bettis 1 yard rush to the 4
PIT RB Bettis rush for minus 1 yard to the 3 (Roethlisberger TD)
NYJ QB Bollinger 2 yard rush to the 4 (Bollinger to Coles TD)
BUF QB Holcomb 7 yard pass to RB Shelton to the 1 (McGahee TD)
DEN RB Bell 9 yard TD nullified by penalty
DEN RB Anderson 4 yard rush to the 3 (Plummer to Smith TD)
DEN QB Plummer 40 yard pass to WR Lelie to the 4
DEN RB Anderson 3 yard rush to the 1 (Plummer to Duke TD)
IND QB Manning 25 yard pass to WR Harrison to the 1 (James TD)
IND QB Manning 3 yard pass to WR Harrison to the 1 (Manning to Clark TD)
CIN QB Palmer 16 yard pass to TE Kelly to the 2
CIN RB Johnson 1 yard rush to the 1 (Palmer to Chad Johnson TD)
CIN QB Palmer 14 yard pass to TE Schobel to the 4 (Rudi Johnson TD)
HOU QB Carr 5 yard pass to WR Gaffney to the 3 (Wells TD)
WAS QB Brunell 42 yard pass to WR Moss to the 1
WAS RB Portis rush from the 1 for no gain
WAS RB Portis rush from the 1 for minus 1 yard (Brunell to Cooley TD)
WAS RB Portis 5 yard rush to the 1 (Betts TD)
DAL RB Barber 1 yard rush to the 5
DAL RB Barber 3 yard rush to the 2
DAL RB Barber rush for no gain from the 2 (Bledsoe to Witten TD)
SEA QB Hasselbeck 4 yard pass to WR Engram to the 4
SEA RB Alexander 2 yard rush to the 2 (Hasselbeck to Jackson TD)
CAR QB Delhomme 5 yard pass to RB Foster to the 2 (Delhomme TD)
BAL RB Taylor 3 yard rush to the 2 (Boller to Heap TD)
Sometimes it's better to just not know...

Thanks for playing along. I hope you have a gas with whatever you're doing in your life. Here's to Football.


If you've got a Random Shot of your own, shoot me an email at Thanks to Footballguy Will Hansen with the help on this one.

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